Facts About Kabir Sahib: Did Kabir Saheb Ji Have a Wife or Any Children?


There have been many misconceptions regarding the life history of Kabir Sahib Ji. Many myths have been taught to the students through our education system, which is very wrong considering Kabir Sahib Ji has been a significant historical figure and an inspiration for many people for ages. In a series of Blogs, we’ve been busting some of them before you. The topic for this Blog is the marital status of Kabir Sahib Ji: Was He married? Did He have any children? We’ve been taught about Him being married to “Loi” and having children named “Kamaal” and “Kamaali”, but is this true? Let’s find out in this blog.  

The Reality About the Wife of Kabir Sahib Ji

Some people believe that Kabir Saheb Ji was married and His wife’s name was Loi –which holds no evidence. The word “loi” has been used in the nectar speeches of Kabir Sahib. In the speeches of saints, the word “loi” has been used to address women. 

For Example, there is a speech by the respected Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj Ji:

Daas Gareeb kah nar loi, Yoh pad chinhe birala koi ||

Here “nar loi” is used to address “males and females.” Surprisingly, some books also contain misconceptions like Kabir Saheb Ji having two wives. This happened because of not understanding the Words of the saints. The truth is that Kabir Saheb Ji was never married. He remained unmarried throughout His time on earth. In the Holy Kabir Sagar, there is also evidence in Agam Nigam Bodh:

Mata pita Mere kachhu nahi, Na Mere ghar dasi |

Julaha ka sut aan kahaaya, Jagat kare Meree hansi ||

The Reality About the Children of Kabir Sahib Ji

Kamaal and Kamaali were the children of Kabir Saheb by words, whom Kabir Saheb Ji resurrected because of some reason, and raised them as own son and daughter. The story is as follows:

The Resurrection of the Dead Boy Kamal

The incurable skin burning disease of Delhi Emperor Sikandar Lodi was cured only by the blessings of Kabir Saheb Ji and King Sikandar had beheaded Swami Ramanand Ji (who was Kabir Ji’s guru) after hearing the matter of religious discrimination. Supreme God Kabir Ji made Swami Ramanand alive in front of him. Seeing many such other miracles, the king had accepted the discipleship of Kabir Saheb Ji. Due to which his religious Pir Sheikh Taki was turning away from the king. 

The king asked Sheikh Taki, “How will you become happy?” Sheikh Taki said, “I will be happy when Kabir resurrects a dead body in front of me.” When prayer was made to Sahib, Kabir Saheb said, “Fine, I will do so.” Kabir Saheb had thought that Sheikh Taki is an ignorant soul. If he will accept my knowledge, then more than half of the Muslims will accept it because he was the Pir of Emperor of Delhi and if he will correctly tell the Muslims, then poor souls will get their welfare done as they are based on these gurus. That’s why God Kabir Ji said, “It’s okay Sheikh Taki. I’ll do whatever you want. Go and find some dead body.” 

A Dead Boy Was Found and Brought Back to Life

In the morning, the body of a 10-12 year old boy was floating in the River. Seeing the dead body, Sheikh Taki told Kabir Saheb Ji, “Look here, the dead body is floating, bring him alive.” Kabir Saheb said, “First you try, otherwise you will say I could also do that.” The ministers and soldiers present there also said, “Pir Ji, First you try and let’s see what happens.” Sheikh Taki started chanting mantras. The dead body went far away. 

Sheikh Taki said that this was what Kabir wanted. “He wanted to be saved from us. Where does the dead body get alive? The dead will be alive only at the time of Qayaamat.” Kabir Sahib said, “Mahatma Ji, you sit down and keep calm.” 

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Kabir Saheb signalled the dead body to come back with His hand. The dead body of the twelve-year-old child flowed against the flow of the river and stopped in front of Kabir Ji. The wave of water was flowing under it but the body stopped there only. Kabir Sahib said, “O soul! Wherever you are, By the Order of Kabir come and enter this dead boy.” Kabir Saheb had only said this at that very moment the dead body trembled and came out alive and Prostrated at the feet of Kabir Saheb.

Kabir Parmeshwar ki Jai!

Resurrecting the Dead Body of Kamal

All the people present there said that Kabir Saheb has done a miracle (Kamaal). And that’s why that boy was named Kamaal. God Kabir Ji took that boy with Him, and raised him like His own child and gave initiation too. 

After that God came to Delhi. Everyone came to know that the boy who is coming with Kabir Ji named Kamaal was revived by Supreme God Kabir Saheb. The news spread like a fire. Sheikh Taki thought, “This Kabir became a good enemy. He got fame and became more glorified.” Sheikh Taki’s jealousy kept on increasing. His thirteen-year-old daughter was buried in the grave after her death. Sheikh Taki said, “If Kabir will revive my daughter who is buried in the grave then I will accept Him as Allah.”

