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This Strawberry Moon Is the Final Supermoon of 2021: Don’t Miss Out


Supermoon 2021: On June 24th, i.e. Thursday, Skywatchers will have something to watch for in the night sky as the full strawberry moon will beautify the night sky around the globe. Although it is a strawberry moon, it won’t look as reddish as strawberries, it may have a golden colour, astronomers revealed. Along with that it is also the last supermoon for this year. 

Supermoon 2021 Key Points:

  • This year’s half has been fun for the Skywatchers and this Thursday is yet another adventure for them as they will be going to witness the last supermoon and only strawberry moon of 2021.
  • This full moon will remain for 3 days starting from June 23rd morning to June 26th morning. 
  • Timings and dates may vary from location to location throughout the entire globe. 
  • The date and time in India are June 25th at 12:10am.
  • Supermoon is a name given to the position of the moon when it is closest to the earth. 
  • And because of the closeness it appears to be bigger and brighter than the average full moon. This full moon is the last supermoon and the only strawberry moon for this year along with that this is the first full moon after summer solstice. 

What Is Happening on June 24th? 

On Thursday’s evening i.e.June 24th, the moon will appear as a full moon or a marginal supermoon with its size somewhat greater than the regular moon throughout the globe. And the coincidence is that this moon is also a strawberry moon and is also the first full moon after the summer solstice. The moon will take its full shape before getting above the horizon but it will be visible to us only after it emerges from the horizon. 

Although the size of this full moon is somewhat bigger, it will not be a complete supermoon as witnessed in the month of May and it’s colour will not be reddish as of strawberries, it will appear to be somewhat golden in colour. 

Supermoon 2021: What Is a Strawberry Moon? 

This sort of celestial phenomenon occurring on June 24th derived its name of strawberry moon from the American Tribes who named this sort of moon after the beginning season of ripening of strawberries as it happens in this time of the year. However, this day is denoted with different names in different parts of the globe with their unique identity. In Europe, it is denoted with the name of rose moon as it marks the harvesting of roses while in the Northern Hemisphere it is given the name of Hot moon as it marks the beginning of summer season. In India this day is called as Jyeshtha Purnima or Vat Purnima by the Hindus which is also marked as the Prakat Diwas of Supreme God Kabir Saheb.

Why Is It Called a Strawberry Moon? 

Along with the derivation of its name from the American tribes, it’s colour has some scientific relevance that one must know. Because of its low shallow path across the sky, this moon often gets some color and is designated as a strawberry moon. Because of the low arc of the June full moon, the moon light is expected to pass through earth’s atmosphere and refract through various surfaces which often gives it a yellow or orange tint. 

When Is the Strawberry Moon 2021? 

The peak illumination of June’s full moon will be achieved at 2:40pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) on June 24th but it will be visible as it comes over the horizon. However the time in India may vary which is expected to be 12:10am on June 25th. Don’t worry if you missed the exact moment as the moon will appear from Wednesday morning to Saturday morning, timings may vary depending upon the location. 

The moon will be at perigee at 5:56am EDT on Wednesday, June 23 but it will be visible to us from Thursday, June 24 from 2:40pm EDT for about three days till early Saturday Morning.

Does the Strawberry Moon Happen Every Year? 

The usual cycle time for the moon to take its full shape is around 29.5 days. After each 29.5 days we see a full moon. Strawberry moon occurs once in a year usually in the month of June in the last few days. It is because of the position of the moon in its orbit that it always falls in the month of June and can be a supermoon most of the time. 

What Is a Supermoon? 

The name of any type of moon directly depends upon the position of the moon in earth’s orbit. Supermoon is that position of the moon (new or full moon) when the moon is in 90% of its perigee, the closest of all the approaches. 

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Famous Astrologer Richard Nolle invented the term Supermoon in 1979 and termed it as a position of new or full moon when it is closest to the earth. As per the cycle of 29.5 days of the moon, there can be 2 or 4 full or new supermoons in a row. 

Why Is It Called a Supermoon? 

Supermoon is the name given to the moon when it is closest to the earth and because of this closeness the moon appears to be larger in size as compared to the normal full moon. It is expected to be 7% larger and 15% brighter than the average full moon. 

Credit: VideoFromSpace

Since the last 4 months the moon is quite close to the earth and in this month also it is close enough to be regarded as a supermoon. This month’s supermoon is also a strawberry moon and is also the last supermoon for the year 2021. The supermoon in the month of May and April were the closest. 

Supermoon 2021: Did You Know? 

The facts related to moon and earth that one must know:

  • Moon has an elliptical orbit around the earth in which it moves around. This orbit brings the moon close and away from the position of the earth. 
  • The farthest point on the elliptical orbit is called apogee and is about 253000 miles (405,500 kilometers) from earth. 
  • The closest point on the orbit is called a perigee and is about 226,000 miles(363,300 kilometers) from earth. 
  • At the position of a perigee, a full moon usually appears which is usually larger and brighter than an average full moon. And is only the same position when we usually get to see a supermoon.
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