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Coronavirus Testing: True Devotion is a real Vaccine for COVID-19


Coronavirus Testing News: The COVID-19 infection and death cases are on the rise every day. We shall explore what new the scientist community is doing. If not the scientists what option is left. The readers will know, “True Devotion” (Sat-bhakti) is the only way to get away from sorrows and fatal diseases.

Coronavirus Testing News Highlights

  • 13.28 million people infected with COVID-19, 7.37 million recovered, and 5,77,954 have died
  • The US, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Italy have recorded the highest deaths
  • The experts have little knowledge of the facts on this planet
  • Kabir Saheb appeared at a time when the society indulged in infighting
  • The humans on the planet earth accept Nature’s punishment against their past sinful deeds
  • “True Devotion” (Sat-bhakti) is the only way to escape from the clutches of ‘Maya’ and ‘Kal’
  • First US vaccine revved-up immune system to fight COVID-19
  • Blood of advanced COVID-19 patients is highly inflammatory and harmful to the body
  • CSIR-CCMB new dry swab method will enhance COVID-19 test capacity to six lakhs per day

Current Scenario of coronavirus cases worldwide

More than 13.28 million people around the world have infected with COVID-19, 7.37 million have recovered, and more than 5,77,954 have died. The US, Brazil, India, Russia are at top of the list of total infected cases whereas the US, Brazil, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Italy have recorded the highest deaths.

Right Understanding is first step to unfold Mystery

A lot has been written about coronavirus outbreak stories right from its origin Wuhan China to African countries. One thing is sure that the world expert community has half-knowledge of the facts. It is like a story of an elephant. A group of blind people got an opportunity to understand the elephant. After thorough investigation, some said an elephant is a pillar, a rope, a pipe, or a fan depending upon which portion of an elephant they touched. Similarly, by now, the readers must be convinced that no one could understand this pandemic.

In a family of five one dies and 4 survives, all had exposure to coronavirus. What is the mystery? All were taking the same food, living in the same environment, the same lifestyle, why one died and four survived in one family. Contrary to this some families were isolated from society, but all fall into the trap of coronavirus. Why? Is there no control of human beings in their life? What is the secret?

Who is a superpower doing all this?

The article will explore to unfold the mystery. The readers should recall the medieval period mystic saint Kabir Das who appeared at a time when India was boiling from infighting in the civil society. The people had extraordinarily little tolerance among the caste, creed, and religion. The public, in general, admired the saint as a social reformer.

Coronavirus Testing: The philosophers called him a mystic poet. Few designated him a Supreme God too. Many learned saints like Ramanand, Nanak Shah, Ravidas, Meera accepted him as Satguru. The king of Delhi Sikandar Lodhi, Kashi king Baghel also admired him and surrendered him for unfolding the Eternal Truth.

Secrets uttered by Mystic Saint Kabir

There were many secrets articulated by the mystic saint Kabir which did not reach a large section of society. Understanding those secrets will help us better realize our sorrowful life. Supreme God Kabir Saheb says, there is one creative power ‘Maya’ and his companion ‘Kal’ have seized us for thousands of centuries.

The two have invented a web of karmic theory in which the humans do some act and face its repercussions. Maya with its three differentiating attributes (Satogun, Rajogun, and Tamogun) controls the behavior of each human being. Human beings, unknowing, act wrongly, and suffer. The birth and the death and the re-birth this vicious cycle carries forward.

She gives big jolts like a thunderstorm, tsunami, flood, earthquake, or an accident that causes unrepairable harm. The humans of the planet earth accept as Nature’s punishment against their past sinful deeds. Kabir Saheb says that this duo of Maya and Kal gives the creature sorrows but the fools worship them.

True Devotion (Sat-bhakti) can eliminate sorrows

Kabir Saheb tells the way to come out of the vicious cycle of death and birth by adopting “True Devotion” (Sat-bhakti). He channelized a Satguru disciple tradition that gives Satguru all time from his lineage. Presently Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is from Kabir Saheb’s lineage and enlightened by him. There are millions of devotees of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj who follow his way of “True Devotion” (Sat-bhakti) and enjoying worldly pleasures.

Cancer and coronavirus kind of deadly diseases cannot touch his devotees. There are examples of thousands of people suffering from deadly diseases who took initiation from the great saint and got completely cured with his blessings.

It is up to the readers when to follow the path of True Devotion bestowed by the Supreme God Kabir Saheb Himself. However, the scientists are making best efforts to fight COVID-19 and the readers will know more in the following paragraphs.

First US vaccine revved-up immune system to fight COVID-19

Citing the NIH U.S. government’s top infectious disease experts U.S. newspapers reported, the first tested COVID-19 vaccine revved up people’s immune system strong enough to protect against the coronavirus. A small price to pay for protection from viruses with minor flu-like reactions like fatigue, headache, chills, fever, and pain felt by trial volunteers.

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The experimental vaccine is developed by the National Institute of Health (NIH) in association with Moderna Inc. Moderna’s share jumped by 15 percent in U.S. Market trading while it is not sure that the vaccine will be available commercially by end of this year.

COVID-19 antibodies are highly inflammatory

Citing the research scientist Professor Menno de Winther from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday, the blood of advanced COVID-19 patients to be highly inflammatory and harmful to the body. This could trigger an overreaction of the immune system, destroy crucial barriers in the tissues and cause water and blood to spill over in the lungs.

New Dry Swab Collection Method to triple scale to Six Lakh Test per day

Coronavirus Testing: CSIR- Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) Hyderabad has come out with a safer, cheaper, and fasted dry swab collection method from corona patients. The testing capacity can be scaled up to three times from two lakhs to six lakhs per day. Two other institutions – Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) Hyderabad and Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER), Berhampur, Odisha have validated and tested.

Coronavirus Testing News: Currently, testing is done by the RT-qPCR method. Swab samples are received in Viral Transport Medium (VTM) for RNA extraction and RT-qPCR. The suggested dry method will not lose sensitivity. The new method is an economical per test to cost Rs 350 and time five-six hours against current cost Rs 1100-2250 and time 15-24 hours. CCMB expects approval and appropriate advisory from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) soon.

True Devotion is the real vaccine

The vaccine or the remedies may come out with the efforts of the scientists’ day and night hard work. It is not sure when the vaccines will come and how successful these will be. The spiritual way of “True Devotion” given by Kabir Saheb and presently bestowed by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is sure shot way to escape from ailments and annoyances.

The seekers may come in the refuge of the enlightened Saint to take name initiation. The seekers will also be guaranteed by the saint to achieve salvation and will be free from the clutches of Maya and Kal’s vicious cycle of death and rebirth.

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