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Unlock 4.0 Guidelines [Expected]: True Devotion insulates Humans from all Dangers


Unlock 4.0 Guidelines India [Expected] not official: Metro trains may operate, schools and colleges may not open from September 1. The fourth phase of the lockdown exemption starting from September 1 is likely to permit metro train, local trains, auditorium, single screen movie halls to operate by the government in ‘Unlock 4.0’ Still, schools and colleges are unlikely to open soon. Let the readers know how True Devotion can insulate them from all dangers.

Unlock-4: Highlights

  • The fourth phase of the lockdown exemption starting from September 1
  • ANI reports the possibility to operate the metro train, local trains, auditorium, single screen movie halls
  • No possibility of opening school colleges soon
  • Deliberations on for opening of higher educational institutions like universities, IITs and IIMs
  • Only restricted activities will be announced in Unlock-4
  • True Devotion insulates humans from all dangers

Unlock 4.0 Preparation

The central government may allow metro train services to start from September 1 under unlock-4. However, the final decision on this will be taken by the State following the pandemic situation. Further, there is no possibility of opening school colleges soon. Officials said Monday that cinema halls would also not be opened now. The government may issue unlock-4 guidelines by the end of this week.

An official said school colleges would not be opened immediately. But deliberations are continuing the opening of higher educational institutions like universities, IITs and IIMs. No decision has been taken at present. Opening of cinema halls is also a big challenge as it may be costly for filmmakers and theatre owners to adhere to social distancing. Hence, they will not be allowed to function now.

Only Restricted activities will be Announced in Unlock 4.0

The government will only inform the banned activities this time in the unlock-4 guidelines. Besides these, all others will be exempted from starting. The final decision will have to be taken by the States. The state governments would be able to decide to keep the additional activities on or off after reviewing the situation. Metro rail services are already running off from the lockdown in March due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Unlock 4.0 Guidelines India: Now these activities likely to be restricted

  • Unlock 4 guidelines can be issued by the end of this week.
  • The lockdown in prohibited areas across the country will remain strictly.
  • The activities which are banned in the country so far are Metro rail services, cinema halls, swimming pools, amusement parks, theatres, bars, auditoriums, and other similar places.
  • In addition social, political, sports, entertainment, educational, cultural, religious events, and major conferences will be banned for the next month.

Unlock 4.0: Will schools be able to open?

These days, social media and all other media reports recommend opening schools from September 1. So far, it is only an assumption that schools will begin from September 1. In this regard, the reports say that schools and colleges will not be opened immediately, but there is a close discussion on whether to allow higher educational institutions like universities, IITs, and IIMs to be opened.

Unlock 4.0 Guidelines India: Cinema halls may not open

ANI Digital has informed that single screen movie halls may operate. Other sources say that the possibility of allowing theatres to open from September 1 is almost nil, as it would not be commercially feasible for filmmakers or theatres owners to do their business work in compliance with the rule of social distancing from each other.

Unlock 4.0 Guidelines India: Metro service may Operate

ANI Digital said that metro rail services and local trains may be permitted to operate from September 1 when the fourth phase of the gradual relaxation in coronavirus lockdown is started by ‘Unlock 4.0’. However, the concerned State Government will decide based on the coronavirus pandemic situation in the States regarding permission to operate the accelerated transport network.

Why all creatures do suffer even after worshiping Gods?

The pandemics, storms, floods, earthquakes, and many more are natural calamities. The living being does suffer due to Karmas. The people are living for several thousands of years and have accumulated a heap of evil deeds. A being continues to suffer sorrows unless all effects of past deeds get nullified. The fact is that no worship can eliminate the effect of sinful deeds except that of God Kabir.

True Worship saves Humans from Dangers

The only remedy available to people is True Devotion, as described by the Supreme God Kabir Saheb. The seeker should come in the refuge of Enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and take Mantra Name Initiation. Following the correct methodology of the True Devotion, the heap of sin deeds get destroy. The true devotee will enjoy mundane joys and will achieve Salvation. The seekers should listen to sermons at “Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel” and read the Spiritual Book Way of Living.

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