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Paytm App News Update: Only True Devotion Frees from the Fear of Losing


Paytm app News Update: Google re-inducted the Paytm app into the Play store after it withdrew the “cashback” feature from the recently launched game on the app. Earlier, after realizing multifarious violated practices, Google has removed one of the Paytm apps from the Play store for violation of Google’s Play Store app policies. The readers will learn the interesting aspect that Sat-bhakti frees from the fear of losing.

Paytm app News Update: Highlights

  • “Update: And we’re back!” A Paytm tweet at 7:08 pm on September 18
  • On Friday, Google removed the mostly used Paytm app from Google Playstore
  • Paytm breached the rules and regulations, says Google
  • Paytm is the first Game’s app eliminated by Google
  • Don’t allow online casinos or unregulated gambling apps: Google
  • It is temporarily not available on Google Playstore: Paytm
  • The money of everyone is safe: Paytm
  • CEO Paytm: Google didn’t listen to them and became the claimants themselves
  • Google assumed, Paytm encouraged gambling for fantasy games
  • Cyber expert Duggal appreciates Google’s step: It would help in making more Indian apps

Paytm App Update: Paytm Suspended And Restored Within Four Hours

A Paytm tweet at 7:08 pm September 18, 2020, claims, “Update: And we’re back!”. Once again, the Google Play store is available for Paytm app downloads within four hours of removal. As per Paytm, Google re-inducted it into the Play store after Paytm withdrew the “cashback” feature from the recently launched game on the app.

What Is the Paytm App?

Paytm is also known as a digital wallet. With its help, one can use online as well as offline services. Its prominent feature is that it is used by almost everyone making the transactions feasible anywhere, anytime. Paytm claims 150 million in every nook and corner using this app.

Key Features of Using Paytm

  • It is one of the biggest online payment platforms
  • Several transactions made using this app
  • Several recharge possible with just one click
  • Feasible to people of almost all group, whether middle class or elite
  • Booking for trains, buses, flights, movies, hotels can be made via Paytm

Unfortunately, people could not enjoy the benefits of downloading Paytm because of being suspended from the Playstore. Because of this, twitter got filled with several reactions.

Paytm App Update: Google found the violation by Paytm

Paytm app news Update: It was the first sports betting service fantasy started by Paytm, and Google noticed wrongdoings. Google found a complete violation of Google’s app policies that encourage unregulated gambling and online casinos.

Thus, on a blog post-Google mentioned that they don’t allow online casinos or support unregulated gambling apps that facilitate sports betting. It includes if an app leads consumers to an external website that will enable them to participate in paid tournaments to win money, then these practices are against the terms and conditions.

Paytm App Update: Paytm Assured People About Its Comeback

Paytm tweet on September 18, 2020, at 2:49 pm with the Salutation, Dear Paytm’ers that Paytm Android app is temporarily unavailable on Google’s Play Store for new downloads or updates. It will be back very soon. All their money is entirely safe, and they can continue to enjoy the Paytm app as usual. Also, they mentioned that they are continuously working with Google to restore its Android app.

Paytm App Update: Paytm CEO Accused Google in an Interview

Vijay Sharma tweeted that Google acted like the judge, jury & executioner itself and didn’t listen to them. He further mentioned that the IPL game, which Google calls “gambling,” is nothing but a straightforward cashback concept.

Moreover, in an interview with CNBC TV 18, he opposed the act of Google of taking off the Paytm app from Google’s Playstore.

FIFS Thanked Google for Strict Action But Later Denied

In the first tweet, the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS) thanked Google for strictly adhering to its policies and safeguarding the interest of all Fantasy Sports operators – big or small. FIFS expressed happiness over such strong moves by Google to re-establish a level playing field by removing any App that violates its policies.

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Paytm app news Update: Later, the same day retweeted, they never asked or wanted for any action against anyone. They just asked for clarity from Google on what’s allowed on the Play Store for the Fantasy Sports industry.

Further, they said that Paytm is one of the pioneers of the Indian tech industry & requested Paytm to join them and help to build a more robust FS industry.

True Devotion Eliminates the Fear of Losing Something

There is nothing permanent except God. Every point of time the entire world fears losing something but doesn’t have fear in their actions of Supreme Power. One can know about that One God only by taking the refuge of a true Saint.

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