Bengaluru violence in the name of religious comment: How to stop religious violence?


Know Bengaluru Violence Reason: Police arrested rioters who were involved in arson and rioting on Tuesday evening in Bengaluru East under the Prevention of Destruction to Public Property, 1984, and attempt to murder under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code. The mob alleged that a Facebook post by the MLA’s relative was offensive to Islam and its beliefs.

Bengaluru Riots Reason: Facebook Post Caused violence

Bengaluru Riots Reason (caused) due to a post put up by Naveen, a relative of Congress MLA R.Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy. His post broke the violence in DJ Halli and the near areas in East Bengaluru on 11th August’s Tuesday night. According to reports, he put up an inflammatory post on his Facebook account against Islam and its Prophet that added fuel to the fire.

Bengaluru Riots News Main Highlights:

  • Police arrested 150 rioters protesting against the communal posts on social media.
  • Three people have been killed in police fire.
  • Around 50 policemen are injured in the incident.
  • 150 people have been arrested for pelting stones, creating violence and assault on police personnel.
  • Section 144 have been imposed in Bengaluru.
  • Curfew has been imposed in DJ Halli, KG Halli, and Kaval Byrasandra police station limits.
  • Some vehicles were put on fire by the rioters.
  • Six companies of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) are being dispatched to the violence-hit areas of Bengaluru in order to maintain law and order.
  • The mob of around 3000 people attacked at Murthy’s residence and a police station at DJ Halli.
  • Fortunately, the Congress legislature was not at his house when the mob attacked. While demanding protection from the government, Murthy claimed that nearly 3,000 people armed with petrol bombs, clubs, attacked his house and burnt the vehicles.

Police lobbed tear gas bombs & fired to disperses the mob

When the mob attacked at the Police station, to control them police lobbed tear gas bombs but the situation was still not getting under control. Hence, Police fired to disperse the mob. Resultantly, they went out of control and burnt several vehicles. Also, damaged the public property. Three men got killed in the fire and many others got injured. The Police Commissioner of Bengaluru, Mr. Kamal Pant said they had to fire to control the mob.

Nature of the incident indicated a conspiracy

Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa assures to take stringent actions against the criminals and who were involved in Vandalism. As per Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai and Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa mentioned in the meeting held on Wednesday that the violence seemed organized.

Bengaluru Violence Reason: According to the guidelines of the Supreme Court, if such riots occur in any case and damage to public property is done, then those people who would be involved in violence will give compensation for the loss of property.

Accused says his account was hacked

Bengaluru Violence Reason: Naveen who put up the post allegedly on social media has been arrested. It has been stated by a senior Police Officer that the accused said that he did not post anything against any religion. He further added that his account was hacked and he was unaware of post uploaded on his account. The Officer said that the post has been deleted and the investigation is underway.

The Police Commissioner of Bengaluru tweeted on social media informing that 110 rioters have been arrested who had a connection with the incident in creating violence.

MLA R.Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy shared a video on social media

The legislator shared a video on social media, requesting people to maintain peace and harmony.

I’m making a request to my Muslim brethren. There is no need to be violent. I will ensure that proper legal action is initiated against the perpetrators. I request you to maintain peace and harmony and I will be with you for this,”.

MLA R.Akhanda Srinivasa

“No matter how powerful the perpetrators are, strict legal action will be taken against them. But citizens should refrain from taking the law into their hands,”.

MLA R.Akhanda Srinivasa

Mufti PM Muzammil of Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind, a religious leader, addressed the protesters, asking them to refrain from violence:

“The FIR has been lodged and the police will arrest him (the perpetrator) tomorrow. He will be punished. It is my request that all of you should keep your emotions under control,”.

Mufti PM Muzammil of Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind

The police, however, are yet to confirm if the FIR has been registered.

Reacting to the incident, Gandhinagar MLA Dinesh Gundu Rao urged the government to handle the situation firmly.

“I urge all the people to maintain calm, and the government to handle this delicate situation firmly but surely, and not play politics,”

Gandhinagar MLA Dinesh Gundu Rao

He tweeted. “I also see a conspiracy in the way the Facebook post has been put out & looks to have been done to incite disturbance,”.

Gandhinagar MLA Dinesh Gundu Rao

Shivajinagar MLA Rizwan Arshad also condemned the situation and is appealing for peace.

“People who put up the derogatory post and those who took the law into their hands have done great harm to the existing peace and loving environment we have in Bengaluru,”

Shivajinagar MLA Rizwan Arshad

The government is doing its job and the culprits will be arrested soon.

Think Positively

Kabir ji says:

Hindu kahe mohe Ram piyara, muslim kahe Rahmana
Apas mei dou lad marr , maram na kahu jana.

What a shame that we fight in the name of religion first and then become thirsty for each other’s life. The hands that you rise to make inflammatory posts, destroy public property, set fire, commit violence, and kill each other, add those hands to pray before God.

Look, brother! Stop fighting in the name of religion. Read the religious texts and listen to the Satsang of the Tatvadarshi Saint to understand them. On hearing the Satsang, Muslim brothers will know that the name of Allah is Kabir.

The Hindu will know that the real Ram’s name is Kabir. All four religions are man-made. We are all children of one God, our father is one, we are all one big family.
Stop fighting over religion and recognize God Kabir.

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