Who Were the Parents of God Kabir Saheb Ji?


Famous Bhakti Era Saint, Kabir Saheb was not an ordinary Saint but the Lord Kabir Himself incarnated as Saint who played the role of a weaver. In this article, we will know about His parents.  

Lord Kabir Never Takes Birth Nor He Dies

Kabir Saheb ji was not born. He didn’t even have any parents.  Kabir Sahib Ji Himself has said in Agam Nigam Bodh of Kabir Sagar:

 Maat pita Mere kachhu naaheen, Na Mere ghar dasi।

Julahe ka sut aan kahaaya, Jagat kare Meri hansi।।

And there is also the proof in Kabir Sagar Chapter “Gyan Bodh” (Bodh Sagar) page 29:

Nahi baap na mata jaye, Avigat se Hum chal aaye। 

Kalyug me kashi chal aaye, Jab Hmare tum Darshan paye।।

Page 36: 

Bhag ki raah Ham nahi aaye, Janm marn me nahi smaye। 

Trigun panch tatv Hamre nanhi, Ichchha rupi deh Ham aahin।।

Neeru-Neema the childless weaver couple were the foster parents of Kabir Saheb ji. Earlier they were Hindu Brahmin but were made Muslims forcibly. Since they did not receive charity anymore and were falling short of money they  started working as a weaver hence were called ‘Julaha’. 

Kabir Saheb Was Not the Son of Some Brahman Lady

As written in Vedas, the Supreme God never takes birth from a woman’s womb. Lord Kabir incarnated as an Infant on a lotus flower. He neither died as He went to Satlok with His body which was witnessed in History. Several untrue myths have been prevailing that Lord Kabir was the Son of a widowed Brahmin lady. This is false because

Lord Kabir Incarnated Himself on a Lotus Flower

On the full moon month of Shukla Purnima Vikrami Samvat 1455 (AD 1398) of Jyeshtha month, an intense light came from the sky and wound up on a lotus flower at Lahartara pond. This whole incident was witnessed by the sage Ashtanand Ji, a disciple of Ramanand Ji, who was practising his meditation near the Lahartara pond.

Who Were Neeru and Neema? 

Neeru and Neema were a childless couple. They were weavers by profession for their bread earning. Neeru And Neema were Brahmins who were forcibly converted to the Muslim religion. Neeru’s name was Gourishankar and Neema’s name was Sarswati. Both were married when they were young. Gauri Shankar Brahmin was a worshiper of Lord Shiva and used to glorify Lord Shiva by telling the story of Shiva Puran

Gauri Shankar was not greedy at all. The money that he used to earn by narrating the story of Lord Shiv, he used to invest it in righteousness. Whoever used to organise spiritual discourse from Neeru-Neema and the listeners, both of them used to praise the sacrifice of Gauri Shankar Brahmin. Due to which Gauri Shankar was getting fame in the whole Kashi. The business of collecting money by telling stories of other selfish Brahmins stopped. For this reason, those brahmins were jealous of Gauri Shankar.  

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The Muslims came to know that Gauri Shankar was loudly promoting Hindu religion in Kashi so they became worried about how they would stop him. The Muslims came to know that all the Brahmins of Kashi are jealous of Gauri Shankar.  

The Muslims Took Advantage of the Situation

Muslims forcibly sprinkled their holy water inside the house of Gauri Shankar and Saraswati. They also forcibly put their sipped water into Gauri Shankar and Saraswati’s mouth. They also sprinkled some water on clothes and propagated that Gauri Shankar and Saraswati have become Muslims. They changed the man’s name as Noor Ali alias Neeru and the woman’s name as Niyamat alias Neema. When other selfish brahmins came to know about it, they were stunned. They immediately convened a Panchayat of Brahmins and declared that Gauri Shankar had become Muslims and they propagated their new identity as Muslims. 

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Now they had no relationship with Brahmin society. They are banned from bathing in the Ganges, going to temples and reading Hindu texts. Gauri Shankar (Neeru) was very upset for some days. The money that used to come from narrating the story was used to maintain the household expenses. Due to its closure, even the daily routine became scarce. After considering Neeru started a new profession of weaving cloth for his subsistence. That’s why he was called a weaver. 

He used to feed himself and his wife with the remuneration he got from weaving cloth. Whatever extra money he used to earn; he invests it in righteousness and keeps bare minimum for survival. Many years had passed since they were married but did not have any children. Both husband and wife performed many rituals to have children. They also took the blessings of sages, but still they remained childless.

How Lord Kabir Met Neeru and Neema? 

As Neeru and Neema were converted to Muslims, Hindu Brahmins had prohibited Neeru Neema from taking bath in Ganga. But by heart Neeru and Neema were strong believers of Hindu religion and its rituals.

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About 4 km from their residence there was a pond called Lahartara, in which the water of river Ganges used to bounce off through the waves and fill it. Hence, the name of that pond was Lahartara. Lots of lotus flowers were growing in that pond. Neeru-Neema had become Muslim, but they used to do spiritual practice of Lord Shankar with their heart and used to take bath in Lahartara pond every morning before sunrise.

Neema Was Praying for the Child From Lord Shiva

Neeru and Neema were going to take bath in Brahma Muhurta (the time of Brahma Muhurta is about one and a half hours before sunrise) on full moon day of Shukla Purnima Vikrami Samvat 1455 (AD 1398) of Jyeshtha month. Neema was praying for a child from the almighty on the way to the pond.

When Neema had taken a bath at dawn, she saw an infant on a lotus flower. She called Neeru for this, Neeru felt that the strong desire of having a child has now brought Neema insane and now she is expecting a child everywhere. But Neema continuously insisted. When Neeru turned towards the direction she was indicating, he saw an infant on a lotus flower which he picked up along with the child and gave to Neema. 

Lord Kabir Himself Chose Neeru and Neema as Parent 

With the delightful visage of Lord Kabir, Neema became attracted and fascinated towards the child. She asked for taking the child home but Neeru didn’t agree with the proposal, thinking of people and their offences. But Neema was not ready to leave the child. Then, Lord Kabir, Himself asked Neeru to take Him home. Neema’s heart was melting, watching the grace of the infant.  

Previous Birth of Neeru and Neema

Neeru and Neema were blessed by Lord Himself with the child. Lord Kabir incarnates in every era to teach the real spiritual knowledge to us. He came as Sat Sukrit in Satyuga, as Munindra in Treta Yuga, as Karunamay in Dwapar Yuga and as Kabir in Kaliyuga. When He came as Karunamay in Dwapar Yuga, His disciple Supach Sudarshan’s parents were not willing to believe in the Real spiritual knowledge given by Kabir Saheb, asked Lord Kabir to take his parents in His refuge at some birth. Souls of Neeru and Neema were the same as were the parents of Supach Sudarshan. In Kaliyuga, Lord Kabir selected Neeru and Neema as his parents. Like this God Kabir met them in infant form on a lotus flower, they picked up the child in the form of Almighty Kabir and took Him to their home and brought Him up as their son.

Kabir Saheb Has No Parents

It’s clear from the write-up that Kabir Saheb has no Parents. He doesn’t take birth from a mother rather He simply appears either in the form of a baby or as a Zinda Sage.

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