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Ramadan and the belief associated with it.


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar in which the Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. Muslim population generally fast during this month which is also considered as one of the five pillars of Islam. The fasting begins from dawn and ends at the sunset. According to Islam, during this month the gates of heaven are open for the entire month whereas the gates of hell are closed. The first day of the next month is observed as Eid-al-Fitr which is celebrated as breaking the fast during Ramadan.
Few important events that are believed to have occurred during this month are follows: the Torah (Tawrat) was bestowed on Moses (Musa), the Gospel (Injil) was bestowed on Jesus (Isa), the Psalm (Zabur) was bestowed on David (Dawood). The word of Allah is believed to have been revealed on Laylat-Al-Qadr (the night of power) to Prophet Muhammad and the Muslim population generally spends this entire night praying to Allah.
The Islamic calendar is based on lunar month because of which the month of Ramadan generally comes 11 days earlier each year and its exact date also varies from country to country depending upon in which country the moon is sighted first.
During the month of Ramzan Muslims observe fast during daylight and refrain from any sinful activity. The month of Ramzan is characterized by extra prayers and charity for the downtrodden. Muslims begin their day with a modest meal which is taken before dawn; called as suhoor and then they restrain from consuming anything not even water until dusk, when they consume another meal known as Iftar. Fasting is a compulsion for all age groups and at times fasting begins as early as 2 years of age. This year Ramadan begins on Sunday May 5, 2019 to Tuesday June 4, 2019

Reason for fasting

During Ramadan Muslims fast because according to the Islamic theories, it is believed that there are a lot of poor people in the world who do not have enough food to eat. So, Muslims believe that they should fast, so that poor people could get food to eat. Fasting would also enable rich people to understand how poor people feel when they do not have food to eat.
Now the aim of fasting seems to be empathetic towards the poor. However, it has been observed that Muslim people who are fasting during this holy month tend to eat more than their general appetite. So technically, they are not feeling what starving in real sense mean.
On the other hand, if fasting is done to ensure that poor people get food in their plate, then why are the poors made to fast as well? As a matter of fact, even after people fasting during Ramadan for so many centuries all together, there are millions of people on the planet who are still hungry. Also, why fasting is done for just one month every year? It should be done every month for few days or if possible, the whole year so that the poor could get food.
How can fasting done by one person, put food in someone else’s plate? Does this really happen? Give it a thought, Liaqat is fasting during Ramzan. Does that give the poor person living near his home ability to buy food for himself and his family?
Instead of Liaqat fasting and believing that poor is getting his share of food, he should buy food for that poor person and his family. This does sound practical and achievable too, isn’t it?

Eating Meat during the Holy month

Muslims fast during the day during Ramzan and eat after sunset. This family eating practice is called iftar which generally includes fruits and most importantly dates. But after this ritual, all they consume is meat, flesh of animals and birds.
When they call the month Holy, does killing and slaughtering innocent animals and birds nearly even qualify? Isn’t killing the innocent considered as a sinful activity in Islam? When this doubt is raised, they say that they follow the practice of Halal to kill the animals and birds which sends their soul straight to heaven. So, this does not amount to any sinful activity. And if it is such an effective and assured way to get into heaven, why send souls of animals? They should be sending their loved ones there to live a blissful afterlife.
As per the autobiography of prophet Mohammad, he never consumed meat throughout his life and neither did any of his disciples consume meat. Since Ramadan is a month in which the holy Quran got revealed to prophet Muhammad, doesn’t it become necessary to follow the belief of prophet Mohammad and refrain from any kind of meat eating? Prophet Mohammad was a very virtuous soul upon whom Allah bestowed his mercy and gave him the Holy Quran. When he did not touch meat throughout his life, then why do Muslims consume it so happily? Prophet Mohammad killed only one cow all through his life and that also got resurrected back to life by him. So technically speaking, prophet Mohammad did not kill any living creature at all. Can all the Muslims who kill animals bring them back to life? If they cannot, they do not have any right to take their life under any circumstances.

How long should the fast be?

According to the Islamic belief, the Quran states that, Muslims should fast during this holy month from dawn to dusk. This clearly indicates that the fasting should be during the daylight. This instruction in the Quran was given more than 1400 years ago and specifically in Mecca. At that time, people did not have means of transportation to migrate to other parts of the world. In the today’s scenario, given the fastest means of transportation, people can migrate to different parts of the world. The instruction given in Quran holds true for all those Muslims who live near tropical belts and the equator as the daylight and the night are of the same duration. This enables the Muslim population to have two meals between dusk and dawn. However, all the Muslim population living in the temperate zones and the frigid zones have more of daylight and less of night and in some extreme cases only daylight for the whole 24 hours during summers. In these cases, how can the Muslim population fast as they may get just one meal between dusk and dawn or probably no meal at all. Muslim scholars argue that no amendments can be made in the orders given by the Holy Quran. But in the case mentioned above, if the Muslims fast during this holy month either they will end up falling critically ill or in extreme cases dying due to lack of nutrition provided to the body in that extreme climate. Is this faith or blind faith?

Can fasting lead to God and heaven?

Fasting can never lead to God or heaven. Only good deeds can lead one to God and heaven. In this world where daily life activities such as walking, eating, bathing leads to sin knowingly or unknowingly how can one conduct good deeds? In such a scenario, how can one be sure that by mere fasting one can reach heaven? Frankly speaking, attaining God is no big deal. In fact, it is a very simple process. However, we all need to align our faith in him rather than on our religious preachers who do not have any spiritual knowledge or enlightenment for that matter. There is only one Supreme God and there is a certain way of attaining him and uniting with him forever. Every human being irrespective of his/her caste, religion, creed or gender will have to follow the same way to attain him.
Today, there is only one saint on earth who is truly enlightened with true spiritual knowledge and can help mankind reunite with “Allah” and his name is Sant Rampal ji Maharaj. To find out what that one simple way to attain God is, please visit www.supremegod.org

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