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Dream11 IPL 2020: How to Play the Game of Life?


Dream11 IPL 2020 News Update: Dream11 Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 started on September 19, 2020, in UAE. Read on to know the details and know how one can play the match of life and win over death.

Dream11 IPL 2020 News Update: Highlights

  • First match on September 19 and the last on November 10, 2020
  • Media personnel not allowed to cover the matches due to health and safety concerns
  • BCCI announces CRED & UNACADEMY as the official partners for IPL
  • COVID Testing will be conducted regularly on all participants during the IPL season
  • Play a match of life either to win the Eternal Abode Satlok (True Heaven) or to lose in a cycle of birth and death

What Is IPL?

In 2008, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) founded a Twenty 20 cricket league named as the Indian Premier League (IPL). Total 8 Teams that represent eight cities of India participate in this tournament. In 56 matches series of 20 over each, the winning team earns two points. The maximum points earned four teams qualify for the finals for the playoff.

The top two teams, in the playoffs, play counter to each other to qualify for the final. The last two teams will play against each other, and the loser of this match eliminated from the tournament.

Now, the loser of the top two teams and the winner of the last two teams will play against each other, which decides the second finalist of IPL.

Dream11 IPL 2020 News Update: Where Is IPL Happening?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation in India, the IPL GC decided to play a series in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The IPL planned 56 matches out of 24 in Dubai, 20 in Abu Dhabi, and 12 in Sharjah. 10-afternoon sessions and the remaining evening matches will constitute an entire 53-day tournament. The afternoon matches will begin at 15:30 IST, and the evening matches will start at 19:30 IST.

IPL 2020 events kick-started with playing the first match on Saturday by a win by Chennai Super Kings (CSK) over Mumbai Indians (MI) at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. BCCI announces CRED & UNACADEMY as the official partners for IPL

What Is the Real Goal of Human Life?

While playing the match, the player has one aim to attain victory. Similarly, in a personal journey of life, one should aim to achieve salvation and get rid of the cycle of birth and death and not wander in eighty-four lakh types of bodies of living being.

The real purpose of human life is to worship Supreme God Kabir and return to the original abode, Satlok (Sachkhand, eternal place).

How to Live Human life?

It is not easy to get the life of a human. One should value it by doing Bhakti of true God Kabir Saheb and perform auspicious deeds and charity under the guidance of true Guru.

Kabir Saheb has also said in His Hymn as mentioned below:

Kabir, maanush janm durlabh hai, Mile na baaram-baar|
Tarvar se patta toot girey, Bahur na laage daar||

One needs to find the True Guru to make his life successful and should not play with experience by worshipping the opposite of our scriptures. As mentioned in Holy Gita verse 4:34, the narrator asks Arjun to find a Tatvadarshi Saint to get complete knowledge about the Supreme God.

Tat, viddhi, prnipaaten, pariprshnen, sevya,
Updekshyanti, te, gyaanm, gyaaninH, tatvdarshinH ||BG4:34||

Where to Get Eternal Devotion?

It is Eternal Devotion leading to utmost peace and happiness in life achieved by worshipping Lord Kabir.

Kabir Saheb is the only Liberator from all types of crises. Even our holy books speak the same. Written in Vedas that Kabir is the only one God to worship who can remove sufferings, which are the result of evil deeds. Supreme God Kabir gives instructions of mantras in three-stages to His devotee, who loves Him by heart and worships Him by faith, by purifying him, releases him from birth and death, and altogether increases the countable life-breaths.

Samved Mantra no. 822 Utarchik Adhyay 3 Khand no. 5 Shlok 8 proves

ManeeshibhiH pavte poorvyaH kavirnrbhiyatH pari koshaaM asishyadat’ | Tritasya naam janayamadhu ksharannindrasya vaayuM sakhyay vardhayan’ ||

What Are the Rules for Eternal Devotion?

While playing the game, the player abides by rules of play to remain in the game without quitting. Similarly, Human life is like a match, where one needs to follow the below-mentioned Rules to reap the benefits of Sat Bhakti.

  • One should not consume intoxicating substances like alcohol, tobacco, cigarette, snuff opium, cannabis, etc
  • One should not consume the meat of any living being. Killing a living being is a heinous sin
  • Worshipping of 3 Gunas (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva), other goddess and Deities, Pitras (dead ancestors) is prohibited
  • Obeying the Orders of Guru
    • Prohibition of evil social practices like
    • Untouchability
    • Accepting & Giving dowry
    • Adultery
    • Gambling
    • Singing and Dancing

What Should One Do to Get Eternal Abode Without Fail?

The real win is to win the Battle of life and death. To achieve this, one should come to the Refuge of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. After taking Initiation from Him, one will surely attain Salvation and reach the Eternal Abode, Satlok, abide by the Rule of Bhakti, as said by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. To understand more, read the Book Gyan Ganga.

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