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Prophet Hazrat Muhammad and his sufferings

Prophet Muhammad is treated with utmost respect in Islam. All Muslims look upon him as the most reverend messenger of Allah.
He propagated the five times namaz ritual and fasting during the holy month of Ramzan prevalent even today in Islam. He fulfilled all his duties as a true Muslim.

To know the benefit of the way of worship propagated by him, one should have a look at the life accounts of Prophet Muhammad.

When the autobiography of Prophet Muhammad is studied, one will be able to see what kind of life he led after following the way of worship as guided by the giver of knowledge of Holy Quran.

It is clearly evident in the autobiography of Prophet Muhammad that he led a miserable life. He endured a lot of suffering all through his life. As a child he lost his father, when he was in his mother’s womb. When he reached five years of age, his mother passed away too. He led his childhood as an orphan. At the age of 25, he married a woman aged 40 named Khadija who has been widowed twice. Prophet Muhammad had three sons and four daughters with khadija. When his sons became young, they started quarrelling with each other to an extent that all three of them passed away at an early age. He had to endure the pain of death of his three sons. He was left with only four daughters.

Now let’s take a look at how he passed away.

Before passing away Prophet Muhammad went for a pilgrimage. This was his last pilgrimage and it is called as Hijjtull wada. Not even three months after the Hijjtull wada, Prophet Muhammad fell sick and was suffering from a deadly disease. It made him feel uneasy as he had a really high fever. Because of this he could not sleep that night. He came out of his home and walked towards the graveyard and blessed the people of the grave to remain safe. Prophet Muhammad had 11 wives. He used to stay one night with one of them and took turns for each one of them. Prophet Muhammad had to go to Ayesha’s place but he was so weak that he couldn’t get up on his own. So others carried Prophet Muhammad to Ayesha’s place. Prophet Muhammad had tied up a handkerchief around his head. The entire Muslim community was worried and sad because their dear Prophet was on the bed of sickness and it grew with every passing second. Even during his sickness Prophet Muhammad never stopped visiting the mosque. His fever sometimes increased while it decreased sometimes. The last namaz that Prophet Muhammad read properly was magrib. He fainted twice while getting ready for Ishas namaz to be read. After fainting for the third time Prophet Muhammad asked Abu bakar to read the namaz. Following this order Abubakar kept reading the namaz for many days. Prophet Muhammad kept praying to almighty to make death easy for him. On his last day his dearest daughter Fatima was by his side and while asking Fatima and others for good behaviour Prophet Muhammad passed away at the age of 63 years due to illness.

Is this the way a prophet should pass away? When we believe someone to be the messenger of God, their life becomes a role model for their followers. Prophet Muhammad lived such a painful life and had to endure a painful death. Give it a thought, a person who was so spiritually enlightened, suffered like this. Then how can the Muslim community expect happiness when their way of worship is not even close to what Prophet Muhammad had done during his life?? No one takes time to think why Prophet Muhammad endured so much pain and suffering. One can never attain happiness when the way of worship followed differs from what is mentioned in the holy books.
The holy scripture of Islam; Holy Quran clearly indicates in Surat furqan 25 verses 52-59 that in order to attain Allah, one will have to take recourse of an enlightened sage. Way of worship adopted as per one’s wishfulness will never lead anyone towards happiness or heaven.

The entire Muslim community is suffering, by not understanding the messages given in the Holy Quran. This is because one needs to be well versed and acquainted with Almighty. The giver of the knowledge of Holy Quran has clearly indicated that he is not acquainted with almighty and the Muslim community needs to search for an enlightened sage for it. The preachers of Muslim community are not truly enlightened.

Who is an enlightened sage?

An enlightened sage is well versed with all the holy scriptures from all religions and is able to identify Almighty from them and help mankind to know about deep secrets, these Holy scriptures have held since millenniums.
In today’s world, there is only one enlightened saint on planet earth who is well acquainted not only with all the holy scriptures but also with Almighty and his constitution. He is the one who has openly shown all the evidence in our Holy scriptures from all the religions that not only almighty is in form but can be attained easily at the same time.
Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj from Hisar, Haryana is that enlightened sage who is giving the complete knowledge about the supreme Almighty Allah Kabir through his spiritual sermons. To know more in detail, please visit www.supremegod.org

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