CBSE Class 10 Results: Know the Latest Updates


CBSE Class 10 Results: Know About the Biggest Exam of Life and How to Get It Sorted. The results of class 10th are delayed by the CBSE, now it is expected to come out in the next week. After suffering from the non conductance of exams because of the pandemic, the wait for the results of both the classes has been irritating the students as they aren’t able to move further with their careers. Read further to know about the updates. 

CBSE Class 10 Results Key Points:

  • CBSE class 10 Board results are unlikely to be released this week. It may be released on 20th July 2021 if not further extended. 
  • CBSE has asked all the affiliated schools to submit the detailed marks to the board so that results can be prepared as soon as possible. 
  • Regarding class 12th, the result is expected to be declared by 31st July and for that purpose a moderation portal will remain open for affiliated schools to complete the assessment of marks from their end. 
  • The Board has also asked the schools to strictly follow the moderation schedule as the result of latecomers will be declared after 31st July 2021.
  • The CBSE has also published the guidelines regarding a software regarding moderation on their official portal. 
  • The struggle for results still remains less than the struggle for understanding the web of Satan(Kaal Brahm) in which we are entrapped here by the cycle of karmas. 
  • The only way to get out from this complex web is the refuge of the Almighty God Kabir by understanding His True Spiritual Knowledge. 

Latest Updates About CBSE Class 10 Results

After suffering the loss of not appearing in the exams because of the surge in the cases of the pandemic, the students of class 10th and 12th are eagerly waiting for their results on the basis of the criteria given by the CBSE. While there has been a delay on the same too. The results of class 10th were to be announced on 15th July 2021 but it got postponed to next week. Now the expected date for the declaration of results of class 10th is 20th July 2021 if not further extended. 

Flowing in the same wind, the results of CBSE class 12th are expected to come out on 31st July 2021. For this purpose CBSE has opened a moderation portal for all its affiliated schools so that all the assessment marks can be uploaded to its portal from schools end without any alterations. On its successful completion, on time results can be taken out. 

CBSE Class 10 Results: How Marks Assessment Is Done? 

Assessment of marks of both the board classes are being done as per the directions of CBSE. In the absence of board examinations being conducted this year, examinations conducted in the schools are the only way out to calculate the result. For class 10th the assessment is divided into two parts: the internal assessment having weightage of 20 marks and assessment of the remaining 80 marks is done by the school via the performance of the students in different internal examinations. The assessment of 80 marks is further calculated by different categories of exams: periodic tests/unit tests having weightage of 10 marks, Half Yearly/Mid Term Exams with weightage of 30 marks and Pre Board Exams of 40 marks weightage, thus combining it all to have 80 marks assessment. 

Unlike the assessment done for class 10th, the assessment for class 12th board results is being done by moderation from the historical performance from the class 10th (30% weightage), class 11th (30% weightage) and class 12th internals(40% weightage). Taking into consideration the careers of the students after class 12th, the CBSE has decided to evaluate the results with utmost strictness so that students do not face any challenge in their future endeavours. 

What Is the Moderation Portal? 

As the exams were cancelled because of the pandemic, CBSE has taken out the concept of moderation portal for class 12th. As this portal will be made accessible to all the affiliated schools under CBSE Board, school officials are required to upload the marks of the students to that portal as per school records. Upon doing so, the results can be taken out and marksheets can be prepared by the CBSE. 

As per the directions of the CBSE, the moderation portal will be open from the afternoon of 16th July 2021 and will continue to be in operation for all the affiliated schools upto midnight of 22nd July 2021. The result of late entries after these timeframes will be declared after 31st July 2021 as conveyed by the board in an official notice. 

CBSE Class 10 Results: What Is Causing the Delay? 

As per the analysis given by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), they haven’t received the accurate assessment of marks of students from school’s end which is the main reason for the delay of results. As revealed by the Board, the marks allotted to students from the same schools were on the higher end in a window of 10 marks. For example, 100 percent of the students were given marks from 77-80 in a window of 70-80, none of the students were falling in the range of 70-73. As the careers of the students are at stake CBSE has deputed officials from their own end to conduct random and sudden inspection at schools so as to check that marks are allotted as per the directions issued by the CBSE which was disclosed in the notification from Union Education Ministry on 6th July 2021 via an official circular. 

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All affiliated schools come under this category that includes private schools, Kendriya Vidhyalaya and Navodaya Schools and should be inspected so that no unfair practice is carried out. Officials are asked to prepare a point wise report and asked to certify all the reports checked by them for future reference. The board had also asked them to compile all the reports and was asked to submit them by 12th July 2021.

How to Check CBSE Class 10 Results?

Follow the below mentioned steps to check your result: 

  • The first step for the students is to open up the official web portal for the cbse results which is
  • On the portal, you will see the list of the results that are released by the CBSE. 
  • Within the list find your category and then click on it. 
  • Under the category, they will ask for the details like roll no and maybe the school name, enter the details and click on Get Result button
  • Your result with subject wise marks will be displayed on the screen. You should save it and take print out of the same as well. 

Know About the Biggest Exam of This Life

While running for education, money for attaining comforts we have neglected the most important aspect of our lives which is the attainment of salvation. The comforts earned here are a deposit until our death comes to us but what after death? We have to leave all our deposit here and our soul goes empty-handed with Satan(Kaal Brahm) in the absence of the True Worship of the Supreme God Kabir. Attaining salvation is the foremost goal to be achieved from a human life as the rest of the tasks are similar to that of an animal. Imagine an animal, he wakes up, runs after his food for all his day and then sleeps in the night. And we are doing the same too being in a rich state or poor. Devoid of the true method of worship, a human life is useless and is the same as that of an animal. Saint Garibdasji from Haryana says:

Bhakti bina nar khar ek hai, Jini Hari Padh nahi janya |

ParBrahm ki parakh nahi re, Puji muye pashana ||

Who Can Help Us? 

Currently, for giving the right path of worship, Supreme God Kabir has made a provision in the form of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on the holy land of Haryana, India for all His pious souls on this planet Earth irrespective of any religion. Because God is One and so is the method of attaining Him, rest all is no more than a distraction. 

The way to know the method of attaining God is by going through the spiritual sermons of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj because He is explaining it from our Holy Scriptures which were already acceptable to us like Holy Vedas, Holy Geeta ji, Holy Guru Granth Saheb Ji, etc. And the same reveals the identity of a Complete Saint who is none other than Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Kabir Saheb says:

Satsang ki Aadhi Ghadi, Tapp k varsh hazar |

To bhi barabar hai nahi, Kahe Kabir Vichar ||

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