The Uproar Over Farm Reform Bills 2020 in Rajya Sabha: The Story of Farmer Dhanna


Farm Bills 2020: India is a farming-based nation. It is often known as the country of farmers. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the nation has seen too many tantrums. From the sharpest 23.9 percent fall in GDP to the border conflicts with the neighboring countries, but the Farm Bill 2020 issue is the latest and greatest one as it has the potential to affect the livelihood of millions. Readers will read about the current scenario of Indian farmers and agriculture in this article.

Farm Bills 2020 in Rajya Sabha: Highlights

  • Lok Sabha issued Bill on the farming market, contracting agribusiness, and the farming commodities in June 2020
  • 3 Farm Bills were issued and passed by Lok Sabha earlier this month, which led to protests in Haryana and Punjab
  • Rajya Sabha passed 2 out of 3 bills passed by Lok Sabha, which led to country-wide protests
  • 2 Bills passed by Rajya Sabha include the bill on the farming market and the agribusiness contracting bill
  • Famers say, endanger of MSP ( Minimum Support Price) and APMC (Agriculture Produce Market Committee)
  • State-wide and country-wide protests by farmers on September 21, 23, 25, and 27
  • The Story of Farmer Dhanna Jaat proves that Satbhakti can provide justice to any and every farmer

Farm Bill 2020 Update: 3 Farm Bills Passed by the Lok Sabha

In June 2020, three agriculture-based regulations were presented in Lok Sabha. The three ordinances were as follows: the Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce Ordinance (Facilitation and Promotion), Farmers Agreement on Price Assurance (Protection and Empowerment), and The Essential Commodities Ordinance 2020 (Amendment), and Farm Services Ordinance. To convert them into laws in these three corresponding bills had been passed by the Lok Sabha, two by the Rajya Sabha.

The proposed ordinances are anticipated to deliver barrier-free business for farmers’ produce outside instructed farm mandis and empower farmers to join treaties with private players to agri-produce even before production. In contrast, the farmers argue against the proposed ordinances saying that they are “anti-farmer” and will also influence farm laborers and commission agents.

What Are the Three Bills?

1. Bill on the farming market

( Facilitation and Promotion) Farmer’s Produce Trade and Commerce Bill, 2020

Law provisions

  • To formulate an ecosystem where traders and farmers can enjoy the independence to buy and sell farm produce outside registered ‘Mandis’ under the states’ APMCs.
  • To promote independent intra-state and inter-state trade of farmers’ produce
  • To lessen transportation and marketing expenses and help farmers in earning fairer rates
  • To deliver a conducive framework for electronic trading

Probable Opposition

  • States will lose compensation as they won’t receive mandi fees if farmers sell their produce outside enrolled APMC markets.
  • What transpires to commission dealers in states if the whole farm exchange moves out of mandis?
  • It may ultimately end the MSP ( Minimum Support Price ) based procurement procedure and system.
  • Electronic trading like in e-NAM utilizes a physical ‘Mandi’ system. What will happen to e-NAM if ‘Mandis’ are eradicated in the deficiency of trading?

2. Bill on contract agribusiness

(Protection and Empowerment) The Farmer Agreement of Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020

Farm Bill 2020 Update: Farmers can enter into an agreement with agribusiness processors, exporters, firms wholesalers, or large retailers for the exchange of forthcoming farming produce at a pre-agreed rate. Small and marginal farmers, with land less than 5 hectares, to earn via contract and aggregation. Small and marginal farmers alone account for 86% of the total farmers in India.

Law provisions

  • To transport the danger of market unpredictability from agriculturist to sponsors
  • To authorize farmers to access the latest and modern tech to get nicer intakes.
  • To lessen the price of marketing and increase the farmers’ profit.
  • Farmers can immerse in direct marketing by abolishing mediators for full price completion and beneficial disagreement solution mechanism with redressal timelines.

Probable opposition

  • Agriculturist in agreement farming treaties will be the unstable players in their proficiency to adjust what they need.
  • The sponsors may not prefer to trade with a gathering of marginal and small farmers. Being private wholesalers, exporters, companies, and processors, the sponsors will have an advantage in disputes.

3. Bill concerning the commodities

(Amendment) The Essential Commodities Bill, 2020

Law provisions

  • To eliminate commodities like cereals, pulses, onions, oilseeds, and potatoes from the list of necessary commodities. It will prohibit the imposition of stock holding thresholds on such commodities except under extraordinary events like war.
  • This expenditure will entice FDI or the private sector into the farm sector as it will eliminate suspicions of personal investors of unreasonable regulatory interference in business undertakings.
  • To get investment for farm infrastructures like modernizing the food supply chain and cold storage.
  • To aid both consumers and farmers by getting in rate stability.
  • To establish an active and competitive market habitat and slash wastage of farm produce.

Probable opposition

  • Price thresholds for extraordinary events are so high that they are prone to get never triggered.
  • Big companies will have the independence to stock commodities, which means that they will enact terms to farmers which may lead to limited prices for the cultivators.
  • The recent development on the export prohibition on onion builds doubt on its enactment.

