November 29, 2023

Actor Asif Basra Found Hanging In Himachal Pradesh, Suicide Suspected

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Asif Basra Suicide News: Bollywood actor Asif Basra was found hanging at his rented McLeod Ganj residence at Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. While police are busy finding the cause of death, locals suspect suicide. A forensic team has reached the incidence site, and an investigation is underway with a live-in partner.

Asif Basra Suicide News: Highlights

  • Asif’s body found hanging near a café in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh
  • Police launch investigation, Basra’s live-in partner, taken into custody
  • It is suspected, 53-year-old Basra has committed suicide by hanging himself
  • 2020 is terrible for Bollywood as well as for others
  • Take name initiation from Saint Rampal Ji to achieve day to day joys and attain Salvation

2020 Is Terrible For Bollywood As Is For Many Others

The year for Bollywood has been similar to many others in the 2020 period. One after another, many stars have said goodbye to this world this year. Asif has committed suicide by hanging himself at Dharamshala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. He has been living on rent in the vicinity of a café at Jogibada Road in McLeod Ganj.

After Sushant Singh Rajput, Asif Basra, who worked with him in films, has committed suicide. As reports say, 53-year-old Basra committed suicide at his house near a café at McLeod Ganj in Dharamsala. He is said to have hanged with a leash of his pet dog. The causes of suicide have not yet been ascertained. However, It is told that he was suffering from depression.

Asif had been Living in McLeod Ganj for Five Years

Police have started investigating the case by taking the body of Asif in possession. SSP Vikrant Ranjan has said in his statement that he is examining every angle. Asif had been living in live-in with a foreign woman at a rented house in McLeod Ganj for nearly five years.

Asif Basra Suicide News: What is the Chronology of the Case?

It is said that Asif Basra committed suicide at 11.30 am on Thursday. Police had received information about suicide at 12.30 am. The body has been sent for postmortem, and police have started investigating the case. In this case, SSP has said that the matter is under investigation. Basra has been found hanging. Forensic teams are on the spot, and police are investigating the case. Why Basra has taken such a big step has not been clear yet?

Asif Basra Suicide News: How did He Noose?

It is said to have been planted that Asif Basra lived with a UK woman in McLeod Ganj in Live In. On Thursday noon, he walked out of the house with his pet dog, then returned home and took a noose with a pet dog leash. The police have taken custody of the foreign woman living in live-in with Asif Basra. It is learnt that the dog’s leash with which Asif planted the noose is also missing.

Police are Engaged in the Investigation

As soon as the incident was reported, the police team reached the spot and got into the investigation. At present, the police have sent the body for postmortem and have started investigating the case. Preliminary investigations have revealed that he was a victim of depression. SSP Vikrant Ranjan of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh confirmed the issue and said that film actor Asif Basra was found dead in a private premise in Dharamsala. A forensic team is on the spot, and police are investigating the case. At present, the issue has been termed as suicide in the initial investigation.

Who is Asif Basra?

Asif Basra is a famous TV actor. Talking about Asif Basra’s film career, he has worked in many significant films. The actor has been playing his acting everywhere, from the small screen to the big screen. Asif Basra has been seen in many television serials, web series, and films. Apart from many Bollywood movies, he was also seen in Hollywood movies, besides being known for his Himachali film role.

Asif Basra’s Film Journey

Asif started his career in 1998 from a TV serial. Still, he was recognized among the audience and critics by Anurag Kashyap’s films and Rahul Dholakia’s films. His work was very much like in the movie, followed by many other big projects. He worked in big curtains to small curtains and even Hollywood.

Asif, who has been seen in Bollywood films and Hollywood comedy films, has done many big projects in his career, and he had worked in many Hindi movies. Asif was highly appreciated for his work in Hollywood comedy film and worked in Michael O.

Along with films, Asif also worked in theatre. His most memorable performance yet was in the production of Feroz Abbas Khan. Asif Basra played five roles in a single play that was counted as one of India’s most successful plays.

2020 and Especially Coronavirus Epidemic Times Proved Jinxed

In 2020, many of the Bollywood personalities have said goodbye to the world. Many notable artists like Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan Sushant Singh Rajput have left forever. This epidemic year is proving to be a nightmare for Bollywood as well.

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