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Christmas Day 2019: Is Christmas birth of Christ or Almighty Supreme?


People are always curious to know about Why do we celebrate Christmas Day and Is Christmas birth of Christ or Almighty Supreme?

When is Christmas Day 2019-Christmas Day-Date

Christmas is a festival celebrated with much enthusiasm all across the globe religiously by the Christian population and culturally by the non-Christian population with much enthusiasm all across the globe to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th every year. This year Christmas Day 2019 will host on the date 25th December whole over the world.

What is the Christmas Day celebration all about?

Christmas celebrations generally include carol singing, attending church services, preparing special meals, decorating the Christmas tree, exchanging gifts and sweets, and viewing a seeing play. Christmas day celebrations are especially looked forward to by children because according to the beliefs children get gifts from Santa Claus or Father Christmas. Christmas day is generally a public holiday in many countries including India. Although there are many differences regarding the date of Jesus’ birth, however, it was fixed as the 25th of December by the church in the fourth century.

Christmas Day 2019-Story & History of Christmas Day

What is the Christmas story & History about?: According to the legend about 2019 years ago, God sent an angel, Gabriel to Mary who lived in Nazareth. She was engaged to Joseph at that time. The angel told Mary that God was very pleased with her and that she will become pregnant by the holy spirit and give birth to God’s son who will be called Jesus which means “Saviour”. When Joseph found out that Mary was expecting a baby before they could get married he got very worried. Joseph planned to call off the marriage. However, the angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and instructed him to take Mary as his wife as she will be the mother of the son of God. At that time Mary and Joseph lived in a place which was a part of the Roman empire ruled by emperor Augustus.

  • The emperor ordered everyone to return to their hometown due to which Mary and Joseph traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem. When they reached Bethlehem, all the houses were full because a lot of people had returned at that time due to the orders given by the emperor.
  • Mary and Joseph could only find a stable to live in where Jesus was born. In the fields where shepherds were rearing their sheep, an angel suddenly appeared before them and gave them the good news that a saviour has been born for them who is lying in a manger in a stable.

25th December-Christmas Day 2019: The shepherds went there to check if it was true. To their surprise, they found a newborn lying in a Manger with Mary and Joseph. This made the shepherds praise the Almighty. During that time, many wise men who studied the stars knew from old writings that when a great king will be born a new star will appear in the sky. When Jesus was born a bright new star appeared in the sky and these wise men who lived in distant countries knew what it meant. To know more about Christianity and the Holy Bible, please do read this article, in this article, you will find all information about Christianity and the Holy Bible

Article Link: Supreme God in Christianity According to the Bible

Christmas Day 2019: They followed the star with gifts to find out where the new king was born. When King Herod came to know about it, he summoned the wise men to come and meet him. The wise men told him about the new baby king. He got jealous and asked the wise men to tell him once they found the baby so that even he could gift him. But, King Herod actually wanted to know the whereabouts of the baby to kill him.

The angel informed the wise men about his real intentions due to which the wise men left for their countries from a different way after seeing baby Jesus. Similarly, the angel appeared to Joseph and asked him to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt as King Herod wanted to kill Jesus.

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Following the angel’s instructions, he left Bethlehem in the night. On the other side, frustrated with all the efforts to find the new baby king, King Herod ordered to slay all the baby boys aged two years or younger. After King Herod passed away, the angel again appeared to Joseph and asked him to take Mary and Jesus back to Israel where they settled in Galilee, Nazareth.

Should we really celebrate Christmas Day in 2019?

Despite its worldwide acceptance, there are still some points to argue for the Christmas Day celebration. The first and foremost thing is that it is nowhere mentioned in the Bible to celebrate Christ’s birthday. None of his disciples even are recorded in the Bible celebrating his birthday. No “Saint” would ever celebrate his or anyone else’s birthday. Since it is not the day to be celebrated.

