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World No Tobacco Day


World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day is observed around the world every year on May 31. This year World No Tobacco Day is on Friday. The World Health Organization (WHO) and annual Campaign gives an opportunity to raise awareness on the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco and to discourage the use of tobacco in any form. World NO Tobacco Day 2019 will focus on the multiple ways in which tobacco negatively impacts the health of people’s lungs worldwide.

Goals of the World NO TOBACCO DAY 2019 Campaign

Parents and other members of the community should also take measures to promote their own health and that of their children by protecting them from the harms caused by tobacco.

How TOBACCO is dangerous for the health of people?

According to, addiction experts engaged in Delphic analysis regarding 20 popular recreational drugs, tobacco was ranked 3rd in dependence, 14th in physical harm, and 12th in social harm.
Smoke from beedi and cigarette is a very dangerous form of indoor air pollution: it contains over 7000 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer. Though smoke may be invisible and odourless, it can linger in the air for up to five hours, putting those exposed, at risk of lung cancer, chronic respiratory disease, tuberculosis, air pollution.

Origin of Tobacco

Saint Garibdas Ji has stated: –
Tamaa+ Khoo = Tamaakhoo

||Khoo naam khoon ka Tamaa naam gay|
Sau baar saugandh isko na peeye-khaay|

Meaning: -In Persian language, a cow is called “Tamaa”. Blood is called “khoo” i.e. “khoon”. This tobacco was originated from cow’s blood. It has cow’s hair-like strands over it. ‘Oh’ human being! Take a pledge hundred times that you will not consume this tobacco in any form. The sin of consumption of tobacco is equivalent to drinking blood of a cow.

Other Views on Tobacco

||Bhang tamakhu peevaen hi, suraaane se het | gosat mitti khaykar jungle banae pret||
||Garib, paan tamakhu chaabahin, saans naak mein det | so to akaarth gaye, jyon bharbhooje ka ret||
||Bhang tamakhu peevahin, gosat kabaab | mor mrig koon bhakhat hain, denge kahan jawab||
||Bhang tamakhu peevte, chismyon naali tamaam | Sahib teri Sahibi, jaan kahan gulaam||
|| Gau aapni aama hai, is par chhuri naa baahay | Garibdas ghee doodh ko,sab hi aatm khaay||

Gist: – The gist of the above-mentioned speech is that human body needs oxygen. Instead of that the smoke (Carbon dioxide) of tobacco enters the body so people develop a cough disorder. They develop the disease of acidity and wind. The style of sitting of a person who smokes hukkah has been described that one or two individuals who smoke hukkah sit near the hukkah. One sits at a distance and will say, “Push it a bit towards me”. Then, others will pass the hukkah. They themselves get ruined by smoking hukkah and the small children by imitating them will commit the same sin and will drown in the black waters of hell. Those who smoke hukkah are themselves indeed very unfortunate and by instigating others to smoke tobacco, they ruin others too. Those who commit the aforesaid vice waste their lives just as a (Bharbhooja) grain-parched by excessively heating the sand roasts gram. Then after completing the entire task, he throws the sand in the street. Likewise, a person, who commits the above-mentioned sin, also wastes his life in a similar manner and dies. That living being is thrown in hell. What answer will those people who commit the above-mentioned sin, give in the court of God, that is, they will be speechless.

Tobacco is the biggest hindrance in the path of worship. In between our two nostrils, there is a third path; the size of the opening of which is smaller than the hole of a small needle. The smoke which is released from the nostrils closes that path. That very path goes to Trikuti above where God resides. The path through which we must meet God, tobacco closes that very path. We have seen those who smoke hukkah; every day they move a thin iron rod through the hukkah-pipe, from which the grime of smoke that had accumulated in it comes out. The pipe gets blocked due to that grime. The human life has been obtained only to attain God. The smoke of tobacco is the biggest enemy of a devotee. Anyways, people who smoke hukkah also believe that tobacco is not a good thing. When a small child sees his grandfather, elder paternal uncle, father or younger paternal uncle smoking hukkah, also starts imitating them. He starts smoking hukkah, then adults, who themselves smoke hukkah, threaten that child, “I warn you not to smoke hukkah. It is not a good thing.” I want to ask that, if you consider it to be a good thing, then let your children also smoke it. If you forbid them means that it is injurious. Then why are you yourself consuming it. At many places it is not considered a vice even. Like, many tribes eat meat. That sin is a common thing for their children. Similarly, smoking tobacco is also a heinous sin, but it has become a belief that one does not incur sin from smoking.

