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Who is that God, Who Can heal all Diseases?


Today, we are going to explain about God, who can heal any type of disease. So, let’s start.

Can God Heal All Diseases?

If someone is nearing death and has an incurable illness then I (God) can cure that illness and even bring someone back from the clutches of death. RigVeda (Mandal 10.161.002) Yes, God can heal incurable diseases and even save someone from death. It’s proven in our holy scriptures, and even in the real-life, we all do believe in the miraculous healing of diseases because it is in the power of God to heal and save all his children.

But, how is this possible in today’s world? As there are thousands of fake gurus, priests, and preachers who claim to heal the illness of the devotees but fail miserably. There are millions of different mantras and thousands of different ways of worship but nothing works. Then what is the correct way of worship, by following which we can get all the benefits of prayer?

What is the Right Way to Worship God?

According to our holy scriptures, there is only one immortal God and there is only one true and eternal method of worshipping him. There is evidence in our holy Vedas that whenever the path of true worship is distorted by the fake saints, the Almighty himself descends on earth or sends his authorized saint to restore that right way of worship.

“The Eternal God Kabir descends on earth in the form of a true spiritual Guru and imparts the true (three) mantras to the faithful and God-loving souls. Thus he purifies them and releases them from the cycle of birth and death. He also increases the life span of his devotees for bhakti (worship). By giving them the true way of worship he makes them attain eternal peace i.e. salvation.”(Samved:822 (Utarchik Adhyay 3:5:8)).

Bhagavad Gita too instructs us to go in the refuge of a Tatavdarshi saint (Gita Chapter 4 Verse 34) who will reveal to us the true (three)mantra to attain supreme god(Adhyay 17 Shlok 23). It means that by taking the refuge of an authorized saint and chanting the real mantras given by him is the only way to attain god and all the benefits of prayer.

The only true and authorized saint on this earth today is Saint Rampal Ji.

Let us know how? He is the only saint who gives spiritual knowledge according to our scriptures. He gives the true mantras of supreme God and the correct way of chanting them. That is why the followers of Saint Rampal Ji are getting all the benefits of true worship.

  • Thousands of people are healed from incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS only with the power of true worship (bhakti) i.e given by Saint Rampal Ji.
  • A Thousand others who were addicted to intoxicants and alcohol are living a drug-free life after taking initiation from Saint Rampal Ji.
  • There are those devotees, who were saved from death by the supreme God because they were following all the rules of true worship

Many people who were living a hellish life due to various diseases and sufferings are living a happy life after taking initiation from Saint Rampal Ji. The devotees who wasted many years of their lives following fake saints and doing wrong bhakti are also turning to Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj for peace and salvation.

The powers of true Saint Rampal Ji are not limited to only physical healing. The knowledge given by him is healing the society too. His campaigns for a drug-free and dowry-free India are doing what governments have failed to do for years. It is possible with the power of the Supreme God that is available only with the authorized Saint. And when the devotees worship the Almighty after taking refuge of that authorized saint – miracles happen.

As God Kabir Saheb himself says, in his sacred speech:

“Masa ghate na til badhe, Vidh na Likhe jo lekh,
Sacha Satguru Met kar, Upar Maar de Mekh”.

i.e. only a true guru can change devotee’s destiny. He can even bring his devotee back from the death bed because he is the incarnation of Supreme God himself. The devotees who benefitted from the way of true worship given by Saint Rampal Ji, you can watch their testimonies here :

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