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World Consumer Rights Day 2023: Put Forth Your Rights As a Consumer


Last Updated on 14 March 2023, 5:53 PM IST: The World Consumer Rights Day is commemorated every year on 15th March. This year World Consumer Rights Day 2023 is being observed today. This day is characterized to generate awareness about a consumer’s rights and needs. This day is observed to mandate that the rights of all consumers are protected and respected, also to revolt against social injustices and market abuses. On the eve of World Consumer Rights Day 2023, this article will brief you on all the details about the significance, and theme of this day and also about the fundamental right of Salvation through Sat-Bhakti.

World Consumer Rights Day 2023: Highlights

  • World Consumer Rights Day is commemorated every year on 15th March.
  • The World Consumer Rights Day was stimulated by John F Kennedy, former United States President on the 15th of March, 1962.
  • ‘Tackle Plastic Pollution’ is the theme of the World Consumer Rights Day 2021.
  • The Global Consumer Movement initially started on 15 March 1983.
  • The day serves as an annual event for celebration and solidarity within the global consumer movement.
  • One can attain Salvation by exercising the fundamental right of Almighty God Kabir’s Sat-Bhakti. 

History of World Consumer Rights Day

The World Consumer Rights Day was stimulated by John F Kennedy, former United States President. On the 15th of March, 1962, Kennedy delivered a message to the United States Congress. In his message, he formally communicated the issue of consumer rights. Notably, the consumer movement initially started on 15 March 1983. Consumer rights got global acclaim on 9 April 1985, when the United Nations authorized the general guidelines for consumer protection. The World Consumer Rights Day is utilized to round up action on important issues and campaigns. 

World Consumer Rights Day 2023: Significance

World Consumer Rights Day is an annual global event. It symbolizes festivity and solidarity in the global consumer movement so that consumer rights can be protected and respected. Consumer Rights organizations oversee protests against social injustices and market abuses that undermine consumer rights.

World Consumer Rights Day 2023: Theme

Every year there is a special theme on this day that deals with different concerns regarding all consumers. The theme of World Consumer Day 2023 is Empowering consumers through clean energy transitions. While in 2022 the theme was “Fair Digital Finance”.

The day serves as an annual event for celebration and solidarity within the global consumer movement. Various countries hold conferences and events that deal with human rights on World Consumer Rights Day.

World Consumer Rights Day 2023: Know Your Rights 

Indian Parliament brought the Consumer Protection act 1986 to the country in the interests of consumers or customers. This act was replaced by Consumer Protection Act 2019. This act established CCPA which ensures the protection of consumer rights. It also regulates the trade practices, deceiving advertisements, and violation of consumer privileges. 

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One should be aware about consumer rights like right to redressal, right  to be heard, right to information, right to choose, consumer education etc. This is the basic human right which should be exercised. World Consumer Day helps to spread awareness and information among the people world wide. Everyone is a consumer today in one way or another. There are many points in consumer rights to remember for example:

  • Customer has the right to be addressed in right forum 
  • Customers possess the right to get services and goods at a reasonable price.
  • Customers have the right to get educated about the quality, wellness, standards, and efficacy of the product.
  • Consumers have the right to choose.
  • Customers have the full right to get the full information about the product or service.

How to Safeguard All of Our Rights? 

Like human rights, attaining salvation is the right of the soul. It can be attained only in human birth. People try tirelessly for salvation but it does not happen in the right direction. According to Gita Adhyay 4 Shlok 34, Tatvadarshi Saints will preach Tatvgyan and only through this, salvation is possible. Tatvdarshi Saints provide true devotion which includes mantras and this ultimately leads to salvation.

One must perform true worship of Almighty God Kabir after taking Naam Diksha (Initiation) from an enlightened Saint to safeguard all of their rights. Presently, only Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is enlightened with true spiritual knowledge that can end all of our sufferings. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is showing the true way of worship according to the holy scriptures of all religions. When we renounce our rights to the supreme then we do not have to worry about them. For more information one can download Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj App from Play Store and get unlimited free access to audio and video Satsang, spiritual discussions, spiritual books and much more.

FAQ about World Consumer Rights Day

When is World Consumer Day celebrated?

World Consumer Day is celebrated on 15 March every year.

Who is the father of consumer day?

Ralph Nader is known as the father of consumer day.

Who protects consumer rights in India?

Consumer Protection Act 1986 was introduced which was replaced with Consumer Protection Act 2019.

How many rights are in consumer protection act in India?

There are 6 basic rights in consumer protection act in India.

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