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Delhi Floods Update: Traffic Jam, Flooded Streets in New Delhi: How Flood disturbed the India’s National Capital


Delhi Floods Update: The Flood like situation in the National Capital “New Delhi” is getting critical day by day. The main areas of Delhi are witnessing Water logging causing a great struggle to the residents. The water level at Yamuna River was recorded at 208.17 meters on Thursday morning. 

Current Situation on the Delhi Floods

The Yamuna River in Delhi experienced an extraordinary rise in water level of alarming height of 208.48 meters on Thursday morning. The Central Water Commission, considering the severity of the situation, predicted the further rise in Water level. As per the Weather forecast report, Delhi is going to face moderate rainfall and thundershowers on Saturday and Sunday.  

In the light of this miserable state, the IMD (India Meteorological Department) announced a “YELLOW ALERT” for the upcoming days in Delhi.

Reasons of this Scariest Situation

Extreme Rainfall in short duration

Manu Bhatnagar, principal director of the Natural Heritage Division at the Indian Trust  for Art and Culture Heritage elucidated that the principal cause of high rising level of River Yamuna can be occurance of intense rainfall in a relatively shorter period.

Delhi Floods: Water release from Hathnikund Dam

Another reason could be the diversion of Water from Haryana’s Hathnikund barrage to Delhi. Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal requested Union Home Minister Amit Shah to intervene and urge Haryana to regulate the water flow.

Narrowing of Natural Drainage Systems

The poor drainage system, unchecked filling of Urban water bodies, and uncontrolled urbanization lead to water logging posing a significant threat to the whole capital city as warned by the Energy Resources Institute.

Major Flood prone areas

The several parts of Delhi were impacted by the huge water logging caused by the rise in water level of River Yamuna

The major flood prone areas include:- 

  1. Rajghat Road
  2. Vikas Marg
  3. Loha Bridge
  4. Civil Lines
  5. Shastri Park
  6. Low lying areas of Wazirabad and Purana Qila
  7. Various routes are diverted for the ease of commuters. Traffic police also issued advisory to be followed to avoid any inconvenience. The situation is still dangerous.

Delhi Floods Update: Routes to Avoid

Delhi Traffic Police made an announcement to avoid the routes in both the carriageways from ISBT towards Majnu Ka Tila and vice-versa due to rise in Yamuna river water.

Struggling lives of the Delhi residents

The Capital city’s scariest phase of flood created a dangerous and tough life for the residents of Delhi. The factors that combines to create devastating situation includes:

  • Low lying areas, slums, and unauthorized colonies are highly susceptible to flooding. Loss of homes and possessions are primary struggles being faced by them.
  • The transportation system also suffers greatly. Roads get waterlogged making it extremely difficult to commute to work, schools and for other necessities.
  • There is also a disruption of basic utilities like food, electricity and water supply causing miserable difficulties for the people.
  • Health Hazards is another major impact being caused by stagnant water during the flood. As this gives a chance to various waterborne diseases due to lack of sanitation facilities.

Rescue by Government and Armed forces in Flood affected areas?

  • Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal announced on friday that the Okhla Water Treatment Plant is being restarted as the water level in Yamuna River is rising.
  • Over 4500 traffic personnel have been involved on the ground in the majorly affected  areas to clear out the traffic and help navigate the commuters. Various routes have been diverted and the Police have also urged people to plan their journey accordingly.
  • The Indian Armed force and NDRF has deployed in Delhi to safely rescue the people stuck in their homes. Also providing basic amenities to the areas majorly affected by the Flood.
  • Around a total of 25000 people have been evacuated so far in a rescue operation from the flood affected areas.

What can be the Ultimate Solution to get Relief from these Natural Disasters?

We see everyday lakhs of people dying because of accidents, diseases, natural calamities like earthquake, flood, etc. It’s high time for society to understand why we were born and why we die. The reason we are facing struggles every single day is lack of knowledge of the basic purpose of Human Life which is “Salvation”.

If everyone of us will start performing the Sadbhakti as mentioned in the Holy books of all religions, we can live a struggle free, peaceful life and can also achieve the Salvation. Supreme God Kabir is our Saviour who can protect us from these natural calamities. To know more read Gyan Ganga book written by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Delhi Floods

Question 1: What is the main reason for the Flood in Delhi?

Answer: Flood in Delhi is majorly caused because of rise in water level of river Yamuna due to intensive rainfall.

Question 2: What is the current Water level of Yamuna River?

Answer: The water level at Yamuna River is recorded at 208.17 meters on Friday morning.

Question 3: Which areas are impacted deliberately by the Delhi flood?

Answer: Rajghat Road, Vikas Marg, Loha Bridge, Civil Lines, Shastri Park, Low lying areas of Wazirabad and Purana Qila are the areas severely affected by the flood. 

Question 4: Through which dam Water flow is diverted from Haryana to Delhi?

Answer: Hathnikund barrage is designed on the Haryana-UP border to divert the flow of water.

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