Islamic Dispute in France: Know About the Last Messenger of God (Allah)


French President Emmanuel Macron is under blaze for denouncing Islamists and upholding the creators of cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohammed. Shouts to boycott French products and France were trending on social media on Monday in the imprint of French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements on Islam.

Islamic Dispute in France Highlights 

  • After the death of the French teacher Samuel Paty, France’s ties with the Islamic community have suffered.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron’s disputed statement created havoc all around the globe.
  • Pakistani President commented on French President Macron saying that he is “attacking Islam.”
  • Turkish President also commented on French President Macron asking him to have a “mental checkup.”
  • #BoycottFrenchGoods movement has gained momentum in Islamic countries lately.
  • Kuwait, Qatar, and Bangladesh have seen virtual and physical protests of France and French goods.
  • Bakhabar Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Last Prophet for all the religions.

What Is This Dispute All About?

On October 6th, when Samuel Paty, renowned geography and history teacher at a school in a quiet Paris suburb, demonstrated a copy of the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a class of freedom of expression that prompted the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine 5 years ago, he self-evidently had no notion of the unfortunate outcome for his own life, French community or France’s ties with the Islamic community. What was planned as a classroom analysis of the sovereignty of thought has whirled into a mini-clash of societies?

Ten days later, Paty was killed, beheaded outside his school in a suburb outside the French capital. Allegedly by a Russian-born child of Chechen origin, he brought an electric shock into France’s lengthy debate about secularism, or laïcité. The French President, Emmanuel Macron, reacted by saying France would not “renounce the caricatures.”

Public Statement of French President Emmanuel Macron

While eulogizing the late teacher on October 21, Emmanuel Macron announced that “France will not give up cartoons.” The French President also said that the teacher was “killed because Islamists want our future.” Emmanuel’s statements have headed to a massive uproar in the Arab world and beyond. Notably, Emmanuel had earlier this month said: “Islamism is a faith in catastrophe all over the planet.”

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Accuses Emmanuel Macron of Attacking Islam

Imran Khan blames Emmanuel Macron for “attacking Islam.” In the trace of Emmanuel Macron’s statement, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has impeached the French President for “attacking Islam”. In a procession of tweets on Sunday, Imran Khan said Emmanuel’s statement would spread division.

“This is a moment when President Emmanuel could have put rehabilitating touch & refuted space to extremists rather than establishing further marginalization & polarisation that certainly leads to radicalization. Unfortunately, he has selected to facilitate Islamophobia by assaulting Islam rather than the terrorists who carry out the turmoil, be it White Supremacists, Muslims, or Nazi ideologists. By attacking Islam, certainly without possessing any understanding of it, President Emmanuel has assaulted & hurt the beliefs and sentiments of millions of Muslims in Europe & all around the world.” Imran tweeted.

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Urges the French President to Have Mental Inspections

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday furthermore persuaded his French companion Emmanuel Macron to have “mental inspections.” On Saturday, the Turkish leader urged Emmanuel to have “mental checks: for treating crores of people from different faith groups this way.” In the trace of Erdogan’s statements, Paris has recollected its diplomat to Ankara.

French Products Boycotted in Arab Countries

Some countries, including Kuwait and Qatar, boycott French products. Some of the social media photographs reveal Kuwaiti store employees were removing French Babybel and Kiri processed cheese from racks and shelves. Meanwhile, numerous Jordanians have rewritten their Facebook profiles to add the message ‘Respect Muhammad the Prophet of Allah‘. On Sunday, protesters burnt pictures of Emmanuel Macron in some regions of war-torn Syria that are still outside the government’s control, as per the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

#BoycottFrenchGoods Trended on Twitter and Facebook

A virtual campaign on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, has earned a lot of momentum. People are slashing with millions of posts and tweets against the latest incident. All the backlash ensued the murder of a teacher who demonstrated cartoons of Prophet Mohammad to his students. In a different religious incident of hate crime, a woman in a hijab was injured and stabbed in Paris, currently undergoing treatment in an infirmary.

Protests in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi youngsters also revolted and protested the French administration’s consent to a provocation against Islamism, calling for a boycott of French goods. A religious group staged a rally named The Islamic Youth Movement in the capital Dhaka. They dismissed the evocative activities in the name of sovereignty, pushing for cutting off diplomatic ties with France.

How Can All the Disputes be Ended?

Only an enlightened Prophet holds real spiritual knowledge and spiritual powers that can end all the disputes worldwide. A Bakhabar or Tatvadarshi Saint, who has the highest Ilm (spiritual experience), can identify the real Allah and show the entire way of the worship of Allahu Akbar.

Who Is the Last Prophet?

Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the last Prophet of all the religions. He has told about the real Allah Kabir from the holy scriptures of all faiths, including the Quran, Bible, and Vedas. One must take His refuge to perform the right worship of Almighty Powerful Allahu Kabir.

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