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Well-known Commentator and Former Cricketer Dean Jones’ Sudden Demise


Dean Jones Demise: Cricketing World has seen many legends over the years of its history. One such legend has left us in a tragic development. Well-known commentator and former legendary Australian batsman Dean Jones passed away on Thursday afternoon after a cardiac arrest. Dean was in Mumbai, India, as part of the broadcast set-up in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and was completely fine and healthy before he underwent a sudden collapse. Know about the real goal of human life.

Dean Jones Demise: Highlights

  • Australian cricketing legend Dean Jones breathed his last in Mumbai, at the age of 59
  • Dean was in India as a part of IPL’s commentating team
  • The former Australian batsman underwent a fatal heart attack in his hotel lobby
  • Brett Lee desperately attempted to regain consciousness of Dean Jones with CPR until paramedics came
  • Dean Jones leaves behind his two daughters, Augusta and Phoebe, and wife Jane
  • Dean Jones was an aggressive right-handed batsman who scored 55 centuries and 88 half-centuries in first-class cricket
  • Dean Jones scored 210 runs in a test match in Madras, 1986, which remains the highest runs scored by any Australian in India period
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Dean Jones Demise: Dean Jones’ Death Tragedy

At about 11 am on Thursday, after taking his breakfast, Dean Jones took a briefing session for the IPL broadcast, after which he was talking with his pals and colleagues in the corridor of the hotel he was living in Mumbai. Dean Jones was in India to meet his obligations for the host commentators of the Indian Premier League. Unexpectedly, to everyone’s shock, Dean fell and collapsed. After this, hurriedly, a standby ambulance brought him to the Harkisandas Hospital in Mumbai. The hospital officials declared him dead on arrival. He was 59.

Brett Lee Tried to Save Dean Jones

Dean Jones and Brett Lee were in Mumbai as part of IPL’s commentary team organized in the UAE due to Covid-19.

All of a sudden, Dean collapsed in a five-star hotel’s lobby, where he was staying. He was walking beside the former fast bowler, Brett Lee. Lee desperately struggled to awaken him with CPR until paramedics came. Hurriedly brought to the hospital, but Joans did not survive.

Brett Lee, distraught by the loss of his friend and colleague, bravely and courageously returned to TV for Star India’s coverage of the Indian Premier League soon after. Dean Jones would have naturally emerged alongside him in the studio for their “Select Dugout” show, which runs as a pre-match segment.

‘I believe that Dean would have expected and wanted us to be here tonight. It is pretty much the ‘Select Deano’ we call it. It is Deano’s dugout tonight,’.

Brett said

‘It is with tremendous grief that we share the information of the passing away of Mr. Dean Mervyn Jones. He died of an unexpected cardiac arrest. We express our sincere and deep condolences to his family and stand ready to assist and support them in this hard time. We are in contact with the High Commission of Australia to make the necessary arrangements.’ Officials said.

Dean Jones Career

Dean Jones was one of the extraordinary representatives of the game, correlating himself with Cricket advancement across South Asia. He was enthusiastic about finding out new talent and promoting young Cricketers. He was an admired commentator whose presentation and presence of the game always drew joy to many fans. His countless fans across the world will genuinely miss him at the commentary box.

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