Reviving Sheikh Taki’s Dead Girl Kamali 

Sheikh Taki saw that God Kabir was not coming in control in any way. Then, Sheikh Taki told the public, “Kabir is a magician. By showing such mantras, He has corrupted the intellect of Emperor Sikandar.” He asked all the Muslims, “You support me, otherwise the matter will get worse.” The innocent Muslims said, “Pir Ji! We are with you. We will do as you say.” 

Sheikh Taki said, “I will accept this Kabir as Allah if He will revive my Daughter who is buried in the grave.” King Sikandar Prayed to the most-revered Kabir Saheb. Kabir Saheb thought that if this innocent soul would agree this way only, it would be good for it. Because all these souls are the children of Kabir Saheb. But Kaal (Satan) has separated us on the basis of religion and has made us each other’s enemies. 

The body of Sheikh Taki’s daughter was buried in the grave. Sheikh Taki said, “If Kabir will resurrect my daughter, then we will accept this Kabir as Allah and I will beat the trumpet everywhere that this Kabir Ji is God.” Kabir Saheb said, “Fine.” The day was fixed. Kabir Saheb said that give information everywhere, so that no one should have any doubts. Thousands of Hindus and Muslims gathered there to see God Kabir Sahib’s spectacle

Bringing the Dead Girl Kamaali Back to Life

The grave was excavated in which the body of a twelve-thirteen-year-old girl was kept. Kabir Saheb asked Sheikh Taki, “First you try to make her alive.” Everyone said, “Maharaj Ji! If he had such a power, who would let their child die? For the life of his child, a person puts his body and mind. Oh Merciful! Please you shower your blessings.” The revered God Kabir said three times, “O girl of Sheikh Taki! Be alive,” but the girl did not revive. Sheikh Taki started dancing and jumping and said, “Look, the hypocrisy of the hypocrite was caught.”

Kabir Saheb wanted him to Dance because God Kabir Saheb says–

Kabir, Raaj tajana sahaj hai, Sahaj triya ka neh |

Maan badaee eershya , Durlabh tajana ye ||

The disease of pride, jealousy is very terrible. He was not sad that his daughter was not alive; he was celebrating the defeat of Kabir Saheb. Kabir Saheb said, “Sit down Mahatma Ji and have some peace.” Kabir Sahib ordered, “O soul! Wherever you are, enter this dead body and come out by the order of Kabir.” Kabir Saheb had said this only, just then the dead body trembled and the girl came out alive, bowed down at the feet of Kabir Saheb.

Satguru Dev ki Jai Ho!

Reviving the Dead Body of Kamali


That girl delivered discourses for one and a half hours with the grace of Kabir Saheb. She said, “Oh naive people! God has come. This Supreme God is master of Infinite numbers of universes. Are you considering Him a mere weaver (Dhanak)? O gullible creatures! God Himself has come before you. By falling at His feet, get your chronic illness of birth and death destroyed and go to Satyalok. Where after going, the soul is saved from the cycle of birth and death.” 

Kamali said, “No one can be freed from the trap of Kaal without Kabir Saheb. Whether from Hindu rituals like pilgrimage, fasting, reciting the Vedas ,Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas, Upanishads or worshiping Ram, Krishna, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, Sheranwali (Adi Maya, Adi Bhavani, Prakriti Devi), Jyoti Niranjan, the soul cannot escape from suffering in the bodies of eighty-four lakh beings, and even by Muslim practices, the soul cannot escape from the web of Kaal. Like, fasting, celebrating Eid-Bakrid, offering Namaz five times, going to Mecca-Medina, hanging in the mosque, etc. all are useless.” Kamali, while addressing all the people present there, narrated the story of her previous births, which she had recalled by the grace of Supreme God Kabir Sahib.

Kabir Saheb asked Kamali, “Daughter! Go with your father.” But the girl said, “Lord! You are my real father. He is not my real father. He had buried me in the soil now we have settled our accounts.” All the people present there said that God Kabir has done a miracle (Kamaal). Kabir Saheb named the girl as Kamaali and brought her up like His daughter. Thousands of people received the initiation from Supreme God Kabir. Now, Sheikh Taki thought that this matter got worse. All my dominion is gone. 


In this way Kabir Saheb got those two children. The boy’s name was Kamaal and the girl’s name was Kamaali. But, He was not their biological father, He was only their foster father. To know more about God Kabir Sahib Ji, read the Sacred Book Gyan Ganga.

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