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Easter Day: The reality of Resurrection


Easter Day is celebrated by Christians to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It is believed that on this day, Jesus Christ revived back, and the tomb in which Jesus was buried found empty. The day is celebrated by lighting candles, reading Biblical accounts, and eating Easter food. Easter customs including Easter eggs, Easter Parades, and Easter bunnies are observed during the festival. Some communities sacrifice pigs on Easter. Like other Christian holidays, Easter bears controversies regarding the computation of date.

The Easter Eggs

In the celebration, Easter eggs are used to symbolize the empty tomb in which Jesus was buried after the crucifixion and its cracking symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus. Though these days Easter eggs are increasingly substituted with chocolate eggs, wooden decorated eggs, plastic eggs, etc., generally, Easter eggs are original decorated eggs. Along with that, eggs are especially eaten on Easter.

Firstly, it is worth contemplating that the egg has nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus. If we say that the egg represents the tomb, since an egg bringing out a new life feels similar to the tomb getting out of which Jesus resurrected, then can’t any other way be used to represent this? Why only eggs? Also, the egg that you crack never brings out life. Rather, that cracking of egg ends one’s waiting for one’s body to be formed inside it; hence, it incurs sin.

Explaining the deeds of an unrighteous person, Respected Saint GaribDas Ji has stated in his sacred speech,

Ve Kafir jo ande foden|
Kafir sur gau kun toden||

{Those are ‘Kafir’ who break eggs or kill pigs, cows, etc.}

Eating egg or meat is also sinful because there is proof in Genesis 1:29 that God orders Human Beings to eat only vegetarian food (After this, wherever the Holy Bible mentions eating meat, it is not God).
The Venerable Supreme God Kabir Ji has stated in His speech,
Kabir, maans maans sab ek hai, murgi hirani gaaye|
Aankhi dekhi nar khaat hai, te nar nark hin jaaye||
{Meat is all same; be it of chicken, deer or cow. A Human, who eats that meat even after seeing that it’s meat, goes to hell.}

The Secret behind Resurrection

It is believed that the third day, after Jesus was crucified, Jesus revived and appeared to his followers. Whereas Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji has revealed that it was not Jesus who appeared to his followers, rather, it was Supreme God Kabir Ji himself disguising as Jesus appeared to Jesus’ followers in order to keep the faith of humanity in God.

Jesus was a virtuous soul, completely dedicated towards God. It would have shaken the beliefs of people that when such a virtuous soul had to die such a terrible death, then there was no use of worshipping God. So, to keep the faith of people towards the worship of God, Supreme God Kabir Ji himself disguised as Jesus and appeared in front of Jesus’ followers for some days then disappeared. The objective was to sustain the devotion until now. Because, now is the time when Supreme God Kabir Ji will spread the true Spiritual Knowledge in the whole World. Taking every human being in his refuge, He will teach them the correct way to attain salvation. The entire atmosphere will be as pleasing as heaven.

Regarding the Forgiveness of sins

The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus are also associated with the atonement for the sins of Humanity. It is believed that Jesus was crucified for our sins and that God pardons the sins of those who repent for their sins and believe in Jesus. Doesn’t it sound unrealistic? As 2019 years have passed so far, and the humankind (including Christians) has faced immense grief, natural calamities, etc. Evidently, our sins are not forgiven with the worship we had been performing.

Jesus Christ had not destroyed anybody’s sins during his lifespan also. The miracles that he had performed were all predetermined by Satan (Kaal, he is the Lord of this place, Jesus was sent by him). Like, there is a description in Holy Bible where Christ heals a man blind from birth:

(His disciples asked him : “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” [John 9:2]
(Jesus answered : “Neither did this man sin, nor his parents; but, that the works of God might be revealed in him.”
[John 9:3]

It infers that if it were a punishment of sins, Jesus wouldn’t be able to heal it.

In another miracle, Jesus exorcizes a demon-possessed man. This Kaal himself inspires some demonic spirits to possess a body. Then, by the earnings of worship of his messenger or himself expels the demonic spirit out of the body to glorify his incarnation; so that the people become devoted towards his (Satan’s) messenger and thus whenever the Supreme God Kabir would send his messenger or descend himself, people wouldn’t believe him; hence, everybody would stay entrapped in his world. Because only the Supreme God Kabir Ji has the mantra that destroys sins and helps one to attain Salvation.

The Attainment of Salvation

When you read ‘Creation of Nature’, you get to know that we all souls have come from Satlok (Eternal place). Salvation means to go back there. When we came from Satlok, we had abundant amount of the wealth of Bhakti (devotion). But, it was spent in earning pleasures here. So, to go back there, we need to collect that spiritual wealth again. For this, Supreme God Kabir Ji has stated in his sacred speech,

Kabir, Guru ki sharana lije re bhai| Tate jeev narak na jaai||
Guru kripa kate yam fansi| Vilamb na hove mile Avinashi||

{Take the shelter of a Guru so that you will not have to go to hell. By the Grace of that Guru you will be freed from this trap of Kaal and attaining Salvation, you will reach back to the Supreme Eternal God quite soon.}

At a time, there is only one Guru, representative of the Supreme God, who tells the way of worship that leads to GOD.

Currently, that Guru is Supreme Saint Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji. Recognize Him. To know more, visit: SupremeGod.org

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