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World Art Day 2023: A Way To Promote Creativity And Innovation


World Art Day 2023: World Art Day is celebrated across the globe every year on the 15th of April to create awareness about art & its significance. It has been commemorated for the past 10 years since the year 2012 & continued now. Art has significant value in everyone’s life. There is hidden art behind everything we do. Art makes life creative, innovative & delightful. Without art, the joy of life faded & everything feels nostalgic. Art is not just a material thing that one creates but it’s a feeling which gives joy and happiness to artists & to those who observe minutely.

World Art Day 2023: Key Highlights

●      World Art Day is celebrated in honor of artist Leonardo Da Vinci on the day of his birthday.

●      World Art Day was 1st proposed in the 17th General Assembly of IAA ( International Association of Art in Guadalajara

●      World Art Day is commemorated to create relationships with art, foster creativity and innovation, and promote the exchange of ideas & cultural diversity.

●      World Art Day highlights the significance of artists for sustainable development.

●      World Art Day’s purpose is to keep arts & artists alive.

World Art Day 2023: What is an Art & who is the artist?

Art can be defined as an expression of ideas, intelligence, feelings & emotions through creativity & imagination through various mediums like painting, sculptures, poetry, dance, photography, film, dance, theater, writing, etc.

Art is the way to express what one can not explain through language, what one dreams, what one observes in nature, and a variety of human activities.

Similarly, an Artist can be any person who carries out above mentioned activities through imagination, creativity, and innovation.

World Art Day 2023: History

The International Association of Art (IAA) was founded in the year 1948 in Beirut and 1954 it became independent and a partner of UNESCO. On April 15, 2012, the International Association of Art declared the day as World Art Day at the General Assembly in Guadalajara to create awareness for art & artists for its sustainable development.

Many members initiated and supported World Art Day viz Bedri Baykam of Turkey, Rosa Maria Burillo Velasco of Mexico, Anne Pourny of France, Anders Liden of Sweden, Kan Irie of Japan, and many more. The day is marked as the birthday of renowned artist Leonardo Da Vinci whose art reflects brotherhood, peace, tolerance and freedom of expression, etc.

World Art Day 2023: Significance

World Art Day is a vital day for artists across the globe whose main purpose is to secure the artists and their art and to provide them a platform to showcase their intelligence, creativity, and innovation.

Art is a way to connect the different cultures across the nation. The day also creates awareness about the contribution made by artists through their art for the sustainable development of culture. Artists exchange their ideas, creativity, knowledge, feelings, emotions, & imagination through various physical means like poetry, painting, sculpture, dance, etc. The day reminds us to dive into the nature around us, observe its beauty and notice the little things around us.

World Art Day 2023: Theme

World Art Day is celebrated every year and comes with various themes to give a message. This year the theme of World Art Day is ‘Art is good for health’.

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It means that art not only represents creativity but also it soothes the mind of the viewer and artists. It fills on with joy and excitement and thus it’s proving to be good for health too.

World Art Day 2023: Quotes

There are various quotes of renowned artists about the art which are as follows:

  • “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”  – Leonardo da Vinci
  •  “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once one grows up.” – Pablo Picasso
  •  “I dream my painting, and I paint my dream. – Vincent van Gogh

World Art Day 2023: How is the Day celebrated?

World Art Day is commemorated across the nations by way of organizing workshops, debates, paintings, cultural events, conferences, etc. Schools and colleges too organize the events and invite the participation of students to showcase their talent through various events, paintings, poetry, dance, photography, dramas, etc.

What’s Real Art which will last forever?

Art is not just what we see as colorful and creative. Art is also termed as a process of doing something which results in valuable output. The art of living is one thing which very few people know and apply in their life. The perfect art of living is that which creates a way to attain God, supreme peace, and salvation i.e., freedom from the vicious cycle of birth and death.

Art of Living by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

If we look around us we will find many experts, gurus and so many people telling us the way to live. They also claim to solve problems through their advice and teachings but no remarkable changes can be seen in the life of the people who follow them.

So, what’s the actual art of living which will benefit not only in this world but also beyond the world too?

This query has been solved by enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj through His nectar discourses. He shows all the scriptures and shows the correct art of living. The art of devotion as described by SatGurudev solves the problem of the people, brings wonderful changes in their lives, and makes life easy & pleasant to live.

One should read the sacred book ” Way of Living” written by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to know the art of living. 

FAQS About World Art Day 2023

What is art?

Art is the process of portraying one’s emotions, feelings, and ideas through physical means like poetry, paintings, debates, etc.

Who started the World Art Day celebration?

World Art Day was proposed by the International Association of Art to commemorate the birthday of the artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

When was First World Art Day celebrated?

For the very first time, World Art Day is celebrated on 15th of April 2012.

What’s the theme of World Art Day 2023?

The theme of World Art Day 2023 is ‘Art is good for health’.

What’s the purpose of World Art Day?

World Art Day’s main purpose is to highlight the contribution of artists and keep the arts alive for their sustainable development.

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