Russian President Vladimir Putin (68) May Leave Office Next Year Due To Parkinson’s Disease

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Putin, who maintained a stronghold on the power of the country for nearly 20 years, has made necessary amendments in the Kremlin, the Russian Parliament, to maintain a stronghold on power. But now Putin may leave the presidency due to Parkinson’s disease. One can park his soul in the shelter of Saviour Saint to get rid of all diseases.

Vladimir Putin’s Parkinson’s Disease Highlights

  • Speculation of resigning by the Russian president in 2021, due to Parkinson’s disease.
  • Sudden movements in leg and hands were noticed in a footage.
  • Putin’s secretary assured about Putin’s good health.
  • According to media reports, his girlfriend Alina Kabaeva and two daughters are pressuring him to resign.
  • According to Moscow political analyst Valeri Solovey, “Putin has a family and has a strong influence on the Russian President. In this case, Putin can transfer power to another in January.”

— Only supreme Saint can help getting rid of any disease

Media Has Analyzed His Footage

Symptoms of the disease have been seen in him for some time. The media has also analyzed his video footage. It was found that Putin’s fingers and feet were trembling. He was repeatedly seen changing foot positions.

Press Secretary Denied of His Disease

Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov denied that there is no truth that the president would resign. Also, he mentioned that he has excellent health and is handling the entire work without any problem.

Putin Himself Is Making Changes in Law

Earlier of his health speculations, amendment law was brought in the Russian Parliament, under which Putin can remain the President of the country till 2026. But his disease has intensified the situation at a time when Russian lawmakers are considering a bill to give the president a life-long exemption from criminal action. This new bill was introduced by Putin himself and according to this, he will be exempted from legal action till Putin is alive and he will continue to get all the facilities from the state. This bill is also considered a sign of the transfer of power.

Who Is Vladimir Putin ?

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a Russian politician and a former officer of the KGB who has served as President of Russia since 2012, previously holding the position from 1999 until 2008.
Putin, who started a career in espionage, is full of mystery. From personal life to Russian politics, international and regional politics. He has also kept the faith of the countries of the world in Russia and himself.

Vladimir Putin remained the Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000, then again was the President of Russia from March 2000 to May 2008, and Prime Minister again from 2008 to 2012. He became the president again in 2012.

What Is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive nervous system disorder. It starts slowly. There are four main symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease:

  1. This is the beginning of this disease. The hands, arms, legs, jaw, or head tremble
  2. Limbs becomes stiff
  3. Movement of the body slows down
  4. Impaired balance and coordination, sometimes leading to falls

Also, it causes problems with cognitive function, including forgetfulness and trouble with concentration, which may arise later. The disease also develops dementia in many people when it gets worse.

Sure Cure for Parkinson’s Or Any Other Disease Is Possible

Any kind of disease can be cured by taking initiation from a True Saint and performing Worship according to the scriptures.

There is no medicinal cure for Parkinson’s to date. By taking regular medication, it slows down but cannot be cured completely.

However, not only Parkinson’s disease but even other diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc. can also be cured by taking the refuge of a true Saint.

Park Yourself in God Kabir’s Refuge

Supreme Soul Kabir Sahib Ji has said in His Verses that taking birth as a human is such a precious thing. One should not waste his life only enjoying a luxurious lifestyle and earning money and power.

Maanush janam durlabh hai, Ye mile na barmbaar|
Jaise taruvar se patta toot gire, Pher na lagta daar||

i.e. once the human life ends one can not get it in that state again.

The Main Aim of Human Life

The main aim of life is not to earn power, money, higher posts, and to be a renowned personality but it is to attain Moksha/Salvation by doing true Devotion. It is usually seen if one is wealthy enough, he surely would have an incurable disease on which he spends a lot of money to remain healthy.

Although rich people do charity but that again is not an accurate way. Only that charity is the real charity which is performed in the refuge of a True Saint. At this Kabir Sahib Ji said in a Verse,

Guru bin mala pherte, Guru bin dete daan|
Guru bin dono nishfal hain, Chahe pucho ved puran||

Gareeb Dass Ji also mentioned in his Verses that no matter how rich you are. If you don’t understand the main aim of human life now being alive, after death you will regret that you have had wasted your precious life. So it would be better to take initiation soon. Also, God Kabir says that those who do not do Worship according to Holy Books, they are not humans but stones.

Kabir, Bin updesh achambh hai, Kyon jeevat hain praan|

Bin bhakti kahaan thaur hai, Nar naahi pashan||

True Saint At Present

There is a surge in the number of Saints these days. Everyone is in the race of showing that he has the true Worship. But it has also become easy to find out who the true Saint is with the help of education.

As per the Scriptures, the true Saint would give evidence about the Supreme Power from the religious books. And, only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is doing this. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is not telling anything from His own side and is making everyone aware of the eternal and authentic Worship written in our Holy Book. From this, it is crystal clear that Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the True Saint. So, without giving a second thought take initiation from Him and save your life.

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