God is One, Still Many Religions: The Untold Reality 


This question must have bothered you sometimes: if there is only one God, then why are we divided into so many different religions? Why are there so many different ways of worshiping Him? Who is that One God, who is the Creator and Nurturer of all the humans — no matter what religion they belong to? Every religious person considers the God of their own religion to be the superior, but what is the reality? Is the Jesus of Christianity superior? the Allah of Islam? the Ram of Hinduism? Or the Rab of Sikhism? 

Supreme God is certainly One and the most superior. In this Blog, we’ll answer such questions and only that will resolve all your doubts regarding: being one human race and having one alone God, why we got divided into so many different religions. The information would be new but is very true since it is dictated by the Supreme God Himself. 

One God… Or Many? 

The basic thing about the identity of God is its uniqueness which means that the Supreme Power is only one. Hence there is no question of any other power being equivalent to its capabilities. Because we are not aware about the actual spiritual knowledge briefed in our Holy Scriptures, we fall into the conclusion that there are many Gods upon witnessing various methods of worship adopted around.

The place we are living in belongs to Satan(Kaal Brahm). And we are here entrapped in his cage. Attaining freedom from its cage to reach the Almighty Supreme God is called Salvation. Because this place belongs to Satan (Kaal Brahm), hence there are two powers acting in this place we are living in, which are: 

  1. One is Satan’s (Kaal Brahm), who is the God of the twenty one Brahmandas(universes) — one of which we are currently in. He is also known as Satan (Shaitan) in Islam and Christianity. Ironically, he only is worshipped as Formless God (by Christianity), Nirakar Brahm/Alakh Niranjan (by Hinduism), Bechoon Allah (by Islam), and in other names and forms in other religions. You’ll know the reason for this in the later parts of the Blog. 
  1. The Second Power is of Supreme God Kabir, who is the True God of all the Brahmandas(universes), including those of Satan(Kaal Brahm) and others. He is the True Creator and Nurturer of all of us. He is the real God who is truly Merciful, but is less recognized and worshiped. You’ll know its reason as well in the later parts of the Blog. 

There are other powers as well who are revered as God like 330 million dieties, Indra, Brahma (known as Yahweh God in whose garden Adam and Eve were initially residing), Vishnu (Jesus Christ and Ali were the pious souls who came from his Loka), Shiv (Prophet Muhammad was the pious soul who came from his Loka), ParBrahm, etc., but they are not of much importance to us in the context of answering the question. 

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For the question, keep in mind only the two powers mentioned above: 1) Kaal/Satan/Shaitan; 2) Supreme God Kabir. To know the background incidents, we also need to have some information about the creation of nature for the answer. 

Brief Information About the Creation of Nature 

Nature is so vast. The information about nature’s creation is also very vast. For the sake of the blog’s length, we’ll only read some specific details of it relevant to us. Here it is: 

We were Residents of Immortal World

We all souls were living happily in our Eternal Abode (Satlok) of our true father, God (Supreme God Kabir). There, we didn’t have to work at all to have food or anything. We were immortal there. Each of us have magnificent palaces to live in. Beautiful clothes to wear. Eternal body we have there. In the place of God Satlok none of us have to fear anyone else of us for we all were good-natured there. Immortal families we have there. The only thing we do there is Sumiran (remembering God’s Name). 

Then, after sometime, one of our elder brothers Jyoti Niranjan (later known as Kaal Brahm/Satan/Shaitan) developed an incomplete thought that he needed a separate place for he was living in a Dweep (Loka) with two more souls: Achint and ParBrahm. For this, he stood on one foot for 70 Yugas and performed Tap (sort of physical devotion) for the attainment of some more Lokas(Kingdoms) from God. God granted him 21 Brahmandas in return for his Tap. Jyoti Niranjan became happy and enjoyed the Brahmandas for sometime. 

We Got Attracted to Kaal Brahm 

Then, he again thought of asking for some construction material from God and performed Tap for 70 more yugas. God granted him 5 elements and 3 qualities (Rajguna, Satguna, Tamguna). After getting this, he again thought that even if he made some constructions, he would not like living alone in the 21 Brahmandas so he again started performing Tap for asking God Kabir for some souls to live with him in his Loka. When he had performed Tap for 64 Yugas, God Kabir Ji asked him why he was again and again performing Tap when He had already granted him what he had asked for. 

Jyoti Niranjan said, 

“Parmatma, please give me some souls to live with me in my Brahmandas. I wouldn’t like being alone there.” 

Supreme God Kabir Ji said, 

“You liked being there. You yourself asked for trouble. And, listen. These all souls originated from me. They are my Ansh (parts). I cannot give them in return for any Jap, Tap, etc.” 

