On the occasion of Kabir Prakat Diwas (the Appearance Day of Kabir Sahib), know the True story of Kabir sahib Ji about whether Kabir Sahib was born from a Hindu Brahmin widow? Or, from the Muslim couple Neeru-Neema? Or, did He manifest Himself in the Lahartara lake? Also, know about the current Incarnation of Kabir Sahib Ji, and the 2020 celebration of Kabir Prakat Diwas.

Did Kabir Sahib take birth from a Brahmin widow?

Those who say that Kabir Sahib was born from a Brahmin widow should also tell her name, her Father’s name, and her husband’s name along with other details if they could really find out that it was indeed a Brahmin widow who gave birth to Kabir Sahib. Yes, He didn’t take birth from a Brahmin widow. It’s just a hearsay story fabricated by some unknown personality and accepted by many ignorant saints and the general public.

Here is another version of this story: “Kabir Sahib was born from an unwed Brahmin woman.” This story is as true as the former one.

The True Story of Kabir Sahib Ji’s Incarnation (Avtran) on Earth

The True Story of Kabir Sahib: In Kalyug on the full moon day in Jyeshta month, Samvat 1455 (1398 A.D.), Supreme God Kabir Sahib Ji came from Satlok, acquired the Form of an infant child, and became seated on a lotus flower in the Lahartara lake in Kashi city, Banaras. Neeru and Neema, a childless Muslim weaver (Julaha) couple, brought Him home from there. God Kavirdev (Supreme God Kabir) in a newborn child’s Form didn’t eat anything for 25 days. Neeru-Neema were Brahmins in that life earlier and were devotees of Shri Shiv Ji. Because of being converted into Muslims, they started earning their living by working as weavers.

Seeing the state of the child, Neema remembered her god Shiv Ji. Shiv Ji came there disguised as a Sadhu. God Kabir in the infant Form said:

“God Shiv Ji, ask them to bring a maiden cow. It will give milk by your blessings.”

The same was done by Neeru. By the Orders of Supreme God Kabir Ji, Shiv Ji patted the back of the maiden cow, and it started giving milk immediately. A clean earthen pot was kept underneath. The milk stopped when the pot filled completely. After this, the maiden cow started giving milk daily.  God Kabir Ji used to drink it.

Propagating the Spiritual Knowledge

Because of being raised in a weaver’s home, Supreme God Kabir Ji worked as a weaver on growing up. He started propagating His true spiritual Knowledge at the age of five and acquired Swami Ramanand as His worldly Guru (In reality, Swami Ramanand Ji was His disciple. He acquired him His worldly Guru just to maintain the Guru-disciple boundary of Worship for us). Along with Swami Ramanand Ji, He met Respected Dharamdas Ji and Respected Nanak Dev Ji. All of these Saints, including the Supreme God Kabir Ji, sang the Glory of the Satpurush to the people.

Supreme God Kabir Ji says:

Chaaron yug mein Mere Sant pukaare, kuk kahya Hum hel re|

Heere maanik moti barse, ye jag chugta dhel re||

Meaning: God Kabir Ji says that in all the four Yugas (Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga, and Kalyuga), My Saints preach the correct spiritual Knowledge. I also shout the true way of Worship and the true spiritual knowledge to the world. Such diamond and gems-like true spiritual Knowledge is raining on the earth, but this world collects pebbles-like incorrect knowledge.

The True Story of Kabir Sahib: Many of His beloved souls took His Shelter. There were 6.4 million devotees of God Kabir Ji then. However, being misled by the contemporary religious leaders of both Hindu and Muslim religions many people opposed Him to the full extent. The ignorant religious leaders along with the misled people tried killing God Kabir Ji 52 times. But, He didn’t die. He is the Supreme God.

Yes, KABIR SAHIB, whom the world ignorantly considers merely a mystic Poet or just a Saint, is the Supreme God in reality. When He descended on Earth 623 years ago, He performed every Leela (Divine Act) that our Holy Books say that God performs such during His Incarnations — as you have already seen some of them discussed in our last few Articles. The World believes that no saint like Kabir has ever happened on earth. But no one could recognize Him as the Absolute Almighty God. The only reason is ignorance. We didn’t get the correct Knowledge about Him.

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It is said that “Chamatkar ko Namaskar” (A miracle is greeted). Kabir Sahib has done such Great Miracles during His Stay in Kashi 600 years ago that you can never expect from your Gods. Some of them are listed below:

  •  Kabir Sahib Ji brought a dead cow back to life.
  •  Kabir Sahib Ji made a buffalo chant the Veda Mantras.
  •  Kabir Sahib Ji ended the drought in Maghar by making it rain there.
  •  Kabir Sahib Ji was pretending to be a common person on earth. Because of the conspiracy of ignorant religious leaders, all of a sudden 1.8 million Sadhus gathered in Kashi to have the Bhandara about which the religious leaders misled that Kabir Sahib Ji was organizing. Just then, Kabir Sahib Ji went to Satlok and brought food and tent from there and fed the 1.8 million Sadhus for 3 days.
  • He also delivered spiritual Discourses because of which hundred-thousands of people renouncing their wrong way of Worship, took His Shelter. 
  •  Kabir Sahib Ji revived a dead boy and kept him as His son. He was named “Kamaal” (Miracle) because of getting life from the Miracle.
  •  Kabir Sahib Ji revived a dead girl buried in the grave and kept her as His daughter. She was named “Kamaali”(Miracle) because of the Miracle.