How Much Sinful is it to Consume Tobacco?

Supreme God Kabir Saheb ji Said :

|| Surapaan madya maasahaari, gaman karae bhogae par naari|
Sattar janm katat hain sheesham, saakshi Sahib hai Jagdeesham||
||Par dwara stri ka khole, Sattar janm andha ho dolael||
||Sau naari jaari karae, surapaan sau baar|
Ek chillum hukkah bhare, Doobae kaali dhaar||

Like it has been mentioned above that a person who drinks alcohol once, bears seventy births of a dog, and then eats and drinks faeces and urine. One who performs sex with another woman bears seventy births of a blind. Even one who consumes meat bears intense hardships. The sins incurred by one who commits the aforesaid sins 100-100 times, is what is incurred by one who only assists a person consuming tobacco once. What sin will be incurred by those who consume tobacco-hukkah, cigarette, beedi, or consume tobacco in any other form? When a person consumes/smokes tobacco, the smoke by entering the bodies of his children causes damage. Then those children adopt vices quickly and their health also deteriorates.

Intoxication Causes Destruction

Whether intoxication is of alcohol, hemp, opium, heroin etc, it will become a cause of your destruction. First, intoxication makes one devil. Then it destroys the body. There are four important organs of the body: – lungs, liver, kidneys, and heart. Alcohol first destroys these four organs. Hemp destroys the brain. More than alcohol, heroin makes one’s body hollow from the inside. Opium weakens one’s body. It stops functioning of body. It functions only when charged with opium. The blood gets polluted. Therefore, these intoxicants should not even be kept in the village or city, let alone at home. He who intoxicates, his present and future both are leading him towards hell. Intoxication is not for human beings. It turns a human being into a demon. Those people, who had performed virtuous deeds in their previous lives, have a good job or a good business in their current lives as a result of those virtuous deeds. If in the present life, they will not perform auspicious deeds, worship, charity and meritorious deeds, they will suffer in future births by becoming a donkey, dog, pig, or ox, and will eat rubbish. If after acquiring an Enlightened Guru, you do undertake worship with a pure heart, do not serve during spiritual discourses, do not perform charity or meritorious deeds, then you will suffer misery in the next lives of donkey, ox, or dog. You have found means of protecting yourself from heat, but how will you protect yourself when you will become an animal?

Solution :
“Say to No Tobacco”

Some diseases like lung cancer, chronic respiratory disease, tuberculosis etc, sometimes get out of control from doctors’ hands and that stage, any advancement of science fails. (Holy Rig Veda chapter 10, sukt 161, verse 2 and 5) states that to get benefit from God, you need to take initiation from enlightened saint, who has the tatvagyan (complete spiritual knowledge) to destroy our sins and extend our life up to 100 years for worshipping. Currently, Saint Rampal ji Maharaj is the only enlightened Guru/Saint in the world, who is imparting the true spiritual knowledge according to our holy scriptures.


Whoever takes initiation and want to attain complete Salvation will never consume tobacco (not even in hukkah, beedi, cigarette, chillum, heroin, drugs etc.) or any other intoxicating substance. There is no mention in any holy book (like Holy Gita, Holy Quran, Holy Bible, Holy Guru Granth Sahib, Puranas and Vedas) regarding consumption of tobacco and intoxication. Those who smoke hukkah say, “I have bitter tobacco; take this and fill this in the chillum.” Another one says, “Mine is bitterer.” Saint Garibdas ji has said that after death, the messenger of death urinates in the mouth of the person who consumes bitter tobacco; saying “now dear, drink bitter urine.” They open his mouth and direct the flow of urine into his mouth. True knowledge helps one to quit vices forever. Knowledge is gained from satsang (spiritual discourses).
Quit this vice to gain benefits not only in this physical realm but also in the spiritual realm. As discussed above, the true path of worship guided by Saint Rampal ji Maharaj destroys our sin. There are several testimonies of his followers to make you believe in his power who got cured from deadly diseases like cancer, aids, tumors, heart disease, leukemia, ebola etc. by only worshiping the Supreme God as instructed by Saint Rampal ji Maharaj.
The above reference is from the book “Jeene ki Rah”/Way of Living.
To know more, please visit www.supremegod.org

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