Locust Attack Delhi 2020: What is the Real Cause of this Destruction?


Locust Attack Delhi 2020 News: Locusts attack is becoming a problem for farmers and residents in various parts of India. For the past two days, this attack occurred in Delhi and NCR. We shall discuss various reasons and solutions. The readers will also know that insecticides are no solution, but the broken links of biodiversity are to be connected. The sustainable solution of fighting with Maya, Creative Energy has also been suggested. It is up to the readers what they follow for their well-being.

Locust Attack News Update Highlights

  • As India fights the Covid-19 pandemic, it faces a new challenge
  • The worst locust attack experienced, heavy infestations of locusts in north India
  • India, Iran, Pakistan, and a few African nations face the worst locust invasion in decades
  • More waves of locusts’ attack expected in coming days
  • Locusts devours crops and foliage leaving devastation in its wake.
  • How can India and the world fight locust attacks -a few tactics
  • Maintain biodiversity is one simple strategy: protect birds that eat predatory insects.

Locusts Attack 2020 amid Coronavirus Outbreaks

Locust Attack Delhi 2020: The entire planet is on the verge of devastation and destruction. Novel Coronavirus Pandemic has caused almost 500k deaths and has already infected more than 10 million people. In a vast country like India where almost 1.35 billion people reside is collapsing slowly and gradually in terms of economy, health, and development. The country has already crossed half a million mark in the total number of Corona cases.

A locust invasion ticked

Locust Attack Delhi 2020: Along with Coronavirus, manmade and natural disasters are also causing untimely deaths. Many countries have also seen Locust attacks lately. After a pandemic and a lockdown, a locust invasion ticked another box in the 2020 list of the unprecedented events for lakhs of people in parts of the country. It has been a tough six months for people around the world. When it looked like things are already getting disastrous, locust swarms also began making headings for wreaking destruction in the Middle East, East Africa, and India.

Why are locusts crowding now?

Storms and intensified rainfall in the past few years in East Africa have led to more growth in plants, which helped locusts to breed faster, leading to the current locust swarms, The lineage of locusts that are currently crowding is the desert locust.

What transpires when locusts swarm?

The locusts stride with the wind currents and can go forth and back between various areas. The existing clumps of locusts moved throughout Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia, and then moved up through Yemen and Saudi Arabia to Iran, Pakistan, and India.

Locust Attack Delhi 2020: Locusts resume reproducing quickly while swarming. They consume all the food in any offered area and then depart to strive for another food source. Locusts can travel over 100 miles in a day, which implies that they can cover a lot of locations.

“Locusts do not cherish political boundaries and can effortlessly overrun other neighboring countries,”

How has locust swarmed in India?

Consecutive waves of spring-bred swarms from Pakistan and Iran arrived in Rajasthan throughout the past couple of months with additional swarms coming from East Africa to Rajasthan and Gujarat. The locusts first settled in cropping areas of Jaipur, Rajasthan, and continued eastwards towards Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and as far as east Odisha and Chhattisgarh. The early migration of spring-bred locust crowds from Pakistan to Rajasthan appeared in May before the monsoon and some bunches traveled to northern states for the first time since 1962.

Latest Locust attack in Delhi

Giant swarms of wasteland locusts, few of them about 4-5kms in length, spurt into Gurgaon around 11 am on Saturday, 27th of June and fastened through some of its vastly populated and upscale neighborhoods, disseminating alarm and terror. Noida also wailed an alert later in the day as a swarm was sighted over in the sundown, gliding over the city.

Safety measures and undertakings by the Government: On the 27th of May, the Ministry of Agriculture had declared that control undertakings have been strolled up and drones will be deployed for aerial spraying of insecticides in the pompous states. Locust containment criteria and sprinkling undertakings have been administered in 303 territories spread over more than 47,000 hectares in 18 districts of Madhya Pradesh, 21 in Rajasthan, 2 in Gujarat, and 1 in Punjab.

Interesting fact, Locusts versus Grasshoppers?

It is remarkably interesting to differentiate locusts and grasshoppers. Both look like same, sometimes interchangeable, but the behavior is different. An American entomologist at Texas explained that there are almost 7,000 species of grasshoppers, only about twenty are reckoned locusts. The locusts behave in two states solitary and gregarious whereas the grasshoppers do not. When population density is low both locusts and grasshoppers behave as individuals. But when locusts’ population density increases the individuals undergo physiological and behavioral changes.

Locust Attack Delhi 2020: This change is known as polyphenism and the locusts form gregariously behaving bands of nymphs or swarms of adults. Such changes in behavior are accompanied by changes in body shape, color and in-fertility, physiology, and survival. These changes are so fast that the swarming and non-swarming forms look like different species. It is remarkable to understand that the locust’s scale of the population increase and migrations are different from grasshoppers. However, there are exceptions in a few species.

Are broken chains of biodiversity a cause?

