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World Press Freedom Day 2023: Let’s Defend the Truth and Democracy


Last Updated on 1 May 2023, 6:32 PM IST: World Press Freedom Day 2023: On May 3, 2023, World Press Freedom Day is going to be organized at the UN headquarters in New York City. Every year this celebration takes place. The first World press freedom day was observed in December 1993. And since then this day is celebrated annually on 3rd May. Now in this UNESCO will organize a special anniversary at the UN HEADQUARTER in New York and this year the theme for this mega event is ” Shaping the future of rights: Freedom of expression as a driver for all other human rights” 

World Freedom Press Day 2023: Theme

This year’s theme is “Shaping a Future of Rights: Freedom of expression as a driver for all other human rights”, All other human rights can be enjoyed and protected because of freedom of expression.  

Why is World Press Freedom Day Celebrated? 

Now let’s understand what are the fundamental principles of World press freedom day and what is the motive behind this day. Just imagine that when you are in the class and some of your seniors are scolding you for no reason and then you go to the teacher to complain about the scenario and after listening to your opinion the teacher just ignores you and refuses to help you then how would you feel? Now imagine this same scenario on a global scale in the field of Press Media and Journalism. Press reporters and Media Professionals must provide a platform for people’s voices. So that it can reach its desired place. 

World Press Freedom Day: Significance

Through world press freedom day, people understand the importance of the Press and freedom of the press. The fundamental work of Press media is to give direct communication between the government and the people. As we already know that the press media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy as the press media can show the truth and mold the opinion of people across the world.

The day is celebrated to remember the fundamental principles of press freedom and to give support to the defense of the media on their freedom and independence. Media professionals were harassed in many countries across the world and even murdered for doing their work.  

World Press Freedom Day: History

The United Nations General Assembly established World Press Freedom Day in 1993, obeying a suggestion by UNESCO’s General Conference. The day was initiated to showcase the significance of press freedom and to bring out the hardships that journalists encounter around the globe in holding up their responsibilities. In Namibia, many African journalists came together for a seminar organized by UNESCO  promoting a pluralistic and independent press and proposed the idea of establishing World Press Freedom Day in 1991. 

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They proposed that May 3rd be designated as a global day to celebrate and defend press freedom. The proposal was later approved by UNESCO’s General Conference, and in 1993, the UN General Assembly announced 3rd May as World Press Freedom Day. Since then, the day has been commemorated yearly to generate awareness about the significance of press freedom and to emphasize the need to safeguard media independence.

Media Reporters Death Ratio 

Every year many Ground media reporters and journalists are killed. Why? Because they sincerely do their work and make society aware of true news and information. In the year 2022, 67 reporters were killed and from (2002 to 2022) a total of 1668 reporters were killed in the past 20 years. The lives of our Reporters are still in danger so just to deal with this global problem UNESCO is dealing with this situation and implementing many laws and acts to protect the life of Reporters. The fundamental principles of World press freedom day are to empower our Reporter rank The rank India in Freedom for Press Media 

India’s Ranking in Global Press Freedom

Every year the list of all countries prepared by reporters without Borders. It is a Paris-based NGO that works to prepare freedom of expression and information ranking. Rank of India is very disappointing in the world press freedom index, As the world’s largest democratic government meanwhile promises to protect the reporters.

The citizens are gravely concerned about its steadily declining rank, which has sparked heated discussions among journalists, governments, political parties, and bureaucrats. In reaction, the Indian government rejected the rankings and questioned the veracity of the information compiled by Reporters Without Borders.

Only Spirituality can Help prevent the Truth and Democracy 

Let’s understand how spirituality can deal with any problem no matter how small or how big it is. Spirituality can solve bigger problems simply. Many Press Media reporters and journalists lost their lives for us because they show us the reality That is not possible for the common man to counter. People are unaware of the law and constitution of the Supreme God, and due to this we are moving away from God and getting close to crimes and many unethical activities. So to resolve this what we need to do is to understand the spirituality and the knowledge of God from His representative. 

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Savior 

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the representative of the Supreme god Kabir, so take refuge in Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and understand the Spiritual knowledge and bind yourself to God’s constitution. For more information download Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Android application from Google Play Store. 

World Press Freedom Day 2023 Quotes

  • “The courage to present the truth is what the media is all about”
  • “For the Press, freedom is a must as well as the responsibility which comes with freedom”
  • “Freedom reminds us of the need to liberate our souls from the hassle of birth and death”
  • “Media is the fourth pillar of democracy if it is having freedom and is not solely working for TRP”
  • “A free Press gives us freedom of expressing ourselves”
  • “A free press gives voice to the speechless, strength to the oppressed, & justice to the meek”

How to Get Perfect Press Freedom?

The freedom of the press and the freedom of expression are among the fundamental rights of human beings. But these days these very rights are being violated by those in power and authority. People with power and authority misuse it to control media professionals for their greedy needs and deeds. All media professionals need is the refuge of someone more powerful than these faulty people.

Who Can Protect Media Professionals? 

These days media professionals are being threatened by many people. Following true media ethics has become difficult for journalists these days. In these hard times, only an enlightened saint who has all the powers of the Almighty God can help us. Presently, in the whole world, Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has incarnated with all the true powers and authorities of Almighty God Kabir. Taking the refuge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj by taking Naam Initiation (Naam Diksha) will benefit the media professionals. Protection of their rights and life safety is guaranteed to those who perform true worship of Supreme God Kabir according to the holy scriptures. 

Media Should Also Understand Its Responsibility

It’s no doubt that the media is obstructing the free flow of news but the media too is not always innocent. Most of the time the news becomes more TRP specific rather than truth specific. India has witnessed this in the case of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj where the media didn’t follow even the basic ethics. They spread lies for TRP.

After that they had to apologize when they faced anger from the people. Many times they become so obstinate that even after knowing the facts they resent having to apologize. So it’s necessary to maintain the freedom of the media but it’s also necessary that the media understands its responsibility.

FAQs on World Press Freedom Day

How do you define World Press Freedom Day?

Ans: Every year on May 3, there is a celebration known as World Press Freedom Day to promote awareness of the value of press freedom and to defend the media against threats to its independence.

Why is World Press Freedom Day so significant?

Ans: Democratic society cannot function without the freedom of the press, which is a fundamental right. It enables reporters to look into and report on topics of public interest without worrying about reprisals, censorship, or repression. 

When was the first World Press Freedom Day?

Ans: Recommendation made at the UNESCO General Conference in 1991 led to the creation of World Press Freedom Day by the UN General Assembly in 1993.

What will be the 2023 World Press Freedom Day’s theme?

Ans: The 2023 World Press Freedom Day theme is “Shaping the future of rights: Freedom of expression as a driver for all other human rights”

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