Kabir Saheb Understood That Now We can’t Live There

Then, God Kabir saw that we all souls weren’t worthy of being kept in Satlok because we became obsessed with Jyoti Niranjan upon seeing him do Tap on one leg. We all souls who are here now in this cage of Satan (Kaal Brahm) from humans to animals developed an unwanted desire there to go with him to his new kingdoms.

God warned us many times directly and indirectly, but we would get alert from outside and not from inside. Supreme God Kabir Ji knew that we all souls weren’t worthy to be kept in Satlok because we had fallen from our Pativrata Pada. He also knew that Jyoti Niranjan would torment us a lot. But, as a rotten apple (a very expensive fruit and very dear to the seller) is not kept among the healthy apples because it would rot the healthy apples too and, hence, is thrown into the garbage, so we all souls weren’t worthy of being in Satlok and had to be expelled. 

So, God Kabir Ji said, “Do one thing Jyoti Niranjan. If someone wants to go with you willingly, then I can send them, otherwise not. You may ask them. Whoever would give consent in front of me, I’ll send them.” 

We Left Our God for the Shatan 

Jyoti Niranjan came to us. We were already attracted to him; we surrounded him. Jyoti Niranjan started luring us, “Would you come with me in my Loka? I’ll make such beautiful places and fountains. I will make you deities, etc.” We all gave consent. God said, “I’ll allow only those who give consent in front of me.” God came and asked who wanted to go with Jyoti Niranjan. None responded. All got shy, “Father already used to warn us. How can we give consent before God?” Then, one soul dared and gave consent. Seeing him, we all who are suffering here in different bodies of animals, etc. also gave consent to go with Kaal. God Kabir Ji said, “I’ll send them my way, Jyoti Niranjan. You go to your Lok.” 

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God, then, created the soul who gave the first consent, a woman and entered all of us souls in her body and told her, “I’ve given you the word power. As many living beings Jyoti Niranjan say, you may create them with that power.” God sent her with Sahaj Das (one of God’s 16 sons). Sahaj Das went and told Jyoti Niranjan everything that God had said. Delivering God Kabir Ji’s orders, Sahaj Das went away. Jyoti Niranjan developed lust towards the young girl. Seeing her alone, he started misbehaving with her. Then, she prayed to God Kabir Ji to save her because he had eaten her. 

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God Kabir Ji appeared there and took her out of his stomach and expelled both of them out of Satlok with the 21 Brahmandas, saying, “Jyoti Niranjan, you’ve committed a grave sin. You may both, along with your 21 Brahmanandas, get out of this pious place.” He was cursed by the Almighty Supreme God to eat 1 lakh human bodies daily and produce 1.25 lakh in return. We serve as a food to Satan after our deaths. And since then he is known as Satan(Kaal Brahm).

Durga, realizing her mistake that she gave consent to go with Kaal, repented. Kaal forcefully married her. This led to the birth of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. After them, all of the other living beings also took birth. 

Kaal Vowed to Keep Us Misled

After we were born and started dying and suffering sinful deeds, we started praying to God. But, we failed to attain Him because Kaal had misled us in the wrong way of worship. 

In the first Satyug (there are four yugas/time ranges- Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug, and Kalyug; these keep coming on Earth in rotations), after the death of one lakh human beings, they were put on Taptshila to be heated immensely so their grimes could be melted away from their bodies. The souls don’t die, but it pains a lot. Hearing their screams, God Kabir came from His Satlok in the form of Jogjeet. On His appearance, everyone’s pain was dispelled. They sat in ease and saw that moon-like Face. 

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They thought He was God(because Kaal took away their memory and they weren’t able to recognize God). He indeed was. They then asked the reason for that suffering. God told them that, that was the punishment of no sinful deed. Then, God Kabir Ji narrated to them the knowledge of the Creation of Nature. The souls there prayed to God Kabir Ji to take them back to Satlok. 

God said, “I can’t take you back like this. You came here by your own wish. The strength of the wish you had when you came here, you can only go to Satlok having that strength of wish. I will send my authorized saint on earth. Whenever you get the human body, you take Naam Initiation from Him and then worship as He tells. Then, you will reach Satlok with that Worship.” 

Mere Recitation of Satnaam Is Enough for Kaal

Meanwhile Kaal Brahm arrived there to eat the grime of the one lakh living beings there. God Kabir Ji flew the living beings off from there with His Power. At first, Kaal tried to attack God Kabir Ji considering Him his elder brother Jogjeet who (in his view) ordered them out of Satlok. God Kabir ji chanted Satnaam at that time to get out of trouble. (As told to Dharamdas ji in Kabir Sagar to teach us to chant Satnaam at the time of any trouble from Kaal). Kaal fell into the netherworld and started cramping like a bird whose wings are cut off. Then, he understood that He had some strong Mantras. He pleaded to God Kabir Ji. God Kabir Ji took him back to his plane in the 21st Brahmand. 

