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The Common Aspects Of Human Thinking


I will grow up and look for a good job for my livelihood and will feed my family. I will marry a beautiful girl and have cute children. I will teach my own children to get them the best higher education, then they will get employment, then they will be married , one day they will have their own children then my duty would be over.

Many times , when neighboring people meet each other in the park or somewhere nearby and ask for each other’s well being , the people discuss like,” with god’s grace I have 3 girls and a boy”. I have worked really hard throughout my life and have tried to give them the best education & facilities to enjoy their life and have married them nicely.

All the children have become parents now . All my children are well settled. While he says all this his chest boasts with pride. My responsibilities towards them are completed . I am 75 years old now. Nothing is pending. Now I think , I can die peacefully. In this context , He (common man) said,” he is free from all his responsibilities and contented but actually he has wasted his life. He never thought why he has got this precious human life.

Whatever he had received in his life was due to his previous karmas .He has not paid attention to create new and good karmas for his future.

There is an example of Ravana , the King of Shri Lanka who had 1 lac sons and 1.25 lac grand sons but there was no one from his lineage who was left even to light a lamp , all were killed. A naive & foolish person can ask for wordily things from God which are not permanent . Only in the absence of spiritual knowledge, we seek worldly pleasures from God. Man should dedicate himself to the devotion of God while doing the works of life. Man should understand the purpose of human life, why he has got this human life.
How he can succeed to create good karmas and who can help him to get rid of this cycle which is related to death and birth.

One must explore their holy scriptures and must know about the true god.
Now, it is easy to understand and recognize everything that why we have got human life. Everyone must start watching satsangs on Sadhna channel at 7.30-8.30 PM and know the true value of human life. Inform this even to your friends, neighbors, colleagues, peers and to everyone around that they should value the human life as this is the costliest affair one has got by recognizing god.

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