Farm Bill 2020 Update: Rajya Sabha Passed Two Bills

This Sunday, the Rajya Sabha passed two out of the three farm sector-related ordinances that were passed by Lok Sabha on Friday amidst opposition and uproar from the farmers and the opposition parties.

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Farm Bill 2020 Update: The Farmers and Produce Trade and Commerce (Facilitation and Promotion) Bill, 2020, and the Farmers (Protection and Empowerment) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020, were approved through voice vote.

Rajnath Singh: MSP and APMC Systems Are Not Going to End

‘I also am a farmer and I need to substantiate farmers of the nation that APMC (Agricultural Produce Market Committee) and MSP (minimum support price) systems will not end’,

says Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Farm Bills.

Farm Bill 2020 Update: Country-wide Protests by Farmers

Farmers and agriculturists who have communicated their opposition with the farm bills passed by Parliament will direct a protest on the following days.

  • September 21 – All APMC mandis across the state of Rajasthan will observe a one-day strike.
  • September 25 – Around ten farmer associations and organizations have lent a state-wide band call and country-wide ‘resistance’ call by the AIKSCC.

Farmers directed a 3-hour protest, under the aegis of Bharatiya Kisan Union, in Kurukshetra. They said:

‘It was a representative and symbolic protest. If the administration doesn’t listen to us, we will back and support the Haryana band on September 25. We will hold a meeting on September 27 in Delhi and will declare a country-wide protest.’

The Government of Punjab Will Bring the Farm Bills Issue to Court

CM Captain Amarinder Singh has announced that his union will take BJP and its comrades, including the Akali dal to court over the recent undemocratic, unconstitutional, and anti-farmer ordinances of the central government,’

State government announced in a press release

On Sunday, farmers obstructed and blocked roads in Haryana and burnt effigies of PM Modi in Punjab. While protesting against the agriculture bills passed in Parliament, farmers invaded fractions of highways and roadways at numerous locations in Haryana between 12 and 3 pm, right after the bills were passed in Rajya Sabha.

SatBhakti Can Provide Real Justice to Farmers

By performing true worship of Supreme God Kabir according to the Holy Scriptures after taking initiation from a True Spiritual Leader ends the problems faced by the devotee.

The Story of Farmer Dhanna Jaat

There was a farmer named Dhanna Jaat in Rajasthan. He was a devotee of Supreme God Kabir. He was very wise and helpful. He had a small piece of land, just like every other farmer in his village. Dhanna Jaat was very poor and only had enough to save his family from starvation. One day, it rained in the village. All the villagers took seeds of Jowar and went to their respective fields to sow. Devotee Dhanna Jaat also started sowing in the field with Jowar seeds. Four sadhus were coming on the way, and the devotee stopped the bull on seeing the sadhus.

Dhanna Donated Seeds

Dhanna stood up, touched the feet of the sadhus. The sages said that devotee! Give us something to eat, we’re starving. Dhanna said that this is the tide of the seed. You eat it to calm your hunger. Hungry monks hugged on the seeds of that tide. Everyone ate the tide. Thanked the devotee they went away. Dhanna’s wife was short-tempered. The devotee Dhanna thought that if the wife would know, she would quarrel. Therefore, he collected the Kankar (small stones) and put it in a bag in which the tide was kept and sow that as Jowar. It seemed to his wife as if he is sowing the tide.

After this, Dhanna came home with all the other farmers. After two months, Jowar rose in the fields of all the farmers, and in the field of Dhanna Ji, the bells of Tumbe ( huge bottlegourd-like plant ) grew in a large amount. The field was filled with tumbe, and the neighbouring farmer told Dhanna’s wife that you did not sow Jowar in the field? Tumbes have grown in your field. There have been countless thick and tumble. Dhanna’s wife went to the farm and saw that the tide had risen in everyone’s fields, but it was faded due to no rain.

Tumbas in the Field of Farmer Dhanna

In the field of Dhanna, Tumba was grown in excessive quantity. Dhanna’s wife broke a Tumba and walked towards the house, keeping it on her head. Some devotees were sitting near Dhanna. Dhanna saw that his wife is coming with a Tumba. He asked the devotees to leave soon. They walked away. His wife came and hit a Tumba on Dhanna’s head and said that the children would eat you. Where did the seed go? Dhanna did not say anything but defended his head. Tumba fell into two parts as soon as it hit the earth.

From inside, it came clean, thick Jowar like seeds. Dhanna’s wife was surprised, and she was pleased and glad to see the tide. She thought that there might be tides in other Tumbas as well. Taking Dhanna along with that tumbe tide, she reached the field. After laying a sheet, they started bursting. Five kg Jowar came out from one tumbe.

The Story of Farmer Dhanna Jaat: Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

The crops of other farmers dried up due to no rain. Dhanna took the tide needed for his home and distributed the rest to all the villagers. After this miracle, his wife also went on worshipping. By worshipping Supreme God Kabir, Dhanna was engaged in such a tune that he donated the seeds of Jowar. For this very reason, God defeated the dry field in which Kankar was sown. That dry field became fertile with the Jowar.

Take Refuge in Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only True Spiritual Leader in the entire world. He is showing true Worship according to the Holy Scriptures of all religions. Take initiation from Him and start doing true Worship of Supreme God Kabir and start earning real benefits like Bhakt Dhanna Ji.

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