Morocco Earthquake: Morocco Shaken by Earthquake, Death Toll Exceeds 2000, More Than 1400 Injured


A powerful earthquake of magnitude of 6.8 rocked central Morocco, killing at least 2,000 people and caused widespread damage. When the quake struck at 23:11 p.m. local time on Friday, residents ran onto the streets. “Violent” shocks were felt from Casablanca to Marrakech, where numerous structures were demolished or severely damaged. The epicentre was in the High Atlas Mountains, 71km (44 miles) south-west of Marrakesh.

Rescue workers search for survivors as the Moroccan earthquake kills over 2,000 people.

Authorities in Morocco announced on Saturday that the biggest earthquake in decades had killed more than 1,000 people, as troops and emergency workers raced to reach remote mountain villages where casualties were still believed to be stranded.

The quake caused significant damage and drove panicked residents and visitors fleeing to safety in the middle of the night, with severe tremors also felt in Rabat, Casablanca, and Essaouira.

The strongest earthquake to ever strike the North African kingdom

It was the greatest earthquake to ever strike the North African monarchy, and one analyst called it the region’s “biggest in more than 120 years.”Hospitals in Marrakesh have seen an influx of injured patients, and authorities have asked citizens to donate blood.

  • According to Morocco’s interior ministry, the earthquake killed persons in the provinces and towns of al-Haouz, Marrakesh, Ouarzazate, Azilal, Chichaoua, and Taroudant, and injured over 1,200 others.
  • Some structures in Marrakesh have collapsed, and the damage is particularly serious in portions of Medina, a Unesco World Heritage site.
  • Dust could be seen surrounding the minaret of the historic Kutubiyya mosque, a major tourist attraction near the old city’s main square, while the historic Jemaa el Fnaa mosque partly collapsed.

Due to the earthquake, the AFCON qualifier between Morocco and Liberia was postponed.

After a catastrophic earthquake struck Morocco on Friday, the AFCON qualifier between Morocco and Liberia has been postponed.

Following the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred late on Friday night near Marrakech, estimates indicate that more than 2000 people have been confirmed killed and many more have been injured. The match between Morocco and Liberia for the AFCON that was scheduled to occur later on Saturday in Agadir has been postponed as a result.

After the Catastrophic Earthquake in Morocco, World Leaders expressed Solidarity

On Saturday, after a terrible earthquake occurred close to the popular tourist destination Marrakesh, leaders and diplomats from all over the world sent their sympathies and support to Morocco.

Foreign minister James Cleverly promised that the UK will assist Morocco “in whatever way we can.”He tweeted, “Devastating news of a significant earthquake just outside of Marrakesh, Morocco.” “We are ready to assist our friends in Morocco in any way we can,” the statement continued.

The French Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying, “France… is ready to immediately provide its help for the rescue and assistance to the populations affected by this tragedy.”

The president of the Paris area, Valerie Pecresse, said  that 500,000 euros ($535,000) in help would be provided to Morocco.

The mayor of Marseille, Benoit Payan, announced that firefighters will be dispatched to assist rescue workers in Morocco, noting that Marrakech is the “sister city” of Marseille. Occitanie, Corsica, and Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur pledged a combined $1 million in humanitarian assistance for Morocco.

At a G20 conference in New Delhi, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said the earthquake “has moved and worried many people here. All of us are organising assistance right now. We’ll do our best to assist those who can be aided; Germany has already activated its technical relief agency.

PM Modi opens his G20 opening remarks by expressing sympathy for the fatalities in Morocco. “Before we start the proceedings of the G20, I want to express my condolences over the loss of life due to an earthquake in Morocco,” We pray that all injured recover at the earliest. India is ready to offer all possible assistance to Morocco in this difficult time.”  “Whole world is with Morocco in this hour of grief, we are ready to provide all possible help,” PM Modi on earthquake in the African nation

The Moroccan people were offered “solidarity and support” by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine and US  President Joe Biden voiced their support, while Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia felt “the pain and the mourning of the friendly Moroccan people.”

Algeria Allows Flights Carrying Aid for the Moroccan Earthquake

The president’s office stated on Saturday that Algeria will lift a two-year ban on flights to its regional competitor in favour of allowing aircraft providing humanitarian aid to earthquake-stricken Morocco to fly through its airspace.

  • More than 2,000 people were killed, at least 1,200 were injured, and significant damage was done when a 6.8-magnitude earthquake rocked a hilly region southwest of Marrakesh, the most popular tourist destination in Morocco.
  • The president’s office issued a statement stating that Algerian authorities “have decided to open the airspace to flights transporting humanitarian aid and injured” from the earthquake.
  • In September 2021, Algeria closed its airspace to all Moroccan aircraft after severing diplomatic ties with its longstanding enemy.

The Havoc of Natural Disasters: True devotion is the only Solution.

At present, natural disasters have wreaked havoc all over the world. From severe storms to tornadoes, natural disaster statistics reveal that disasters are occurring more frequently and with greater intensity. Several nations throughout the world had to deal with a wave of catastrophic weather disasters, including mudslides, floods, and wildfires. Natural disasters like floods, cyclones, landslides, and cloudbursts have also been making life difficult and occasionally even dangerous as climate change becomes more and more obvious. 

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A series of earthquakes occurred in southeast Turkey near the Syrian border. The two most powerful earthquakes in Turkey in recent memory had magnitudes of 7.8 and 7.5, respectively. Multiple rounds of severe thunderstorms, together with deadly tornadoes and hail, spiked losses in the first half of the year in the USA. 

On February 4, the first reports of forest fires brought on by a heatwave in Chile surfaced. The authorities reported 24 fatalities by February 8. In addition to forcing hundreds of people to evacuate, the calamity put the habitats of several endangered animal species in jeopardy. In Australia’s New South Wales, flash floods were caused by heavy rainfall. There were over 600 cries for assistance, necessitating the evacuation of thousands of individuals. 

Take Initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj 

All these above-mentioned disasters and  Many more that occurred in the last five years are examples that there is something wrong with our way of worship. Animal abuse, growing hypocrisy in the name of religion, and practices that are against the scriptures have become global issues in recent years. However now the time has come that we recognize the Enlightened saint and worship the one complete God who destroys all sins and provides happiness and salvation to the seekers.

At present, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only saint who is providing the welfare of God’s beloved souls by imparting true devotion as per the scriptures to the whole world, due to which they are getting all kinds of happiness. But it is unfortunate that such a world welfare saint has been imprisoned under a conspiracy and the whole world is suffering the consequences of this.  

God Kabir ji tells that:

Sant satae teeno jae, tej bal aur vansh, aise-aise kai gaye, Raavan kaurav kansh . 

Kabira mere sadhu bhagat ko, dukh na deejo koy।

bhagat dukhae main dukhi, mera aapa bhee dukhi hoy ।।

Main hi maraya Hiranyakashyap, main hi maraya kansh।

jo mere sadhu ko sataavai, vaako kho doon vansh ।।

Therefore, all the readers are requested to listen to the satsang of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, understand scriptures and get their welfare done by worshiping Purna Brahm Kabir Saheb Ji.

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