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Prince Philip Funeral: Did He Achieve the Ultimate Purpose of Human Life?


On April 17, Saturday Queen Elizabeth II oversaw Britain in a one-minute silence in memory of her late husband, Prince Philip Funeral, as she offered him a final farewell at a funeral constrained by coronavirus rules but denoting his long life of military and public service. Supreme God bestowed him one century-long life, but he failed to understand the right purpose of human life and achieve it.

Prince Philip Funeral: Highlights

  • On 17th April, the funeral of late Prince Philip was observed
  • Queen Elizabeth II oversaw Britain in a one-minute silence as she offered her husband a final farewell
  • Prince Philip died on April 9, aged 99, just weeks after being discharged following a month-long stay in hospital
  • Covid-19 guidelines like masking and Social distancing along with a limited number of guests were followed at the Funeral
  • More than 730 members of the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force took part in the ceremony

Prince Philip Funeral to Be Remembered

The 94-year-old queen, outfitted in mourning black and a black face mask, settled inside St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, as the Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin entered on a bespoke Land Rover which he constructed himself. A military gun was fired to motion the start of the solemn tribute, which was examined in shops, railway stations, and at sporting events across the nation. The procession with just 30 mourners took place completely behind the castle’s stately walls, with the crowd urged to stay away because of the epidemic. But small lots still gathered in Windsor town center, and on the comprehensive Long Walk to the castle gates, behind barricades patrolled by uniformed police.

Ceremonies were earlier held in Denmark and Sweden and, while central England used to discharge birds from the Royal Pigeon Racing Association. The Duke of Edinburgh depicted by royals as the grandfather of the country died on April 9, aged 99, just weeks after being discharged following a month-long stay in hospital for the medication of a heart condition and an illness. 

Britain’s largest royal consort had a nearly unbroken presence at the Queen’s side during her long reign that began in 1952 as Britain rebuilt from World War II and as its global regime began to unravel.

The Queen sent out a touching personal photograph from Cairngorms National Park in Scotland, 2003,  of herself with her husband, both looking relaxed and smiling. Pictures of key moments in the pair’s wedding were also shared on the royal family’s social media accounts, as most papers reflected her deep intimate loss. The Dean of Windsor, David Conner, will pay tribute to Philip’s unwavering loyalty to the country, and the Commonwealth, as well as his courage, fortitude, and faith, and to his wife who turns 95 next week, 

Covid-19 Guidelines at the Ceremony 

Government Covid-19 restrictions have forced hasty modifications to ‘Operation Forth Bridge’, the long-rehearsed funeral strategies for former Royal Navy commander Philip. The stripped-back ceremonial funeral yet emphasized members of the armed duties he was correlated with, including melody from military bands. More than 730 members of the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force, in ceremonial dress and heads bowed, took part, lining the short funeral ceremony route through the unimpeachably trimmed soils of the historic castle. 

Burials of senior royals are normally imperial public affairs, honed over years of planning, pageantry, combining pomp, and a guest list that is who’s who of world VIPs. The last primary royal funeral of the Queen’s mother, also called Queen Elizabeth in 2002, outplayed more than 5.4 million pounds ($7.4 million) and saw more than one million people throng outside Westminster Abbey in central London. Saturday’s procession was a better modest affair but a royal ceremony like no different, with two-meter social distancing in place inside the fifteenth-century Gothic chapel. All guests in mourning black were instructed to wear black face masks before, during, and after the procession.

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When the Queen dies, he will be substituted to lie alongside her in the King George VI shrine chapel, which houses the remains of her father, George VI, her younger sister, Princess Margaret, and the ashes of her mother.

One Fixed Motive of Precious Human Life

Human life is considered to be precious to all. Because only the Human Body is designed in such a way that Salvation can be attained through it. No matter how long one lives no matter whatever one achieves in his/her life, one’s life is useless without finding an enlightened Saint. One must find an enlightened Saint and take initiation from Him. It does not really matter whether one is a king or queen in this life, if he or she doesn’t do correct worship according to our religious texts then even the king will have to go through the cycles of 84 lakh life forms and deaths in the form of different creatures.

Who Is the Enlightened Saint Today? 

Presently, only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is enlightened with true spiritual knowledge. One must take initiation (Naam Diksha) from Him and start worshipping Almighty God Kabir to achieve complete Salvation. The seekers should visit Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel.

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