CUET UG 2023: Stepwise Guide to Download the CUET 2023 Exam City Slip


CUET UG 2023: India is the country of 141 billion people, with about 65% of people under the age of 35 years. If we talk about the education and literacy rate, India is ranked at 33rd position in terms of literacy and education. About 70% of Indian people are educated. It is a prime factor for the Indian government to provide sufficient jobs and sufficient employment. For jobs the Indian government conducts about 50 entrance exams every year. CUET exam is a basic entrance exam which is conducted before admission in undergraduate courses. 

CUET Exam 2023: Highlights 

  • The CUET Exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). 
  • The first CUET Exam was conducted in the year of 2021.
  • The CUET Exam Is divided into 6 sections. 
  • This exam is a fully Computer based online Test. 
  • Only MCQ Type Questions are asked during the exam. 
  • This Exam is the Gateway for the students who want admission in universities in undergraduate courses. 

NTA Released CUET Exam City Information Slip 2023 

On Sunday, May 14, the National Testing Agency (NTA) Students who have registered for the CUET 2023 exam can access the exam city slip via the official website, The CUET UG exams 2023 will start on May 21 and will last until May 31. CUET UG exam city intimation slips have been distributed for exams scheduled to take place between May 21 and May 24.

The NTA informed candidates that the CUET UG admit card will be issued 3 days prior the exam date. The CUET city slip is released to give candidates an idea of where their exam centre will most likely be assigned. The second edition of the CUET is held for undergraduate admission in central universities, state universities, private universities, and other participating institutes. This year, 250 universities will take the CUET UG 2023 exam. More than 14 lakh students have registered for the exam.

A Stepwise Guide to download the CUET 2023 exam city slip

Aspirants can download the 2023 CUET UG exam intimation slip by following the steps outlined below.

  • Step 1: Visit the official NTA CUET website, 2023.
  • Step 2: On the homepage, click the CUET city allotment slip link.
  • Step 3: Enter the required credentials on the login page.
  • Step 4: On the download page, enter your application number, date of birth, and security pin.
  • Step 5: The city intimation slip for the CUET UG exam will be displayed.
  • Step 6: Download and save it for later use.

What Is the CUET exam?

The full form of CUET is “Central Universities Entrance Test” which is conducted by the National Testing Agency For the admission for Undergraduate courses in Central Colleges of India. The First CUET exam was conducted in 2021 by the Government of India. For Admission in the Undergraduate course it is mandatory to appear for the CUET exam. But in some cases it has been seen that many universities and colleges consider other factors for the admission like SSC. 

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CUET Exam: Eligibility Criteria

To appear in the CUET exam one must pass out 12th class or equivalent examination from a recognised board. 50% of marks are mandatory in 12th board for general category, for SC/ST candidates it is 45%. Candidate must be Indian. Sometimes Eligibility Criteria are changed according to different universities. 

CUET Exam: Purpose and Necessity

To provide a fair and transparent way to admit students in undergraduate courses in universities across India this exam is compulsory. This exam is computer based. Any student from any part of India can access this exam. This exam is tough and challenging but it is a fair and transparent way for students to get admission in their desired colleges. 

Syllabus of CUET EXAM

CUET exam is a national level entrance exam which is conducted by NTA and it is a computer based MCQ TYPE exam. Moreover, this exam includes English tests, Reasoning, mathematics, and General Knowledge. This exam is divided into 6 section, they are as follows: 

  1. Language l:  50 Questions
  2. Language ll: 50 Questions
  3. General Test: 75 Questions 
  4. Science Test: 40 Questions
  5. Commerce Test: 40 Questions
  6. Humanities Test: 50 Questions 

Note : Exam questions and sections may be changed in many cases depending on the type of Subjects. 

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