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James Webb Space Telescope: How the Deepest Photos of the Universe Appear?

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After months of commissioning and setting up of the James Webb Space Telescope, results are finally on the way. NASA has disclosed the images sent by the telescope. The stunning pictures will take your breath away as it has delivered the deepest picture ever taken with great clarity. And it has also raised the scope of science and technology to study the phenomenons occurring inside space. It has been a moment of success for the entire NASA team who worked hard for this project to make it a reality. Let us know about the images in detail.

James Webb Space Telescope: Highlights

  • James Webb Space Telescope or the Modern Day Next Generation Telescope is the new advancement in the technology to go deep into the universe to observe the phenomenons there.
  • The telescope was launched in the month of December 2021. And it reached its destination in January 2022 within 30 days.
  • The telescope consists of mirrors aligned at angles to receive desired output.
  • NASA revealed five images captured by the telescope that reveal the depth of the universe attained by it with great clarity which was never seen before.
  • Times Square in New York City also displayed the images on its big screen. 
  • A google doodle was also made for observing the success of the space telescope.
  • Even after so many discoveries we still lag behind on the path of attaining salvation which can only be achieved by worshipping Supreme God Kabir.

What is the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)?

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is one of those telescopes which is designed to perform infrared astronomy. By this the telescope is able to observe objects that are too far, too old and faint for the previous telescopes. It means it can reveal detailed astronomical pictures to us. It took off from planet Earth on December 25, 2021 from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, South America on an Ariane 5 Rocket and reached 1 million miles away from Earth in around 30 days on January 24, 2022. And orbiting around the sun from that gravitationally stable location called Lagrange L2. 

The Telescope went through months of commissioning which includes alignment of its mirrors and calibration of the instrument as per the environment to give us the best output after its most difficult deployment in space. Because of months of hard work we are now getting the most stunning pictures from the universe. 

What is the size of the James Webb Space Telescope?

The telescope is of a mammoth size. The height of it is as long as the height of a three storey building and its length is around the length of a tennis court. It was folded once because of its big size (like origami) so as to fit it inside the rocket. And later it was unfolded and deployed at its position in space. This process took months before starting with operations as it was a careful operation. The size of the primary mirror of the telescope is 21.3 feet(6.5 meters approx) across. While the size of the sunshield is 69.5 ft x 46.5 ft (22 meters x 12 meters). And it weighs around 6500kgs.

What is the news about the James Webb Telescope?

James Webb telescope catches the headlines on Tuesday The White House revealed the first images which were a treat to the eyes of the entire humanity. The first bunch of images were released by NASA on July 12 that includes Stephan’s Quintet, atmospheric details about exoplanet WASP-96b, Southern Ring Nebula and Cosmic cliffs in Carina Nebula. Let us unfold these one by one.

First Image Revealed by NASA

First Image Revealed by NASA

NASA’s Goddard space centre shared the first image with us. NIRCam associated with the telescope has focussed far away galaxies in one frame. This enables us to see tiny and faint objects with great clarity and it becomes easy to study star clusters and diffuse features. This picture took us back to the time when the galaxies were young. This is the image of the distant universe till date called SMACS 0723.

Second Image: WASP-96B Spectrum 

Second Image: WASP-96B Spectrum 

It is the spectrum of WASP-96B, a huge planet located closer to its star than mercury is to the sun. Also known as ‘Hot Jupiter’ this planet revolves around its star at a great speed and completes one cycle in 3.4 days. This planet is 1150 light years away from planet Earth. This spectrum is the first one taken by the webb. And it is the most detailed spectrum revealed till date by a space telescope. Visible red light and other such details are shown through this wide range of wavelengths taken by the telescope. With clear detection of water and proofs of haze and clouds, it will now encourage scientists to study about more exoplanets to study for life on these planets. 

