Ravi Belagere: A Popular Name in Kannadiga Community Died at 62


The famous writer and journalist Ravi Belagere died due to a severe heart attack. He was a prominent personality and well known for his style of writing and exposing celebrities through his crime show.

No one has the power to have control over death and birth as well as to increase the life span. As per the law of nature who is born is destined to die one day. Only the Supreme Power (GOD) has control over everything. One should not waste their valuable life and must start doing true devotion.

Biography: Ravi Belagere  

  • Famous Kannada journalist & writer Ravi Belagere (62) died due to a heart attack on Friday morning at his office on the premises of Hai Bangalore! a popular Kannada tabloid.
  • He was rushed to a private hospital, where he breathed his last.
  • He was a renowned Kannada Writer, Journalist, anchor, and educationalist. 
  • He started a Kannada tabloid Hai Bangalore! in 1995, which became hugely popular.
  • He authored more than 50 books on crime and started a revolutionary readership in the Kannada language.
  • He earned immense popularity for his crime-based TV shows in Kannada. His crime show on primetime television redefined crime reportage in the state and through his show, he exposed many celebrities.
  • He declared his assets of net worth Rs 250 crores in his tabloid Hai Bangalore! 
  • He once said to his critics that “I pay an income tax of Rs 54 lakh every year.”
  • Belagere started Prarthana school where his mortal remains were kept for the public to view before being taken to the crematorium.
  • In 2017, he was alleged of hiring a contract killer to murder his colleague Heggaravalli who had an affair with his second wife.
  • Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa paid him condolence and Tweeted on his death.
  • Taking name Initiation from a True Saint and reciting the name of True God to attain moksha is the main aim of human life.

Ravi Belagere Death News: Belagere Was a Thriving Personality

Ravi Belagere was 62 years old and well-known for his writing style and was a famous journalist. He was a prominent Kannada television anchor too. Belagere was known for the tabloid Hai Bangalore! that was founded by him in 1995.

Ravi Belagere (15 March 1958 – 13 November 2020) was a writer and journalist based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He was the editor of the Kannada language tabloid Hai Bangalore! and fortnightly magazine O Manase.

Death of Ravi Belagere

He had a massive heart attack and was admitted to the hospital but died on Friday morning in Bengaluru.  He was survived by two wives, two sons, and two daughters and they were with him in his last moments. His family mentioned that his remains would be kept at the Prarthna School (started by Belagere) where people can pay their tribute to him.

Achievements of Ravi Belagere

Ravi Belagere had achieved several awards for his works in the field of writing and education. Known for his writing style, Belagere was honored with many awards including the Karnataka Sahitya Academy award, Kannada Rajyothsava award, Karnataka Media Academy award, and many more. He started the Kannada tabloid named Hai Banglore! in 1995 which brought name and fame to him. He was a famous anchor and worked in a show ‘Crime Diary’. He also started a school named Prarthana school which runs now a chain of schools.

Ravi Belagere Was Alleged in the Killing of His Colleague

According to an online news report, he was arrested by the Central Crime Bureau police for allegedly hiring contract killers to kill his colleague Sunil Heggaravalli. Belagere was allegedly unhappy over Heggaravalli’s friendship with his second wife. However, the sharpshooter had called off the attack at the last minute after spotting a CCTV camera at the target’s residence. Belagere was booked in an attempt to murder and under the Arms Act after two firearms were recovered from his Padmanabhanagar residence. He was granted bail in the case later.

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Ravi Belagere’s last wish was…

Two years back, in his last Khaas Baat, in a very popular column, he wrote, “It is better to shut shop when the shop is doing well. I intend to close down Hai Bangalore! soon. I want to spend time reading books, listening to music. I will need at least 150 years to complete reading the books I have purchased over the years.”

Who Has the Control Over Untimely Death & Mishappenings?

No one has the capability to change the circumstances and situations except The Supreme God. He is none other than Kabir Sahib Ji. Kabir Ji cleared this in a Verse that God can change the circumstances in a moment.

Kabir, Sahib se sab hot hai, Bande se kuch nahi। 

Raai se parvat kre, Parvat se fir raii।।

In the following Verse, Kabir Sahib Ji clears that having a long span of life is not beneficial until and unless one has not taken initiation from a True Guru. And, it is good to have a short life if one recites the True naam of True God.

Jeewan to thora hi bhla, Je sat sumiran hoye।

Laakh varsh ka jeevna, Lekhe dhre na koye।।

Who Is The Eternal God?

The Eternal God is Supreme Kabir Sahib Ji and the evidence is given in our holy scriptures.

  • Atharvaved Kaand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no. 7

YaH – atharvanm – Pitram – Devbandhum – Brahspatim – namsa –av – ch –gachchhaat – tvam – vishwesham – janita – yatha – saH –KavirdevH – na – dabhaayat – swadhaavaan | 

Translation: He, who is unchanging i.e. eternal, Father of the universe, the real companion of the devotees i.e. the basis of the soul, Guru of the universe, and who takes a polite worshipper, i.e. worshipper who worships according to the scriptures, who has gone to Satlok, to Satlok with safety; the Creator of all the brahmands, Jagdamba i.e. who is also endowed with the qualities of a mother, who has the nature i.e. qualities of not betraying like Kaal, He is, as it is, Himself KavirDev i.e. in different language He is also called Kabir Parmeshwar.

In this Mantra, it has also been made clear that the name of that God, who has done all the Creation, is KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir).

Kabir Sahib Ji had mentioned in scriptures that He, Himself would come on Earth to enlighten the entire world. If He will not come then a True Saint would be there who would Explain the True Devotion to His devotees from the scriptures.

Who Is The True Saint At Present?

At present, that True saint is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji. He only is providing the True devotion to His devotees from the scriptures. Thus, one should take name initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj as soon as possible as no one is sure about what is going to happen in the next minute — whether we would be alive or dead.

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