Departure to Satlok

There are other Miracles too that you can read from this article Miracle of God Kabir. After preaching His spiritual Knowledge for 120 years, God Kabir Ji departed to Satlok on the Ekadashi (Eleventh day) of Magh month with His Body in 1518 A.D. (Vikram Samvat 1575).

Holy Vedas also prove that the Satya Purush Param Akshar Brahm Kavirdev Himself appears on earth. He comes in His body and returns with His body and performs this divine act in two ways:

1. In every yuga: He appears in an infant form on a lotus flower in a pond in a forest. A childless couple takes Him from there. Then performing His divine act, He grows up, and propagating spiritual knowledge destroys unrighteousness. Because of descending on a lotus flower in water, the Supreme God is called Narayan (Naar = water, Aayan = one who comes i.e. one who appears on the water is called Narayan).

2. Whenever He wishes, He comes on earth from His Satlok in a Sadhu-Saint Jinda form and imparts knowledge to His virtuous souls. Then those pious souls also by disseminating knowledge destroy unrighteousness. They are also incarnations sent by the Supreme God.

Other Incarnations of God Kabir Sahib

The True Story of Kabir Sahib: As per the second way, even before and after His Manifestation in Kashi, God Kabir Sahib Ji kept (and keeps) coming on earth to meet His beloved Souls who can stay firm on His Knowledge and preach that to the world. Some of them were: Respected Dadu Ji; Respected Saint Garibdas Ji, Chhudani, Jhajjar, Haryana; Respected Malook Das Ji; and, Respected Gheesa Das Ji. All of these Saints, including the two previously named Respected Dharamdas Ji and Respected Nanak Dev Ji, were also the Incarnations of God Kabir Ji.

The meaning of “Incarnation (Avtaar)” is “to descend from a higher place to a lower place”. Especially this auspicious word is used for those supreme souls who perform some remarkable activities on earth; who are considered to be sent by God or is considered to be the arrival of God Himself.

The Current Incarnation of God Kabir Sahib Ji

According to the second way written above, God Kabir Sahib Ji came from Satlok and met Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj in March 1997, on the Shukl Pratham of Falgun month at 10 AM. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was already disseminating God Kabir’s true spiritual Knowledge following the correct Guru Pranaali (Spiritual Lineage) connected straight with God Kabir, but He expresses His encounter with God Kabir Sahib Ji as this:

 “After the departure of my Venerable Gurudev Swami Ramdevanand Ji to Satlok in January 1997, I became very nervous fearing that I might make any mistake, I might give the third Naam at a wrong time. Seeing this, God Kabir Ji came from Satlok in a Jinda attire on the Shukl Pratham of Falgun month at 10 AM in March 1997, and telling me the correct time to give the third Naam to the Sangat, He disappeared.”

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

 Although He always calls Himself a Das (Servant) of God Kabir Ji, we want to tell the readers that Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Supreme God Kabir Ji Himself. God Kabir Sahib Ji says:

 Aape Aarti Aape saaje| Aape kingar Aape baaje||

Aape taal jhanjh jhnkara| Aap nache Aap dekhanhara||

Keh Kabir aisi Aarti gau| Aapa madhya Aape samau||

In the abovementioned Vani of Supreme God Kabir Ji, He says that He Himself sings His own true Glory. Because of course, the world doesn’t know about Him.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj imparts the same Scripture-based spiritual Knowledge with the same firmness that the Supreme God Kabir Ji used to tell. He is performing the same Leela that He did 600 years ago. His true spiritual Knowledge is still opposed by ignorant religious leaders. They and the misled general public, including misled politicians, tried killing Him and stopping the spread of His Panth. But, He didn’t die nor did His Panth stop. He is the Supreme God Kabir Ji Himself.

 Yes, God is on Earth. Recognize Him and get your welfare done. Take His Shelter.

Kabir Prakat Diwas Celebration


To celebrate the Appearance of the Supreme God Kabir Sahib Ji in Kashi 623 years ago on the full moon day of Jyeshtha month, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj organizes a grand Kabir Bhandara, often in Rohtak city of Haryana, every year along with a 3 hour-long Satsang on the Leela of God Kabir Sahib Ji during His that Incarnation. This year, because of the pandemic only a 3-hour long Satsang will be telecasted on Sadhna TV Channel at 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon on 5th June 2020. Kindly do watch that. If you wish to take Initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, kindly fill the form.