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Omicron Cases Rising in Delhi: Yellow Alert Issued by Govt


Omicron Cases in Delhi: With a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced on Tuesday for a partial lockdown with partial restrictions which they call ‘yellow alert’. Further, he revealed that the Delhi Government is more than ready to face the rise of cases but prevention should be the first step. Let us know about the restrictions imposed by the Government in detail. 

Omicron Cases in Delhi: Highlights

  • With a sudden rise in the number of cases Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal decided to issue a Yellow alert in the city. 
  • A full set of restrictions has been released by the government for the public to follow.
  • Delhi government has decided to give colour codes to the rise in cases and accordingly increase strictness in the capital city. 
  • Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal revealed that they are more than prepared in terms of combating the third wave of COVID-19. 
  • Know the easiest solution to every such hardship. Supreme God Kabir is capable enough to cure incurable diseases. 

What Is the Announcement by the Delhi Government?

Amidst rising cases in the country, the capital city has also witnessed a surge of 331 fresh cases of COVID-19 on monday which is a big number in itself along with the death of 1 individual. Speaking more on this the positivity rate of the cases exceeded 0.5 percent and mounted to 0.68 percent. Upon witnessing this Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal chaired a meeting and decided to implement Level-1 Graded Response Action Plan (GRPA) and a yellow alert in the capital city. 

A yellow alert is issued when the positivity rate reaches upto 0.5 percent for two consecutive days and 1500 cases could be reported in the city within one week. The government has also enacted a list of restrictions as laid earlier in the previous lockdowns for the people to follow strictly. 

Omicron Cases in Delhi: Full List of Restrictions

Following are the given set of restrictions applied by the Delhi Government: 

  • All Educational institutions including school, colleges, coaching centres will remain closed. 
  • Visiting religious places is not allowed to the public, however religious places shall remain open. 
  • Parks, gardens, beauty parlours and Salons can remain open. However Gym, spa, yoga institutes and entertainment parks shall remain closed.  
  • Shops and malls including non essential goods and services shall remain open based upon odd-even formula between 10AM to 8PM. 
  • Extension in the night curfew, it is now from 10PM to 5AM. However people coming from railway or bus stations and people with medical emergencies and health workers are exempted from the night curfew.
  • Termination of any type of gathering or functions whether in the form of social events, parties etc. And there are a maximum of 20 people allowed in marriage and funerals. 
  • With a capacity of 50 percent and no standing passengers, Delhi metro is allowed to run. However the auto rickshaws and cabs shall run with 2 passengers only.
  • Buses will run at 50 percent capacity and with exempted passengers. 
  • Private offices to work on 50 percent capacity.
  • Restaurants remain open with 50 percent capacity from 8am to 10pm.
  • Bars shall remain open with 50 percent capacity from 12 noon to 10pm. 
  • Industries and construction work shall remain as it is.
  • Hotels can function as it is but Banquet Halls and Conference Halls are not allowed to operate.
  • Cinema Halls, Multiplex, Sports complex, swimming pools to remain closed. However national or international sports can be organized. 

Omicron Cases in Delhi

With a shoot in the cases of the Omicron variant in Delhi upto 165, on Tuesday yellow alert has been put in place. With the warning of the health officials that public gatherings and events involving the public in numbers need to be avoided to stop the spread of this variant as this is a really transmissible disease. A 37 year old man from Ranchi was detected as the first case in the capital city on 5 December and was discharged. Along with this the city also reported fresh 331 cases in the city. 

Color Codes by Delhi Government

Color codes are the indications of the seriousness and severity of the pandemic in terms of the positivity rate of cases. In July 2021, Delhi Government approved the GRAP to tackle the further increase in the cases of the pandemic in the capital city. The plan is divided into four color codes which are yellow, amber, orange, red. Parameters like positivity rate, cumulative new positive cases and average oxygenated bed occupancy are the basis of alarming any alert in the city. 

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The first level 1 yellow alert is put in place when the positivity rate reaches more than 0.5 percent or in the case of 1500 new cases or 500 oxygenated bed occupancy. The capital city passed the criteria for a positivity rate of more than 0.5 percent for two consecutive days. That’s why a yellow alert was sounded in the capital city. 

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