Let us study ecology, upon careful observation, it is found that the population of birds has reduced. Birds do eat Insects, Worms, Amphibians, Birds, Mammals, Carrion, and Eggs. Birds eat the locusts and can limit its population density and hence the polyphenism effect. There are many insect-eating birds, most of them depend on insects as a part of their diets. Insectivorous birds get their most of water needs from their prey.

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Worldwide, there are great numbers of birds, for example, Acorn Woodpecker pursuing insect in the air (hawking); American Dipper insects in the bill, by the waterfall – stonefly, etc.; Kestrel head-shot, eating green grasshopper; Black-backed Kingfisher eating katydid; Black-billed Cuckoo on tent caterpillar nest; Brush Cuckoo eating caterpillar; Chin-spot Puffback, caterpillar in a bill; Corn Bunting eating grasshoppers in a bill; Eastern Bluebird eating Monarch Butterfly caterpillar; Grasshopper Sparrow – grasshopper in the bill, insect; Greater Roadrunner – on granite boulder with a grasshopper in beak; Lark Bunting – Breeding plumage with prey in the bill – grasshoppers; Lesser Kestrel – grasshopper in a bill; Lilac-breasted Roller -tossing grasshopper to swallow; Mountain Bluebird – with grasshopper for nestlings; White-eared Puffbird eating a grasshopper.

In India there a wide number of species like kites, crows, storks, starlings, peafowls, and rosy starling birds fed on locusts. These birds kill more locusts than human effort ever could.

Are insecticides safe to kill locusts?

The government is working on a war footing basis to take down the swarms of desert locusts threatening crops across western, northern and central India for the past couple of months. the Union agriculture ministry has approved the Drones, fitted with insecticide sprayers, for use in locust control. Two worst-affected states Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have started using these flying machines.

The farmers and local bodies do tackle locust attacks with tractor-mounted insecticide sprayers (for vegetation on the ground) and fire engines (for trees and tracts of uninhabited or desert land). As per protocols decided by Central Insecticides Board the Centre alone is permitted to use highly toxic chemicals on uncultivable land while the states can use a dozen fewer toxic insecticides on agricultural land.

The bigger question is that the insecticides used against locusts will also endanger the other creatures. The government should make conscious efforts to bring back bird species that will not only save from locusts but also cover the missing links of biodiversity.

Why is the year 2020 full of natural calamities?

The creatures of the universe have fallen into the trap of Maya, The Creative Energy, and Kaal Braham for several thousands of years. Maya always finds innovative methods of torture through natural calamities such as:

  • Geophysical (Earthquakes, Landslides, Tsunamis, and Volcanic Activity for example Shaanxi Earthquake in 1556 at Shaanxi, China claiming approx. 830,000 deaths; 365 Crete Tsunami at 365, Crete, Europe claiming approx. 400,000 deaths)
  • Hydrological (Avalanches and Floods e.g. The Yellow River floods in 1931, China claiming 4,000,000 deaths)
  • Climatological (Extreme Temperatures, Drought and Wildfires)
  • Meteorological (Cyclones and Storms/Wave Surges such as Bhola cyclone at Bangladesh in 1970 claiming approx. 300,000 deaths)
  • Biological (Disease Epidemics and like Insect/Animal Plagues, for example, the latest Coronavirus Outbreak claiming approx. 500,000 deaths and 10,000,000 infected cases to-date; Locusts attack damaged crops of poor farmers)
  • Geopolitical and economical (Stock market crashes, Wars)

What is causing all the destruction around the globe?

Well, the world has seen numerous terrifying events in the past couple of months which are easily the worst in the past few decades. But what makes the year 2020 a critical year for people all around the planet?

In this Iron Age (Kaliyug), people are becoming evil and are performing evil deeds. Corruption, Adulteration, Female Foeticides, Dowry, Thieving, Intoxicating, Consumption of Non-veg, and many other social evils have emerged and have reached their heights. It is a great sin to break the constitution of God and create a hindrance in the path of attaining God. The current events are punishments of breaking the constitution of Supreme Lord Kabir. Maya, who is responsible of all actions, is giving more and more sorrows to creatures.

How to go away from the clutches of Maya?

Our Supreme Father Kavirdev (Kabir Saheb) is sad with the torture happening upon His sons, the pious souls, the creatures in the universe. The Emancipator has taught us the True Devotion, Sat-Bhakti directly as well as through His lineage Satgurus, the present one being Enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. The seeker must go in the refuge of Satguru and take name initiation. Stop consuming meat and intoxicants just for the taste of your tongue. Take the refuge of Satguru by leaving behind all the bad deeds.

The devotee upon serving The Enlightened Satguru with his body, mind, and wealth conquers old age and death. The devotee when engages in ‘silent recitation’ of the “Essence of Word”, frees himself from the hypocrisies of Maya, the bondage of his countless karmas motivated by lust and desires. The seeker goes to dwell in the Eternal Abode, Satlok surely.

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