Then, Kaal humbly asked God Kabir Ji the reason for His Arrival. God told him that He would enlighten the living beings about the true knowledge and true worship, so that the souls can go back to Satlok as they were screaming in agony there. Kaal pleaded three things. One of them was that he asked God Kabir Ji to take less living beings in the first three yugas and to take any amount of living beings in the fourth Yuga. God said “Tatha Astu.” Then, after God granting him all the Blessings, he again changed his tone and said, 

Jaaiyo Jogjit sansaara, Jeev na maane kaha Tumhara|

Jeev Tumhara kaha na maane, Humari or ho baad bakhaane||

Kaal Created Religions to Make us Separate From our God 

Kaal said, “By the time You will descend to propagate Your True Knowledge in Kalyuga, I will mislead all the living beings with fake knowledge and they will rebel with You when You tell them the Truth. No one will believe You. Firstly, I shall not leave the living beings in such a state that they could worship You. Secondly, for those who would still try to worship You then, I shall mislead them in the wrong way of worship like fasting, pilgrimage, etc. I shall divide them in many sects and religions. None would listen to You.” 

God Kabir Ji in Jogjit form said, “This is My Job. I will return only after awaring the living beings of the truth.” 

So You Know Now Why We Have So Many Religions 

It is the strategy of this Satan(Kaal Brahm) to keep us segregated so that we keep wasting our time in fighting with each other on the basis of these man-made walls named “religions.” In that process we waste our precious human life which is the only source to attain God. (A human birth is attained after experiencing the atrocities of lives of 84 lakh species of animals).

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We are like those four siblings who are fighting fiercely with each other saying, “He is my father”, “No, he is my Papa”, “No, he is my Dad”, “No, he is my Abbu.” And they all share a common father as they are siblings. Similarly we are fighting. Our God is One. The Way that leads to Him is also One. We tend to deviate from the true path from time to time so God keeps sending His prophets/incarnations/messengers to keep telling us the true path. Those were also meant to guide the whole of humanity, not some religion-specific people. Similarly, all the Holy Books are for every human being, not for some specific religion. 

Reality of Practices in Different Religions

Today everyone is aware about the practices practiced in their respective religions. It is not hidden from anyone that religion has become a business practice for priests and sages. Deprived of the true way of worship, people are practicing practices opposite to the Holy Scriptures. Some of those are mentioned below:

  1. Fasting is Prohibited: Holy Geeta ji chapter 6 verse 16 states that devotion of those people is not successful who either eats a lot or doesn’t eat at all. Hence fasting is not according to Holy Scriptures.
  1. Idol Worship is Prohibited: Holy Geeta ji chapter 17 verse 23 states ‘OM TAT SAT‘ as the mantra for salvation in which TAT-SAT are to be disclosed by a Tatvdarshi Sant. There is no mention of idol worship. 
  1. Eating Meat is Prohibited: Holy Bible Chapter Genesis 1:29 and 1:30 as the order of the Almighty instructs us to eat only vegetarian food still people eat non vegetarian food. 

Have you wondered why we are following these practices in huge numbers even if they are not mentioned in our Holy Scriptures? It is because of the fact that Satan (Kaal Brahm) has spreaded his web to trap us by propagating false religious practices through his fake priests and sages. A faithful devotee will always believe in what his Guru/priest is saying but will never check its authenticity. But in the middle of so many Gurus around, it is very important for a devotee to know whether he is following the right path to attain God or not. And that can only be possible by identifying the Holy Scriptures by themselves.

God is One | The way to His Attainment is also One. 

Pious souls, who are desperately wishing to attain God and Salvation, may please take some time to go through the Knowledge that Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji tells. His Knowledge shatters all the man-made walls of castes and creeds. His Knowledge and Way of Worship has changed the lives of millions. Either read His Holy Books in your preferred language, watch/listen to His Spiritual Sermons, or do both to be deeply acquainted with His Knowledge. 

He is the current and the last prophet for humanity. Because in the first Satyuga God Kabir has declared that He shall send His representative to give Naam Diksha (Initiation). And now the time has come and Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is that representative we should look to rely upon. He has clarified by revealing the secrets from our Holy Scriptures that are the base of the statements said about Him. As a willing devotee to attain God one should look to take His hand and walk on the path to attain salvation.

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