Today we are going to share information about WORLD FOOD SAFETY DAY 2020 regarding its importance, this year’s theme, images, and quotes for it.


Imagine you are sitting on a dining table and there are a plethora of food items served to you but all are contaminated, so would you like to consume them? Obviously not, because that is going to harm your health and your body.

If hygiene and safety standards are not taken care of, the consumer may get ill. Adequate availability of food is not the only issue, but the safety of food is also important. Last year ‘WHO (World Health Organization)’ started a theme ‘ World food safety’ to promote *safe food for all:

  • food security.
  • economic prosperity.
  • reduce foodborne diseases and sustainable development.

7th June World Food Safety Day 2020 (WFSD)

After the first successful celebration of the food safety campaign in 2019. This year also World Food safety day will be celebrated to promote its objectives and to create awareness among all on 7th June 2020.

Ensuring Safe Food is Everybody’s Responsibility

Well, It is the responsibility of producers and the Government to provide safe food for all but along with that, it is also an exigency of all the consumers that they should get safe food. Factually we can say that everyone’s responsibility to ensure safe food for everyone.

What is the exigency of Theme ‘Food Safety Day’

People having the right to attain safe and sufficient food according to WHO’s report, almost one in ten people become ill just due to eating contaminated food. According to the report, harmful bacteria in food causes more than 200 diseases like diarrhea or even cancer, etc.

World Food Safety Day Importance

It doesn’t need any explanation to what’s the importance of safe food. To promote safe food for everyone, WHO established the day. It reminds us to ensure that we and the people around us eat only safe food.

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40% of children under five years of age carry the burden of food-borne disease and every year 1,25,000 children die because of this. Also, it is recorded that 110 billion US dollars are lost in low and middle-income countries on medical expenses resulting from unsafe food.


WHO gave a list of advice and by following them we can ensure food safety. Let’s know what are those:

1). Ensure it’s safe

Must ensure that whatever you are going to consume is not contaminated which may cause food poisoning and much more.

2). Grow it safe

Producers are also required to keep in their mind not to touse excessive amount of pesticides and must ensure sufficient and safe food supply.

3). Keep it safe

WHO added that business operators must make sure that food is safe, so that consumers don’t get contaminated food.

4). Eat safe

It is everybody’s right to attain safe and sufficient food. Through this WHO has shown reliance over the consumers that consumers can drive a change by empowering themselves.

5). Team up for safety

Everyone is responsible for using safe food, so the whole world should be aware to deal with this problem.

World Food Safety Day 2020 Quotes

Eating hygienic keeps you healthy and disease free

World Food Safety Day 2020 Quotes

Food safety is the way to check what is good for your health

Food safety measures can reduce the health related issues

World Food Safety Day Quotes

Life revolves around food
So make sure you are around safe things

Food is the part of life chain. Make the food chain more stronger by eating right and safe.


Government agencies such as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) adhere to hygiene and safety standards for all producers, and the food producers have a huge role in maintaining these standards and providing consumers with all the products they need.