Third Image: Southern Ring Nebula

Third Image: Southern Ring Nebula

This image can be called a Southern Nebula or “Eight-Burst Nebula” or a planetary nebula around a dying star. And it is around 2000 light years away from us.The picture taken from the Webb shows two stars. A leading and brighter image is shown on the left side. While the right side shows the image of a less prominent dying star which is surrounded by gas and dust. It happens along the time when the star loses some of its mass. These dust and gas stir together around the star. Explore the journey of a star from birth to its planetary nebula.

Fourth Image: Stephan’s Quintet 

Fourth Image: Stephan's Quintet 

This is another image taken from the telescope showing a cluster of galaxies and a black hole located in the constellation Pegasus some 290 million light years away. Galaxies surrounding dust and gases can help scientists to get an idea about how these closer galaxies can trigger gases to encourage star formation.

Fifth Image: Carina Nebula

Fifth Image: Carina Nebula

The image shows ‘cosmic cliffs’ in the Carina Nebula around 7600 light years away. These cliffs depict the star formation through different ways. These alternatives were earlier not known to us. These images from the webb will help scientists to know more about star formation by further observing the formation of a star by gases that made them. “This landscape of ‘mountains’ and ‘valleys’ speckled with glittering stars is actually the edge of a nearby, young, star-forming region called NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula,” wrote NASA. The tallest peaks of the mountains shown are higher by 7 light years.

Why is the Telescope called the James Webb Telescope?

The JWST is named after NASA’s chief James Webb who contributed heavily into the growth of NASA as a space agency. The telescope was earlier called the Next Generation Space Telescope but was renamed in September 2002. His tenure with NASA was from 1961 to 1968 and he was closely associated with the Apollo Moon Program. He was known for his great leadership skills in space science when he firmly put NASA’s objective of launching as many as maximum space telescopes as its prime goal in front.

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Around 75 key missions were launched under Webb’s guidance that helped scientists to study the sun, stars, galaxies and space. There were many who revolted against the name of the telescope but NASA despite all complaints hasn’t renamed the telescope to pay a tribute to his vital efforts. 

Times Square (New York) Displayed the Webb images 

New York’s Times Square displayed the images of the James Webb Space Telescope on their big screen on tuesday. To reveal the advancement in the growth of Science and Technology and moving further with research in space about discovering new things, this is to let people know about the success of the space telescope.

Google Doodle marks the occasion

The success of the Next Generation Telescope named James Webb Space Telescope is being observed by Tech Giant Google as well. This is being done by dedicating a special doodle for the deepest photo of the universe ever taken.

Only the Supreme God Kabir can reveal the exact creation of the universe 

In actuality, the true creation of the universe is not related to any of the theories like the big bang. Rather it is the creation of the Supreme God Kabir. And He is the only one who can exactly reveal that to us as He is the only one who knows it. But unfortunately in this era of modern science and technology we have mistakenly considered this man made science above God. And it is our biggest mistake. 

Even after discovering so much into space still we cannot go beyond one universe. But Gracious God Kabir has told us about the reality of 21 universes and has exposed Satan (Kaal Brahm) to answer the question of why we take birth and die after a certain age. And science fails here. Saint Garibdas ji from Haryana says:

Garib, Chand Soor Paani Pavan, Dharni Dhaul Aakash |

Paanch Tatv Haziri Khade, Khijamtidar Khawas ||

One should take refuge of His Tatvdarshi Saint who is currently Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana, India to know more about His wealth of True Spiritual Knowledge. In this era of decreasing standards of humanity, accept His shelter to move into a society that is free from every bad practice and further attain salvation by worshipping God Kabir in accordance with Holy Scriptures.

FAQ about James Webb Space Telescope

Question: What is the launch date of the James Webb Telescope?

Answer: December 25th, 2021

Question: What was the cost at the time of launch?

Answer: $ 10 billion 

Question: What is the mass of the James Webb Telescope?

Answer: 6500 kgs or 14300 lbs

Question: Where is the James Webb Telescope now?

Answer: It is at the second Lagrange point L2 orbiting around the sun and it is at 1.5 million kilometres from earth.

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