Saint Rampal Ji tells us that we are suffering in the world because of the day we were born; it should never be celebrated. The people who celebrate any birthday are devoid of spiritual knowledge. Bible also indicates the same in Jeremiah 20:14. Also, people are misled about whether Jesus Christ was the son of God or God.

Christmas Day 2019-Is Jesus God or Son of God?

As seen above, the angel always mentioned Jesus as the son of god. However, the entire Christian community worships the Holy Jesus as God who came upon earth to forgive the sins of mankind. The following verses from the

  • Holy Bible clearly says that Jesus was the son of God.

Hebrew 1:5, Matthew 17:5, Mark 1:11, and Luke 20:13 clearly indicate that Jesus was the son of god.

What are the characteristics of the Supreme God?

Supreme God is eternal, has a human-like form, does not fall in the cycle of birth and death and God can never be possessed. Considering the above characteristics, the Holy Jesus Christ cannot be the Supreme God because he did take birth from the holy virgin Mary and very much died on the cross of Calvary.

  1. This indicates that he is not eternal. There is proof in the Holy Bible in Corinthians from verses 2:12-17 that spirits used to possess Jesus and give instructions. This indicates that spirits possessed Jesus.
  2. evident in the Holy Bible John 9.1–41 that all the miracles performed by the Holy Christ were predetermined. Jesus was even aware of his end-time which made him nervous and anxious.
  3. In Matthew 26:24-55 it is clearly mentioned that Jesus’s death is written and Jesus knew in advance that one of his disciples will betray him and get him arrested. This proves that even Jesus could not escape what the common people call “Destiny”.

From the above references, it is validated that Jesus was in the cycle of birth and death, many a times he was possessed by spirits to give instructions and the miracles performed by Jesus were already determined by the ruler of this world. All these prove that Jesus is not the supreme God.

  • The name of the supreme almighty is clearly mentioned in the Orthodox Jewish Bible in Chapter Iyov verse number 36:5.
  • Similarly, the name of supreme almighty is mentioned in  Shri Guru Granth Saheb Rag “Siri” Mehla 1, page no 24, Shabd no.29, Rag “Tilang” Mehla 1, Page 721
  • Holy Quran Surat Al Furqan 25: 52 – 59
  • Atharva Ved, Kaand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no. 7
  • Yajur Ved Adhyay 5 Mantra 32


Christmas day 2019

All the above verses from the holy scriptures of all other religions too, mention the same name written in OJB Iyov 36:5. That name is “Kabir”. It, therefore, stands proved that the name of Supreme Almighty is Kabir sahib.

Christmas Day 2019-Why Kabir is Supreme & Almighty God?

According to the Vedas, Almighty never takes birth from the womb of a mother, is nourished by maiden cows, he descends on earth in all the four ages and ascends back to his eternal abode with his body. When we take a careful look at the life accounts of all the messengers, be it Krishna, Mohammad, Moses, Guru Nanak or Jesus, none of them satisfy the above-mentioned conditions except Kabir.

There is evidence that Kabir Saheb descended on earth in the human form as an infant on a lotus flower in a pond named “Lahar Tara” in Kashi, India. He was nourished by maiden cows and he ascended back to His eternal abode along with his body from Maghar, Uttar Pradesh approximately 600 years ago.

Christmas Day 2019 True Quotes

“Jesus was not God, He was the son of God”~Christmas Day 2019 Quotes by Saint Rampal Ji

God is not formless, He is Human Form that means he looks like us”~ Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Adam was not the first human”~ Saint Rampal Ji Quotes on Christmas Day 2019

Our Race is Living being, Mankind is our Religion |
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, there is no separate Religion ||~ Jagatguru Rampal Ji Quotes

Today, there is only one enlightened sage on this planet who is capable of imparting this knowledge supported with evidence from our Holy scriptures which has been kept the secret from the masses by our religious preachers. The name of that enlightened sage is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. To know more about the True spiritual knowledge imparted by him please visit our website: Jagatguru Rampal Ji Maharaj

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