Satsang (True Spiritual Knowledge): The Straight Road to Salvation


As we all know we all are in the middle of a race to become more and more rich and get more and more money. But we have forgotten that none of this will be going with us after our lives get over. And in the process of accumulating more money one gets only sins, neither of us accumulates virtues. So how are we planning to give account of our deeds after our deaths? We have got no answer. And that’s where the need to watch and listen to Satsang comes in. A Satsang done by a complete Saint will always tell you the right way of living. Let us get the information about Satsang in great detail.

What is Satsang?

Satsang is a word that basically relates to the discussion made about the Almighty Supreme God and His supremacy. Satsang can be termed as a social gathering of some people who are gathered to listen to the discourses made about the Almighty Supreme God given by only a Complete Saint. Satsang is made of two words ‘Sat’ and ‘Sang’ which means the company of the truth.

What happens in a Satsang?

At Satsang, narration of True Spiritual Knowledge is being done by a Complete Saint. Most of us don’t know the exact definition of Satsang because we aren’t aware of what Satsang is all about. Many renowned saints are nowadays performing Satsang that doesn’t even include the identity of Supreme God Kabir. It is for us to understand that a narration without the discussion of Supreme God Kabir is incomplete and is not called Satsang.

For some people Satsang refers to meditation and yoga but it is not true. Some people refer to performing kirtan or hymning to their God as Satsang but they are heavily mistaken. Doing Kirtan or singing God loving songs are not even part of attainment of God rather it is against the will of God Kabir. 

What is the Purpose of a Satsang?

The purpose of Satsang is very simple and straight. Our human life is very vital because it is given to us after experiencing the hardships in the lives of 84 lakh species of animals. And is just given to us for the attainment of Supreme God Kabir by worshipping Him through His Complete Saint.

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In this world of uncertainties it is easily noticable that everybody is running after making more and more money and seems to have forgotten the prime motive of attaining salvation. Therefore to remind humanity about it, Supreme God Kabir descends Himself in the form of a Tatvdarshi or Complete Saint and gives this divine true spiritual knowledge by performing Satsang.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Satsang Near by Me

  • Satlok Ashram Mundka (Delhi)
  • Satlok Ashram Rohtak (Haryana)
  • Satlok Ashram Kurukshetra (Haryana)
  • Satlok Ashram Bhiwani (Haryana)
  • Satlok Ashram Dhuri (Punjab)
  • Satlok Ashram Khamaano (Punjab)
  • Satlok Ashram Sojat (Rajasthan)
  • Satlok Ashram Shamli (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Satlok Ashram Betul (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Satlok Ashram Janakpur (Nepal)

Why is it Necessary to listen to Satsang?

Amidst the race to earn name and fame mankind has forgotten about his real father, the Almighty Supreme God Kabir and the prime goal of this human life which is salvation. Satsang is necessary to remind ourselves that in order to skip the atrocities of being an animal in the next birth one needs to worship God Kabir. Satsang is vital for every other human being because in this world of Satan(Kaal Brahm), only by listening to the Satsang of a Complete Saint, a soul can get comfort. 

What is Satsang Meditation?

It is prohibited in the path of attainment of God to do meditation or Hath Yoga (a physical form of devotion). Holy Geeta ji chapter 17 verse 23 states the recitation of OM-TAT-SAT in which TAT and SAT are indicative to be revealed by Tatvdarshi Sant is the only way to Salvation, nothing else. And this form of worship is not performed by meditating rather it can be performed along with doing day to day routine tasks. Also, it makes doing worship easy for a human being. 

Attainment of Supreme God Kabir to escape this cage of Satan (Kaal Brahm) is very easy as it does not involve any physical effort, all you have to do is chant the naam given by the Complete Saint. Gracious God Kabir Says: 

Satsang ki Aadhi Ghadi, Tapp k Varsh Hazar |

To Bhi Barabar Hai Nahi, Kahe Kabir Vichar ||

Who is the Complete Saint?

Presently, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana, India is the only Complete Saint that stands complete on all the characteristics of being a Complete Saint. He has successfully translated the meaning of Holy Geeta ji chapter 15 verse 1-4 in relevance with the creation of the universe.

Amidst so many religious Gurus around, it is very difficult for a devotee to identify the right one unless he/she knows the correct identification as stated above. The one who can reveal the exact creation of the universe can definitely be God Kabir or the representative of God Kabir. God Kabir says:

Kabir, Nau Mann Sut Ulajhiya, Rishi Rahe Jhak Marr |

Satguru Aisa Suljhade, Uljhe na Duji Barr ||

Also, it has been observed through His disciples that He has been successfully relieving His devotees with various life threatening diseases just by the power of His given way of worship. Therefore it is upon us now to hold His hand for the rest of our lives to get it sorted. 

How do I start Listening to Satsang?

In this cage of 21 universes of Satan(Kaal Brahm) it is very difficult to find Satsang being done by a Complete Saint. But in this prime time of attaining salvation, God Kabir has facilitated us with His Complete Saint and has given us the opportunity to grab salvation with ease. One should not waste his time and should watch His Satsang to know about real spiritual knowledge.

One can easily watch the Satsang of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj daily at Sadhna Tv from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Else one can watch His Satsang at Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube channel. And one can also order His free sacred book Gyan Ganga or visit His website for more info.

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