International Olympic Day 2024: All You Need To Know


Last Updated 23 June 2024 IST: International Olympic Day is the day to remember the foundation of the Olympic games. It is the day when the foundation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was being laid. Sports activities are always beneficial for one’s health and well being. And observing these helps in encouraging people to come forward and indulge in sports activities. Let us know about the day in detail.

International Olympic Day 2024 Highlights

  • International Olympic Day is an international observance which aims at remembering the foundation of the International Olympic Committee.
  • Motivating people to practice sports activities is yet another aim of this day.
  • These kinds of international days are marked to encourage participation in sports activities at a global level.
  • Every year this day is observed on a fixed date of June 23.
  • Activities and Olympic runs are being organised to celebrate this day. 
  • Amidst these activities one should not forget the prime goal of this human life which is to attain salvation by worshipping Supreme God Kabir.

What is an International Olympic Day?

International Olympic Day is one of the international observances observed to highlight the role of sports activities in maintaining physical, mental and social well being of an individual. It also highlights the foundation day of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) globally. Every year emphasis is given amongst the people to encourage sports activities. And with each passing year the number of participating nations have increased substantially. With the three pillars of Olympics Move, Learn and Discover volunteers are motivating other people to participate in any sport activity around.

What is the History of International Olympic Day?

Doctor Gruss, a member of the International Olympic Committee was the first person who proposed and submitted the idea of celebration of Olympic Day in his reports in the 41st session of the International Olympic Committee in Stockholm in 1947. His main purpose was to increase mass participation in Olympic games. 

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In 1948, during the 42nd session of the International Olympic Committee at St. Mortitz, the idea of International Olympic Day was discussed and implemented. It was decided that June 23 will be the day for International Olympic Day as it is also the founding day of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at Sorbonne, Paris in 1894. 

When was the first Olympic Day?

The first Olympic Day was observed on 23 June 1948 under the leadership of Sigfrid Edström as IOC President. Belgium, Venezuela, Great Britain, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Canada and Uruguay were the first participating countries who organised Olympic Day events in their respective countries. In the current edition of Olympic Charter, it is being recommended that all National Olympic Committee (NOC) should organise an Olympic Day or week to uplift Olympic movement.

What is the theme of the International Olympic Day 2024?

Each year International Olympic Day is observed with a dedicated theme. The theme for the year 2024 is Let’s Move and Celebrate“. 

What do people do on Olympic Day?

Olympic Day is renowned for mass participation in sports activities. And it is done by encouraging people to participate and alongside arranging participation activities. Let us know the ways by which people participate in Olympics Day: 

  • Organise and participate in Olympic runs all over the globe.
  • Various schools, colleges and other educational institutions organise sports activities and include them into their annual curriculum. 
  • First Olympic run was executed in 1987, and everyone was invited to participate regardless of gender, sporting capability, age and status.
  • People look for the nearest Olympic run or any other sporting activity organised so as to boost Olympic movement.
  • While taking part on any of Olympic activity or organising one people tag @olympics with #MoveForPeace and #OlympicsDay to spread peace and generate participation.
  • There has been a mass increase in the number of NOCs all over the globe which has increased mass participation. From 45 NOCs now the number has crossed hundred in terms of growth and consequently participants have increased. 

Historic Run in Lausanne, Switzerland 

On this Olympics Day 2024, around the city of Lausanne, Switzerland where the International Olympic Committee is based, a run is being organised. Representatives from Milano Cortina 2026 Winter games and various Olympians will be taking part in the run to make it a historic one. The event will be covered by later. Organisers of Paris 2024 are also participating in a run around their city on the weekend. Even France’s Eiffel Tower is getting involved in the celebrations this year.

International Olympic Day 2024 Quotes

  • “I hated every minute of training, but I said ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”- Mohammad Ali
  • “Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement” – Matt Biondi
  • “Never buy gold, simply earn it”- Mary Kom
  • “People throw stones at you and you convert them into milestones”- Sachin Tendulkar
  • “If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people are not willing to do”- Michael Phelps
  • “The glory is being happy. The glory is not winning here or winning there. The glory is enjoying practicing every day, trying to be a better player than before”- Rafael Nadal

Our Prime Goal is to attain Salvation

We have got this human life which is way above any other species present on this planet Earth. It is because of our ability to think, respond and act. And this will make us understand the importance of our human birth which is only given to attain salvation and worship Supreme God Kabir. Although it appears to be inappropriate, still it is the truth and revealed in most of our Holy Scriptures. After this human birth we will have to bear the hardship of 84 lakh species of animals. And it can only be avoided by attaining salvation. Thus to attain a state of immortality it is necessary for us to adopt the path of spirituality and worship God Kabir.

Presently, Supreme God Kabir has helped us by sending Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to give us Naam Diksha (Initiation) to help us get the benefits of Supreme God Kabir. And helping us on our way to attain salvation with ease. For more information you can order and read the Sacred Book Gyan Ganga written by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

FAQ about World Olympics Day

Q. When did the first Olympics take place?

Answer: The First Olympics took place in 776 BC.

Q. Where did the first Modern Olympics games take place?

Answer: The first Modern Olympics games took place in Athens, Greece.

Q. What do the rings on the Olympics symbol represent?

Answer: Rings in the Olympics symbol represent five continents.

Q. When did Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were introduced in the Olympics?

Answer: Medals in the Olympics were introduced in the year 1904.

Q. Which country has won more Olympic medals than any other country?

Answer: The United States

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