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Swarnim Vijay Diwas 2021: Know What Led to Formation of Current Bangladesh


Swarnim Vijay Diwas: Vijay Diwas or Bijoy Dibos is celebrated annually on December 16th marking the victory of India over Pakistan in the war in 1971. A war that lasted for 13 days also resulted in the independence of East Pakistan from West Pakistan and a new nation emerged as Bangladesh. Read the story to know the details.

Swarnim Vijay Diwas 2021 Key Points

  • Vijay Diwas is observed on 16th December every year by the entire nation commemorating the victory of India over Pakistan.
  • After a war that lasted for 13 long days, almost 93000 Pakistani troops surrendered and victory was declared on 16th December 1971.
  • Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of the nation at the time of the war and supported the Bangladeshis in their freedom against Pakistan.
  • The war also led to the formation of East Pakistan as a separate nation called Bangladesh.
  • On the occasion of the 50th Vijay Diwas, PM Modi will be present at the National War Memorial on 16th December to welcome Swarnim Vijay Mashaals.
  • Vijay Diwas is a remembrance of a freedom war for the nation of Bangladesh. Similarly, the war of freedom of our soul from this trap of birth and death into the lives of 84 lakh animals is also necessary to understand.

All You Need to Know About Swarnim Vijay Diwas

Every year Vijay Diwas is celebrated on 16th December in the entire nation, remembering its victory over Pakistan in the year 1971. This day is also special for the people of Bangladesh as they got their independence on this very day. This war began on 3rd December 1971 and lasted for 13 long days. After 13 days, on 16th December 93000 Pakistani troops under their General AAK Niazi were defeated by Indian Forces and Bangladeshi’s Mukti Bahini and victory was declared over Pakistan. 

Circumstances That Led to the War

The basic reason for this war was the cruelty that was used by the Islamabad Government on the people of east Pakistan (now Bangladesh) which soon turned into a rebellion. With the help of armed forces, the government tried to control and torture bengali and hindu people (which were in minority) in the state of east Pakistan. 

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They retaliated but no one heard their voice. Around 4 lakh people were killed by the armed forces while in actuality the Bangladeshi government says the figure is around 3 million. Seeing this, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi extended her support to help the refugees coming from the nation and decided to provide support to East Pakistan as well. 

How Was the War Ignited?

The war started when Pakistan on 3rd December attempted air strikes on 11 Indian air base stations. The Bengali Nationalists Group in Bangladesh soon got the approval of the support from the Indian Army against Pakistan in their struggle for independence. Both the western and eastern front of the nation that were aligned with Pakistan were used to fight war with the neighboring nation.

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The very next day on 4th December 1971, Operation Trident was conducted by India in which a surprise attack was executed by the Indian Navy’s Western naval command on Karachi Port with the codeword trident. Southern command were deployed on the borders to protect the nation at the time of the war. Mukti Bahini guerrillas from East Pakistan also collaborated with the Indian Army in the fight. 

And on the day of 14th December 1971, a house where a meeting was taking place with the governor of east pakistan was attacked by IAF and Pakistan had no clue whatsoever about it. Around 93000 Pakistani troops surrendered at that time and soon the complete surrender started and signed at Dhaka on 16th December 1971. 

Quotes for Swarnim Vijay Diwas

“Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?” –

Mahatma Gandhi

“We are Indians, firstly and lastly.”

B. R. Ambedkar

“Citizenship consists in the service of the country.”-

Jawaharlal Nehru

What Happened After the War?

  • This intense war is so significant to the nation that it was given the name of Vijay Diwas for the celebrations in the coming years.
  • East Pakistan got its freedom and was recognised with the name Bangladesh since then.
  • Around 3900 Indian soldiers lost their lives and around 9851 were injured because of the war.
  • 93000 prisoners of war were taken in custody by the Indian armed forces.
  • Although eight months after the war, a Shimla agreement was signed between India and Pakistan as a peace treaty and to release those 93000 prisoners of war, who were released after that. 

Swarnim Vijay Diwas: Celebrations

To honor the bravery of Indian armed forces for the victory over Pakistan on 16th December 1971, the nation celebrates Vijay Diwas annually. And this is the 50th Vijay Diwas for the people of the nation. As we know last year, from the National War Memorial, PM Modi lit up four flames from the eternal flame. 

And during the last one year, these flames were allowed to traverse to all directions throughout the country and were taken to all the battlefields and to the houses of gallantry award winners and veterans of the 1971 war. So on this occasion of Swarnim Vijay Diwas, these four flames will be merged with the eternal flame at the National War Memorial on 16th December 2021 around 10:30 am by PM Modi. But in actuality anything that leads to Supreme God Kabir is eternal, nothing else.

The Real Freedom

With such a great struggle for freedom recorded in our history books, we are definitely completely aware of the need for freedom. Although we aren’t aware about it completely, the reality is that we are entrapped here in the cycle of birth and death. And freeing oneself from it is what we call salvation. The prime goal of this human life is the salvation which can only be attained by worshiping Supreme God Kabir. The method of worship of which can only be revealed by taking Naam Diksha (Initiation) from a Complete Saint

Presently Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana, India is the only Complete Saint amongst all the Saints around. The rest are befooling innocent devotees in the name of their fake experiences that don’t match with the Holy Scriptures. So it is the need of the hour for us to understand this and get in the refuge of Saint Rampal Ji to get our welfare done.

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