December 1, 2023

16 Years of Wait on Receiving Justice is Over in Karontha Case

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Rakesh Singh Additional Judge acquitted Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj in the Karontha case of 2006. In this case, which lasted for 16 years, 6 months and 9 days, on December 20,  the Rohtak Court gave the most important verdict and declared Saint Rampal ji innocent.

History of Karontha Kand 2006

In 2006, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj publicly objected to some illogical and shameful parts of Satyarth Prakash, such as: 

  • Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati in his book Satyarth Prakash has only promoted character inferiority in the society. In this book in Samullas 4 on page 100 it is written: If a woman’s husband has gone abroad to earn money, then that woman has to wait for her husband for 3 years to intercourse with another man, if she does not get pregnant with the second man, then with the third man, and if not with that too, she can make a relationship with the fourth-fifth-sixth i.e. the eleventh man, the children born to them will be considered to first husband only. 
  • On page 307 to 309 of Satyarth Prakash Samullas 11, Respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji has been described as a foolish hypocrite and arrogant and the holy Guru Granth Sahib Ji has been described as a collection of false gossip.
  • In Satyarth Prakash Samullas 4, it is written on page 102 that if someone’s husband beats her, then that woman should go to another man to conceive and give birth to a child. That child will also be considered the first husband’s child. He will be considered a partner in the property. Please think, can a Maharishi or a scholar or a social reformer say such things? Such rules and regulations can be said either by a fool or by a cannabis-smoker.
  • Satyarth Prakash Samullas 4 on page – 71, it is written that the marriage of a 24 years old woman and 48 years old man is perfect. Can a Maharishi, a knower of the Vedas, a learned man do such a thing?

The Satyarth Prakash is the central book for the Arya Samaj, which is claimed to be a summary of the four Vedas, namely the Atharvaveda, the Yajurveda, the Rigveda and the Samaveda, but the contents of this book have no relation to the true and authentic knowledge of the Vedas. Some instances are :

  • Respected Sant Garibdas Ji, Nanak ji, Ravidas ji, Dadu ji etc. saints have praised the glory of Supreme God Kabir ji in their speech. But the ignorant Dayanand on page 306 of the 11th Samullas of his book Satyarth Prakash has condemned the whole weaver caste. He has written that Kabir ji used to sing with a tambourine and some lowly weavers etc. joined Him.
  • The Satyarth Prakash Samullas 7 on pages 155 and 163, it is written that God does not destroy the sins of the seeker and Maharishi Dayanand also says that the knowledge of Satyarth Prakash has been written by simplifying the Vedas, whereas in Yajurveda Adhyay 8 Mantra 13 it is clearly written six times that God destroys even the heaviest sins of the seeker.

Sant Rampal ji Pointed out Illogical Writings in Satyarth Prakash

Sant Rampal Ji pointed out these mistakes and published them in newspapers and books so that the community of devotees themselves decide what is right and what is wrong.

Angered by this, the followers of Arya Samaj surrounded and tried to attack Satlok Ashram Karontha. The police were also present there, but remained mute spectators. About 10,000 devotees were present in the ashram, which included women, children and the elderly. Water and electricity supplies were cut off. No items were allowed inside the ashram. Even an ambulance was not allowed to enter the ashram premises. On 12 July 2006, Arya Samajis attacked the ashram with stones, petrol bombs and fired at the ashram. The followers of Sant Rampal ji responded by firing in the air in defense.

No media person was allowed to do coverage at ground zero. A follower of Arya Samaj was killed in this violent clash between the police and the Arya Samaj as told by the witnesses. Sant Rampal Ji was falsely framed in the case and was arrested. After spending several months in jail, He was released on bail in 2008.

Truth can be Suppressed but cannot be Defeated

On 7th April 2013, the Hon’ble Supreme Court gave the possession of Satlok Ashram Karontha to Sat Kabir Bhakti Mukti Trust. On 9th April 2013 the followers of Sant Rampal ji went to clean the ashram, as the ashram was closed since 2006. The Arya Samajis again surrounded the ashram and started throwing stones at the ashram. They did not want the ashram to be reopened. The followers of Sant Rampal ji did not retaliate against them. Furthermore, the Arya Samajis threatened that they would come again on 12 May 2013 if the ashram would reopen.

The followers of Sant Rampal ji used to live in the ashram itself as the ashram had already been handed over to the trust by the Supreme Court. But as warned by the Arya Samajists, they came with a large number of guns and petrol bombs to attack the ashram on 12 May 2013. This time the police intervened and pacified the Arya Samaj goons. 

But after that no action was taken by the police or the administration against those who attacked the ashram. Disciples kept coming and going in the ashram. The Arya Samaj goons continued to demand the eviction of the ashram. The helpless administration then issued an order to vacate the ashram to bring the situation under control as the Arya Samajists were adamant on their demand. Then, Sant Rampal ji ordered His disciples to vacate the ashram in compliance with the order of the administration. 

Sant Rampal ji Always have Faith in Constitution: Satyameva Jayate

But as it is said, “SATYAMEV JAYATE” means Truth Can not be Defeated. After 16 years of long battle on 20th December 2022 Rohtak Court has taken Major Verdict and declared Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj to be innocent and Rakesh Singh Additional Judge acquitted Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj in the Karontha Kand 2006.

“God Kabir Thanks Community Meal” will be held in 10 Satlok Ashrams

The followers of Saint Rampal ji are very happy with the decision of 20 December 2022, but this is not only His victory, it is the victory of justice, Victory of the truth which was kept away from the devotee society for so many years. On this auspicious occasion, a huge Bhandara will be organised in 10 Satlok Ashrams from December 30, 2022 to January 01, 2023 under the guidance of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, which are as follows:

  1. Satlok Ashram, Shamli, Uttar Pradesh
  2. Satlok Ashram, Kurukshetra, Haryana
  3. Satlok Ashram, Dhuri, Punjab
  4. Satlok Ashram, Mundka, Delhi
  5. Satlok Ashram, Rohtak, Haryana
  6. Satlok Ashram, Khamano, Punjab
  7. Satlok Ashram, Sojat, Rajasthan
  8. Satlok Ashram, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  9. Satlok Ashram, Bhiwani, Haryana
  10. Satlok Ashram, Dhanusha, Nepal.

Readers are requested to recognize the true knowledge by participating in this huge “God Kabir Thanks Community Meal” on the occasion of (Nayay Prapti) and share the information of this Bhandara with your friends, family members and relatives as much as possible.

FAQs on Karontha case

Q. When did the Karontha incident happen?

A.On July 12, 2006, there occurred violence in Karontha Ashram, in which 64 people were injured and one died. The attack was made by the Arya Samajists due to enmity against the truth told by Saint Rampal ji.

Q. Which sections were booked on Sant Rampal ji in the Karontha incident?

A.Sant Rampal ji was framed falsely under various sections including 302, 307, and 323 in connection with the violence in Karontha Ashram.

Q. When did the final verdict come in the Karontha case?

A.The district court on December 20, 2022 gave its verdict in the Karontha incident that took place in Rohtak about 16 years ago.

Q. On what basis has Sant Rampal ji been given justice?

A.Rohtak Additional Sessions Judge Rakesh Kumar has acquitted 23 people including  Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj due to lack of evidence. While three accused have been sentenced to two years each and have been fined Rs 5,000; the rest have died.

Q. Do you also think that the speed of getting justice is slow in India?

A.Yes, but in the end truth prevails.

Q. Who is the only Saint trying to restore the fallen dignity of the court?

A.That is Saint Rampal ji Maharaj ji.

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