Giuseppe Conte Resigns as Italy’s PM on Tuesday Amid Pandemic: Sat Bhakti Is the Only Solution of Pandemic


The Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte resigned from the post on Tuesday. This has been taken as a manipulative political strategy in a hope to form the new coalition government. The readers would know the entire details about the political crisis In Italy and the spiritual remedy to resolve the same.

Italy PM Conte Resigns: Highlights

  •  PM Conte, an independent technocrat has led an alliance of the center-left Democrats and the populist 5Star Movement
  • According to Presidential Palace statement, Giuseppe Conte handed over his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella, following the disputes within government parties over the post pandemic recovery fund
  • Mattarella will start two days consultation with the main political leaders to take the next move
  • There can be a chance, Conte may be asked to reform the government if he gets the majority in Parliament
  • There is a possibility of snap elections too
  • The statement also read “The President of the Republic is reserving his decision and has asked the government to stay in office for the management of ordinary affairs”
  • Sat Bhakti is the only solution to all types of crisis

Why Did the Political Crisis Erupt in Italy?

The centrist coalition government of Italian PM Giuseppe Conte is in crisis after ex-PM Matteo Renzi withdrew his tiny Italia Viva party out of coalition. He indicated that he would only return if his demands were accepted. Renzi is unhappy with the government mismanagement at the time of Pandemic and economic crisis. Last week, Conte survived a vote of confidence in both houses of Parliament, but without an absolute majority. The lack of a majority confined the government business – hence causing the political shake-up in Italy.

How Did All This Happen?

Political crisis emerged as Italy struggles to come out of the pandemic and the economic downturn.

PM Conte’s plans for spending €209bn out of  €750bn EU recovery funds for the COVID-19 Pandemic was widely criticized by Renzi. Instead, he made below demands.

  • Funds to be invested in promising and innovative sectors like digital and green technologies.
  • Allocations to be decided by MPs, rather than technocrats.
  • More investment for well-equipped health services.

Conte failed to gain enough support to replace Renzi’s MP with other lawmakers, thus having no other option other than resignation.

Is It the Worst Ever Time for Italy Since World War II?

Italy has suffered several political crises since the end of World War II and has held many snap elections before sitting governments have finished their electoral terms. But the eruption of political crisis at the times when the country is in grip of pandemic which has taken the life of 85,000 Italians, will be considered as worst possible time for Italy.

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What Did the Italian Political Leaders Speak About the Crisis?

Various Italian political leaders have expressed their opinions about the ongoing political crisis.

  • Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio of the 5Stars wrote on Facebook “There should be a solid government that makes its voice heard and instead we are struggling with inexplicable uncertainty.” 
  • Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said, “There is only one road ahead … a new government that represents the substantial unity of the country in a moment of emergency, or to give the decision back to Italians”
  • Goffredo Bettini, a member of the national leadership of the Democratic Party, said that a coalition government could be found quickly, centered around Conte. He wrote on Facebook “We must avoid another sickly and abstract political debate leading Italy to new confusion and uncertainty.”

Italy PM Conte Resigns: What Are the Options Now?

  • Conte could be asked to stay on as PM, if he wins back the parliament majority.
  • He could convince some non-aligned senators to form new coalition in case Renzi refuses to support a Conte-led government.
  • Appointment of new PM to lead under the agreement of the main parties in the outgoing coalition – anti-establishment Five Star (M5S) and the centre-left Democratic Party (PD).
  • Snap elections may take place if Conte could not persuade one or more right-wing parties to join a new coalition. As Rightwing parties being in majority, theymay prefer elections.

Know the Real Reason for the Crisis

We are living in this Kaal lok where there is no peace and comfort. The vices of lust, anger, greed, love-hatred, joy-sorrow, profit-loss, pride-honour, born from Trigunmayi Maya, are troubling every living being.  In the current situation in Italy where there is a fight over the kingdoms, the power, strength, and honor of the leaders is at stake, such situation can never bring peace and will bring pain and suffering for the nation.  

Sat Bhakti Is the Only Remedy for All Chaos

Sant Rampal ji has explained in His Sermons that Indra, the king of heaven after completing the tenure, becomes a donkey, an ant and bears pain in hell and on the Earth. Then how come owning the kingdoms on this earth is worth satisfying to us.

The seekers should also ponder upon the fact that there is no point worshipping to attain Heaven. Instead, one should aim to attain the Eternal Abode ‘Satlok’. Sant Rampal Ji has given the detailed information about Satlok, Immortal Abode, the place of Almighty KavirDev which is also the real home of all souls residing on Earth. ‘Satlok’ is the Abode of happiness where there is no death, no old age, no vices, no misery.

What Should the Seekers Do?

Sant Rampal ji says that by doing Sat Bhakti in accordance to our holy books we can go to Satlok. The seekers can take Naam Diksha (Initiation) from Enlightened Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and perform Sat Bhakti to get the desired results from true worship of God Kabir Saheb.

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