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Kumbh Mela 2019: Special Blog.


Kumbh Mela.

The Kumbh mela of India is widely recognized in the whole world as “the largest pilgrim on earth”. It has got wide coverage from many TV channels such as National Geographic, CNN, BBC to name a few, making it very popular even among the western world. Maha kumbha is generally held after every 12 years, and it is called Ardh kumbha when it is organized every 6 years. This year it is time for Ardh kumbh mela, 2019 and it begins on January 15 at Allahabad (prayagraj) and ends on Maha Shivratri, March 4. The pilgrimage consists of few rituals like fasting, holding mass feeding programs for saints, pilgrims and poor, bathing in the holy river (Ganga for this year) and taking the darshan (visual glimpse of the saints).

kumbh mela is also widely known for deaths during the fair on account of either a stampede or due to quarrels and violent clashes among various sects of sages-the nagas, the Vaishnavas, etc. The legend says that people should bath in the holy water to wash off their sins as it will help them attain salvation (moksha). Millions of pilgrims and sages come to attend the kumbha fair solely for the purpose of attaining salvation. Let us first understand the meaning of this word salvation.

What is salvation and why everyone yearns for it?

Any normal human being from any religious background, when questioned about the meaning of “Salvation” they would clearly give one answer- it means going to heaven. However, the last part of the answer may differ depending upon the religious background. Hindus may say that after attaining heaven, a soul may come back to earth, whereas, Christians and Muslims may say that upon attaining heaven, the soul never returns to earth.

According to the Suksham Veda (fifth Veda) salvation means attaining an eternal abode and never returning to this universe. Sadly, our religious preachers and these so-called gurus and sages had no idea about the existence of the fifth Veda and hence they imparted wrong knowledge to the innocent devout people with regards to attaining salvation. Now that we know the meaning of the term salvation, it becomes clear, that a soul which has attained salvation unites with the Almighty in his eternal abode which is called “Satlok” and it never returns from there. It is a place where there is no old age or death; there is no scarcity; no malicious behaviour but only love, kindness, abundance and eternity. There is no scope of doubt that why people yearn to attain salvation?

Can Bathing in Holy water help to attain salvation?

It is observed that pilgrims and sages attend the kumbh mela to take a dip in the holy water of the River Ganga with a belief that it washes your sins off. Can we be sure that just bathing in holy water of river Ganga can wash your sins off? We fail to recognize the fact that, the water of river Ganga is home for so many creatures. This means, that these creatures-the fishes-the ecosystem underneath the water is present in the holy river itself. Then why these species do not attain salvation, as they live there all through their lives? Think, just one dip in the Holy Water can wash off all our sins and qualify us for attaining salvation, then how is it possible that these creatures, who live in the holy water all through their life do not qualify for attaining salvation?

The answer to this question is definitely “No”. One cannot attain salvation by just taking a bath in the holy water. Instead, you accumulate even more sins by killing so many creatures in the water while bathing. This way of worship is opposite to the injunctions of Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas. The method of cleansing your soul from the sins is different and it is mentioned in the fifth Veda – Suksham Veda. Every human being irrespective of their religious background will have to follow that same method to get rid of their sins.

Which is that method? Let us get a hint from Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas –

According to Bhagavad Gita chapter 16 shloka 23 and 24, any form of worship which is not in accordance to the holy scriptures is not beneficial. Holy Bhagavad Gita disregards practices such as fasting and visiting the places of pilgrims, and the evidence for the same can be found in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6 shloka 16. To attain salvation, one will have to get rid of his bad deeds-sins, and that is not possible by merely taking a dip in Holy Ganga in the kumbh mela 2019 at Prayagraj(Allahbad). For this, one needs to go into the refuge of an enlightened saint. Even Bhagavad Gita supports this in Chapter 18 shloka 62 and in Chapter 15 verse 4 which proves that this true spiritual knowledge comes from the Supreme Almighty.

Enlightenment cannot take place until a person acquires true spiritual knowledge and only an enlightened saint can impart that true spiritual knowledge from God. Once this True spiritual knowledge is acquired then one’s intellect will be fixed on one Supreme Almighty ―Bhagavad Geeta chapter 2 Shloka 53. And your devoutness for these demigods (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv) will be way lesser as compared to Almighty-Bhagwad Geeta chapter 2 shloka 46.

There is evidence in Sam Veda-Mantra number 822; chapter number 3; section number 5; shloka number 8, that to attain salvation mantras must be chanted in three different stages and similarly, it is also found in Bhagavad Gita chapter number 17 Mantra number 23. From the above discussion it becomes clear that the way to attain salvation is different from what is being taught to us by the preachers and the gurus until now.

From where do we acquire these 3 mantras?

Presently, there is only one enlightened saint ― JagatGuru Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal ji Maharaj, who is authorized by Almighty to give these three mantras to the people who are really in search of God and who really want to attain salvation. Only by taking initiation from him, a soul can attain salvation in the real sense and go to Satlok forever. Human life is attained by a soul after a long period of time and it is not wise to waste it in futile ways of worship. To know more about the initiation or to know more about the true spiritual knowledge, kindly visit www.supremegod.org.

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