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A Special Google Doodle Was Devoted to Dr. Kamal Ranadive


Google devoted a special doodle to Indian cell biologist Dr. Kamal Ranadive on Monday, November 8, 2021, to commemorate her 104th birthday. Ranadive’s birthday was celebrated by the global search engine because she is known for her groundbreaking cancer research and dedication to creating a more equitable society through science and education. 

Kamal Ranadive Google Doodle: Highlights

  • Google honored Dr. Kamal Ranadive by making a doodle on her 104th birth anniversary.
  • The Google Doodle was created by an Indian-based Artist named Ibrahim Rayintakath. 
  • Dr. Ranadive with her 11 colleagues founded the Indian Women Scientists’ Association in 1973.
  • America’s first tissue culture laboratory was established by Dr. Kamal Ranadive.
  • Dr. Ranadive was honored with the Padma Bhushan Award in 1982.
  • Dr. Ranadive received the Medical Council of India’s first Silver Jubilee Research Award in 1964.
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Who Was Dr. Kamal Ranadive?

Kamal Samarth, also known as Kamal Ranadive, was one of the first Indian researchers to propose a link between heredity and breast cancer, as well as to identify links between cancers and specific viruses. She was born in Pune in 1917. She studied Mycobacterium leprae, the bacterium that causes leprosy. She also helped in the development of a vaccine for the same.

Dr. Kamal Ranadive’s Early Life & Career

According to Google, Ranadive was inspired to excel academically by her father’s encouragement to pursue a medical education, but she found her calling in biology instead. In 1949, while working as a researcher at the Indian Cancer Research Center, she earned her doctorate in cytology, the study of cells (ICRC). She returned to Mumbai (then Bombay) and the ICRC after completing a fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, where she established the country’s first tissue culture laboratory.

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According to the American technology firm. Dr. Ranadive along with her eleven colleagues founded the Indian Women Scientists’ Association (IWSA) to support women in science in 1973. She retired in 1989 and continued to work in rural Maharashtra communities, training women to be healthcare workers and providing health and nutrition education. The IWSA now has 11 chapters in India that offer science scholarships and childcare to women. The doodle depicting Dr. Ranadive was created by India-based guest artist Ibrahim Rayintakath. 

Dr. Kamal Ranadive’s Triumphs & Achievements

Dr. Ranadive also reviewed the bacterium that induces leprosy and helped develop a vaccine. She was a founding member of the Indian Women Scientists’ Association, which was formed in 1973 to assist women in pursuing careers in science. In 1989, Dr. Ranadive retired and started working in rural Maharashtra as a healthcare worker and providing nutrition and health education. She was awarded the Padma Bhushan Award for Medicine for her groundbreaking cancer research in 1982. Ranadive also received the Medical Council of India’s first Silver Jubilee Research Award in 1964.

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