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Myth and Reality Behind the Kabir Saheb’s Return to Satlok


Nearly 600 years ago, Supreme God Kabir Saheb descended on earth to save us from the trap of Kaal. He stayed in Kashi for 120 years and then He returned to Satlok with body. To know about His departure read the blog.

Kabir Saheb Unified Hindu and Muslims 

In the 120 years Kabir Saheb stayed on earth He gave the true spiritual knowledge and correct way of worship. He taught the path of love and brotherhood as we all are His children divided into different religions by Satan (Maal). No parents want their children to quarrel or be sick or die. So to free us from all these sufferings, God Himself came here and told us the way to His eternal abode, from where we all have come and where we must return. In His staytime on earth, both Hindus and Muslims became His disciples.

Dharmdas ji wrote:

Hindu ke tum dev kahaaye, Musalman ke peer।

Aaj mohe darshan deo ji Kabir||

Just like His life, His departure (or return) to Satyalok (The Eternal Place) was legendary too. He chose His day, time and destination for leaving. On that day too, He performed miracles that changed the course of history. Let’s see what happened on that day. 

Kabir Saheb Chooses Maghar for His Return to Satlok

There was information shared by the Brahmins that those who die in Kashi go to heaven and those who die in Maghar go to hell. This misconception was spread by greedy pundits who wanted old aged people to come and stay in Kashi till dying so that they could charge them hefty amounts for keeping them in their homes. Therefore no one wanted to die in Maghar. In the hope to get to heaven, people were being cheated by those pundits. 

To bust that misconception, God Kabir Saheb announced that He will leave His body in Maghar and challenged all those pundits to calculate if He would go to heaven or hell. 

Miracles Performed by Kabir Saheb at Maghar

On that specific day, Kabir Saheb arrived at Maghar. It was the Ekadashi of Magh Shukla Paksha, Vikrami Samvat 1575 (1518 A.D.). Thousands of devotees and spectators also reached Maghar to see the miracle of Kabir Saheb. Bir Singh Baghel, a Hindu king and Bijli Khan Pathan, a Muslim king, both the disciples of Kabir Saheb, also arrived along with their armies to claim the dead body of Kabir Saheb. 

Rejuvenating the Ami River

Kabir Saheb asked His disciple Bijli Khan Pathan, the king of Maghar, for any running water source where He could take a bath before returning to Satlok. Bijli Khan said: Maharaj Ji, I have made arrangements of drinking water for all the devotees and for your bath too. But there is no running source of water here. There is a river nearby which is completely dry due to the curse of lord Shiva. 

Kabir Saheb said: Let’s see where the river is. God Kabir Saheb went near the river and gestured with His hand. A loud sound was heard and the Ami river started flowing full of water. Everyone hailed God Kabir and took a bath and drank as much water as they wanted. 

Kabir Saheb Aborted Hindu-Muslim War

Kabir Saheb asked Bir Singh Baghel and Bijli Khan Pathan why they brought their armies with them. Both Bijli Khan and Bir Singh hung their heads and didn’t say anything. They were ready to fight for Kabir Saheb’s body after His departure. Hindus wanted to perform the last rites of Kabir Saheb according to their rituals. Muslims wanted to bury His body as per their religion. 

For 120 years Kabir Saheb taught them that Hindus and Muslims are not different. Both of them are children of one God. The rituals that are performed after the person dies are all useless. They can’t save anyone from bad karma, from hell or taking birth in 84 lakh species. 

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But they didn’t remember those things and were ready to fight. The omniscient God Kabir Saheb knew everything. He reprimanded them both and told them, “Is this what I have taught you for 120 years? Listen to my order. No one will fight over my body. You will not find my body. Whatever you will find, divide that equally.” Nobody spoke but they were still adamant on their decision to fight. A civil war would have started but God stopped it with His power. 

Kabir Saheb’s Body Was Not Found

Kabir Saheb ordered to lay a sheet on the earth. He lay down on the sheet and covered Himself with another sheet. Everyone was watching with their eyes wide. After a few moments a voice was heard. “Look above I am going to Satlok.” Everyone looked above. Kabir Saheb was going to Satlok. The light of His body was making Him look like a beam of light. When devotees uncovered the sheet there was nobody under it. There was a heap of fragrant flowers in the shape of the body. Bir Singh Baghel and Bijli Khan Pathan felt ashamed of their stupidity. Forgetting the war, they hugged each other and started crying as if their mother had died. They did not understand till today that Kabir Saheb was God, their Father. 

The flowers that were found under the sheets were divided equally between the Hindus and Muslims. From that day the love between both religions became eternal. Hindus and Muslims both took half the flowers and made two memorials, one for Hindus and one for Muslims, near each other. Both memorials are still present today. 

God Has Descended Again

Kabir Saheb had said to Dharmdas, “Dharmdas! When 5505 years of Kaliyug would have passed, I would come again on the earth and take all my children with me to Satlok.” As per His promise, Kabir Saheb has returned in the form of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. The same knowledge, the same mantras, the same way of worship and the way to return to Satlok today is shown by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj as it was given by Kabir Saheb. For our liberation He is suffering on earth again and again. It is our responsibility to take initiation from Him and make our way to Satlok clear. Only then will our father and we be happy forever.

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