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For Intoxication-free Society, Must Watch the Real Story of Sharabi


“Eat, Drink and Enjoy Life” is the only human motto these days. Even after knowing the fact that “Intoxication is the cause of destruction to human life “, majority of population consumes alcohol and drugs. After getting addicted to alcohol, a person turns into a devil, makes his present and future hell and even spoils the lives of persons attached with him. Apart from the social impact, the physical  harm caused silently takes away the life of the person sooner or later.

In regard with this burning social issue of intoxication, there is a documentary video released yesterday named “ Sharabi“,  an amazing video surfacing on social media since yesterday which reflects the problems faced by millions of families in our society. The trailer of the video is itself blood curdling. It is released on YouTube SA News Channel.  

What Is the Video Sharabi All About?

“SHARABI”, unveils the life of a drunkard named Ramesh who ruined the life of his wife Pushpa and his two children Shiva and Radhika. In a Nutshell read the summarized story to know how the consumption of intoxicants destroys one’s wealth, one’s honor and the peace of the entire family at home.  The video also depicts how the teachings of Saint Rampal ji transformed the life of a dipsomaniac person to a devotee.  Must watch the complete video.

Sharabi – Story in Brief

Ramesh, after his business loss, used to drink a lot of alcohol. He used to beat his wife and children because every day he would come home drunk. His wife and children used to object him but all in vain.

Ramesh spent all his money in drinking alcohol with his friends. To meet the daily expense of family and school fees, Pushpa used to stitch clothes. One fine day Neelam, neighbor of Pushpa came to ask for her clothes. Neelam was the follower of Sant Rampal ji. She used to explain Pushpa that suicide or leaving home is not the permanent solution to this problem.  Committing suicide is heinous sin. Later she convinced Pushpa to visit Sant Rampal ji ashram along with her during Satsang. In Satsang (spiritual discourse), explanation is given on every aspect. First, the benefit of doing Sat-Bhakti of God and the harm of not doing it is told, which is explained in detail.

When Ramesh got to know that his wife went with Neelam in Satsang , he abused and beat her for going to such places and clearly warned her to not  go next time. Next time Pushpa took her children along in Satsang, this time Ramesh followed them to see where they were going. It was God’s wish; he also went to the satsang and listen the preachings of Sant Rampal ji.

After listening to spiritual discourse of Sant Rampal ji and reading the Book “ JEENE KI RAAH” , he transformed from a Devil to a Devotee. He himself took Naam Diksha (initiation) and made his entire family take initiation. That day onwards, that man never drank alcohol and did not consume any other intoxicant.

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He realized the harm he was causing to his family. Instead of giving love to his children and wife, he made them fearful with his monstrous image. It is obvious for those children, whose father consume intoxicants, to have unrest in their home. Both their mental and physical development is impaired. That house becomes hell. No matter how virtuous a person who consume alcohol is but neither does he have any respect nor any trust in the society.

Teachings of Saint Rampal Ji Leading to Transformation

Sant Rampal ji makes us aware about the constitution of God.  According to God Kabir ji’ speech

Madira peeve kadwa paani, Sattar janam swaan ke jaani ||

Meaning : People who drink alcohol even once, are cursed with 70 consecutive births of a dog.

Also mentioned in the sacred speech of Saint Garibdas Ji as well,

Nar seti tu fir pashuva keejae, Gadha bel banayi |

Ye chhapan bhog kahan man baure, Kuradi charne jaayi ||

After attaining human life if one does not perform Sat-Bhakti, charity and meritorious deeds, they bear the hardships in one or other future births by becoming a donkey, dog, pig, or an ox. They eat rubbish and do not get the luxury of human life. Those who say we will do bhakti in the next life, the answer for them is here.

Impact of  Sant Rampal Ji Teaching in Present

After taking Naam Diksha (initiation) from Sant Rampal ji, approximately one lakh daily drinkers have completely given up consumption of all intoxicating substances, and at the time in the evening when there used to be the dance of the demoness alcohol, now those noble souls do Sandhya Arti (evening prayers) and listen to satsang.  Such persons are now free from all vices and are living their lives successfully. Even their families are experiencing heaven with the blessings of Sant Rampal ji.

Disciples of Sant Rampal ji are creating an example by showing to the entire world, that they do not consume intoxicated substances and do not give such things to others as well. In this way through Sant Rampal ji’s spiritual teachings the world is getting reformed entirely.

Message to the Society

An earnest request to all the readers to spread this message to the near and dear ones and those who  are going through this traumatic situation. Please take refuge of Saint Rampal ji Maharaj who is the only true Guru at present. By doing the true worship of the Supreme God (Param Akshar Brahm/ Kabir Saheb) after obtaining it from a Complete Saint and by remaining within the bounds (maryada) throughout life, one can obtain the benefit of complete salvation.

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