International Youth Day 2021: An Appropriate Way of Living Can Bring Up The Youth


International Youth Day is an annual observance observed so as to highlight the problems faced by youth globally concerned with their growth. And suitable ways are thus taken out so that the problems can either be wiped out or minimized so as to comfort the youth. Because the development of the nation is directly proportional to the development of the youths, hence investing in youth can be a fair deal any day. But the investment should not be blind because only and only after providing an appropriate Way of Living one can guarantee results which are hard to imagine otherwise. 

International Youth Day 2021 Highlights

  • International Youth Day is observed so as to bring up the problems faced by the youth as far as development and growth are concerned. 
  • It is yet another reminder by the UN to the entire globe that youth can bring in the change to tackle problems like food security amidst the pandemic so that present conditions can recover to their original state. 
  • This day was first observed by the UN on August 12th 2000.
  • This year’s theme is about Transforming Food Systems which is concerned with the health of citizens around the globe. Along with that transformation in the system of the food which is being delivered to us so as to ensure its best quality and delivery. 
  • Anyone can come up and participate by engaging oneself in any International Youth Day event. Various sorts of events are organised globally. 
  • The requirement to bring up the youth from their basic upbringing is to teach them the appropriate Way of Living. For this everyone should read the book WAY OF LIVING written by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to know what is this life given for and how to make most of it. 

What is International Youth Day?

International Youth Day (IYD) is a day designated to uplift the problems faced by the youth from different parts of the globe in front of the international community. Youth are the blood of the society and without their contribution to the society’s development it is very hard to imagine the growth we have uptil now. Hence this day also celebrates the potential of youth as partners in global growth. 

Although the problem is analyzed but still without the appropriate Way of Living all the efforts are still in vain because in its absence the development of the youth will not start, only the depletion of resources will occur. 

When is International Youth Day 2021? 

International Youth Day happens to be on the same day every year by default. August 12 is the fixed day to observe the International Youth Day as decided by the United Nations. 

What is the Theme of International Youth Day 2021? 

The theme for International Youth Day 2021 is Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health. This theme is chosen in response to the issues of these concerns which were highlighted at ECOSOC Youth Forum (EYF) 2021. The UN’s website revealed that the participants spoke about the impact of Covid 19 on global health including human society, environment and food systems at EVF 2021. Hence the need for equitable food systems is desired. 

What is the History of International Youth Day 2021?

Since 1965, the UN has been trying to bring up the youth and tried to engage them in various sorts of activities to bring the youth up. Ideals of peace, mutual respect and understanding were tried to be promoted by a declaration from the UN. On 17th December 1999, World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth recommended the UN to designate a day annually so as to highlight the challenges faced by the youth from around the globe. Hence from 12th August 2000, International Youth Day came into existence. 

How to Celebrate International Youth Day? 

Celebrating International Youth Day is very easy and simple. Giving emphasis on the awareness about the challenges faced by the youth by engaging themselves in some discussion with the youth also accounts in the celebration of this day. 

  • By participating in any International Youth Day event:- Attending any sort of event, concert, act, exhibition, webinar showcasing young talent at their platform will surely inspire you from their talent and will make you understand the need to have International Youth Day. 
  • By giving a helping hand:- The best thing one can offer any youth is education. But helping hands are not always about money. There are events organised that require mentorship which can guide them to the right path. Strong speech and appropriate motivation can inspire anyone to participate in the same and hence the same knowledge is imparted into the next generation. 

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  • Participating via social media:- Social Media is one of the vital weapons for spreading the information to a great number of people in a very short period of time. People understanding the value of youth and observing this day are posting about the need to have an educated youth for the future on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and thus contributing their part. Moreover hashtags like #InternationalYouthDay #YouthDay #YouthLife #CelebratingYouth #YouthFreedom #YouthAlive #31DaysOfYOUth #InternationalYouthDay2021 are some trends on the social media platform Twitter regarding the observance of the day and are observed globally. You can play your part by posting appropriate information over there under the given hashtag. 

What is the Purpose of International Youth Day? 

International Youth Day is celebrated each year to highlight the current status of youths globally. However number speak louder than words in highlighting the need or purpose of International Youth Day and are given below:

  • The age group of 15-24 is called as ‘youth’
  • Currently around one sixth of the world population is youth. 
  • Approximately 77% of the youths are not employed formally. It means the problem of a proper job still exists amongst the youth. 
  • Around 4% of the female youth are less educated than that of males. 
  • Problem of mental health is still prevailing in around 20% of the youths every year. 
  • There are a very large number of workers who are working very hard and still aren’t able to get above the mark of Below Poverty Line (BPL) . This number is now around 152 million. 
  • In developing countries, two third of the youths are not fulfilling their economic potential. 
  • In 2011, the number of youths who cannot even read or write a sentence was 126 million. 
  • 23 African countries are adopting and implementing national strategies on financial literacy. 

International Youth Day Quotes 2021

  • Youth is the Power House of the Nation, it should be given proper guidance to make country prosperous.
  • Youth is full of energy if it is given correct Way of Living then whole world will enjoy it’s fruits.
  • If youth gets proper guidance then the whole nation gets properly guided.

How to Bring Up the Youth?

It has been seen and observed minutely that the problems youth are facing regarding unemployment, less pay or no education have resulted in too many suicides and suicidal attempts. Hence the first and foremost thing youth wants is the awareness about the Correct Way of Living. By having the appropriate Way of Living one can easily differentiate between what is right and wrong for them. And the correct way of living can come up by getting yourself aware about the True Spiritual Knowledge as told by Supreme God Kabir to know about the effect of Karmas and actions thereafter. 

International Youth Day Special Video

Currently, one and only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has been telling us about the Way of Living as told by Supreme God Kabir 600 years ago. It is advisable to once read the Sacred Book WAY OF LIVING written by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to get your physical, mental, social and financial problems sorted very easily and free of cost. Moreover you can also listen to the spiritual sermons of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and can judge accordingly from His divine acts that He is indeed preparing a pure society for the generations to come. 

In the atmosphere of such drastic changes and such adverse conditions a pious soul should not be late in understanding His true spiritual knowledge as He is the only Complete Saint amongst us and then take Naam Diksha (initiation) from Him as earliest as possible to get his welfare done. 

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SA News Channel is one of the most popular News channels on social media that provides Factual News updates. Tagline: Truth that you want to know


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