Homosexuality is a psycho disease


Indian Government must raise this issue of Homosexuality in the Parliament like the SC/ST Act and re-apply Section 377 of IPC.

The Holy Scriptures of all religions do not allow inhumane deeds like homosexuality or any kind of unethical relations in anyways. Unnatural ways of sex is a taboo for the society and because of it’s fear, all countries are trying to save their culture, social values and religious beliefs. Homosexuality is one of the major cause in dwindling population ratio for any country.

Homosexualism of any kind is inhuman & curse for the society.

The trend has started where same gender (sex) people are marrying each other and living in a relationship which cannot help them to amplify their generations further. Young children are doing wicked acts to fulfill their lust. Sex is the centre point for all Homosexual relations. Homosexuals have a 100 times more risk of getting STD (sexually transmitted diseases) than Hetrosexuals. Increased in Homosexualism has become the concern for the future generation. Many countries have taken strong steps against unnatural acts. Homosexuality is a crime in 72 countries and LGBT or GLBT (G- Gay, L- Lesbian, B- Bisexual & T- Transgender) community is banned in 74 countries. Even some countries have punishment of death for homosexuals.

The Supreme Court of India must re-consider section 377 and prohibit the rule which is against the nature

India is the world leader in spirituality from ancient times. India is a country known for its rules and ancient culture. The whole world believes in Indian culture and values. Foreigners come here in search of God, salvation, peace, marriages, celebrations, to get treatment of incurable diseases through Spirituality and to get rid of the addictions and disorders like homosexuality. But an unfateful decision of the Supreme Court came out on 6th September 2018, that homosexuality is not a crime and Section 377 of IPC has been rejected. This decision has hurt the integrity of Indian culture. Removal of section 377 has divided the world in two groups. People are forced to think that how our culture will permit such indecent acts to spread in society?
The judges of India must rethink about Section 377, what if their own daughter or son marries with the same gender. Indian future is in deep danger. Even animals undertake intercourse naturally for amplifying their generation.

There was an incident when few years ago, an old aged couple committed suicide because their daughter was lesbian & she got married with a girl in abroad. Now, people are in fear that even if their children do like this, they would not have any way out.
Homosexualism can ruin the families and our culture. It will affect the mind of innocent children. It should be banned immediately.

Only Complete God Kabir can treat this Psycho Disease

According to the Holy Scriptures, homosexuality is contrary to God’s legislation. It is a sin. Homosexuality is not a freedom of living but it is a mental disorder. Whenever we do anything wrong, our soul feels guilty because soul knows that is wrong.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj ji is incarnation of God Kabir Sahib and he is giving true spiritual worship of God Kabir by which anyone can get rid of any incurable disease such as personality or behavioural disorders. Homosexuality cannot give satisfaction & peace. We must not spoil human life by engaging in unnatural & artificial wicked deeds. Human life is precious. One can take its advantage by doing true worship of God Kabir and can get complete salvation while we are in human form.

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