World Press Freedom Day 2022: How to Get an Independent and Credible Press?


Last Updated on 2 May 2022, 4:07 PM IST | World Press Freedom Day 2022 | May 3 is remembered as an alarm to governments for the need to honor their obligation to freedom of the press and is also a day of consideration among media professionals about problems of freedom of press and professional ethics. World Press Freedom Day is a day to mark the attention towards the maintenance of the freedom of the press. The protection of Press Rights is possible by worshipping the savior Almighty God Kabir.

World Press Freedom Day 2022: Highlights 

  • Every year, May 3 is observed as World Press Freedom Day worldwide
  • In 1993, the UN General Assembly proclaimed World Press Freedom Day (WPFD)
  • In 1991, World Press Freedom Day was approved at the 26th session of UNESCO’s General Conference
  • Freedom of Press and Freedom of Expression is at the foundation of UNESCO’s authorization
  • ‘Information as a Public Good’ is the theme of World Press Freedom Day 2021
  • The 2022 WPFD Global Conference has been hosted by the Government of Uruguay and UNESCO from 2nd of April to 5th of April

World Press Freedom Day History 

Every year, May 3 is a date that commemorates the fundamental standards and principles of press freedom. It is celebrated to examine freedom of the press around the planet, to protect the media from strikes on their liberty, and to honor media professionals who have lost their lives in the pursuit of their professional responsibilities. In 1993, the UN General Assembly proclaimed the World Press Freedom Day following a proposal approved at the 26th session of UNESCO’s General Conference in 1991. 

World Press Freedom Day Significance 

Freedom of Press and Freedom of Expression are at the foundation of UNESCO’s authorization. UNESCO reckons that this independence allows mutual conception to assemble sustainable peace. It fulfills as an occasion to inform citizens of infringements of press freedom. 

It acts as an alarm that in several nations around the globe, publications are censored, suspended, fined, and closed down. While editors, journalists, and publishers are attacked, harassed, detained, and even murdered. It is a time to develop and encourage endeavors in favor of press freedom and to evaluate the state of press freedom around the world.

World Press Freedom Day 2022 Theme

Journalism Under Digital Siege’ is this year’s World Press Freedom Day theme. It focuses on digital cybercrime and attacks on social media journalists and media officers. Journalism has been suppressed in recent years as a result of government pressure. As a result, this theme discusses the freedom of the media in terms of speech and expression, as well as the growth of a country. Every nation’s executive government wishes to silence the voice of the people, but the media is the source that reveals the truth.

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The World Press Freedom Day Global Conference 2022 will be held in Uruguay from May 2-5, 2022. Top newspapers and media organisations, as well as leading journalists, experts, influencers, and activists from around the world, will be mobilised to disseminate the campaign through various media and social media outlets.

Global Conference 2022 on World Press Freedom Day

Starting today, May 2nd, and lasting until May 5th, 2022, UNESCO and the Republic of Uruguay will host the annual World Press Freedom Day Global Conference in a hybrid format in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. The Conference will address the impact of the digital era on freedom of expression, journalist safety, access to information, and privacy, and will develop concrete recommendations to address these challenges. Sanitary conditions permitting, the goal is to have as many participants as possible join in-person, with all sessions live-streamed via an online platform.

The impact of the digital era on freedom of expression, journalist safety, access to information, and privacy will be discussed. It will bring together relevant stakeholders such as journalists, policymakers, activists, media representatives, cybersecurity managers, and legal experts to investigate these issues and develop concrete solutions to address the threats to press freedom and privacy posed by increased surveillance.

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How to Get Perfect Press Freedom?

The freedom of the press and the freedom of expression are among the fundamental rights of human beings. But these days these very rights are being violated by those in power and authority. People with power and authority misuse it to control media professionals for their greedy needs and deeds. All media professionals need is the refuge of someone more powerful than these faulty people.

World Press Freedom Day 2022 Quotes

  • “The courage to present the truth is what the media is all about”
  • “For the Press, freedom is a must as well as the responsibility which comes with freedom”
  • “Freedom reminds us of the need to liberate our souls from the hassle of birth and death”
  • “Media is the fourth pillar of democracy if it is having freedom and is not solely working for TRP”
  • “A free Press gives us freedom of expressing ourselves”
  • “A free press gives voice to the speechless, strength to the oppressed, & justice to the meek”

Who Can Protect Media Professionals? 

These days media professionals are being threatened by many people. Following true media ethics has become difficult for journalists these days. In these hard times, only an enlightened saint who has all the powers of the Almighty God can help us. Presently, in the whole world, Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has incarnated with all the true powers and authorities of Almighty God Kabir. Taking the refuge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj by taking Naam Initiation (Naam Diksha) will benefit the media professionals. Protection of their rights and life safety is guaranteed to those who perform true worship of Supreme God Kabir according to the holy scriptures. 

Media Should Also Understand Its Responsibility

It’s no doubt that the media is obstructing the free flow of news but the media too is not always innocent. Most of the time the news becomes more TRP specific rather than truth specific. India has witnessed this in the case of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj where the media didn’t follow even the basic ethics. They spread lies for TRP. After that they had to apologize when they faced anger from the people. Many times they become so obstinate that even after knowing the facts they resent having to apologize. So it’s necessary to maintain the freedom of the media but it’s also necessary that the media understands its responsibility.

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SA News Channel is one of the most popular News channels on social media that provides Factual News updates. Tagline: Truth that you want to know


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