November 29, 2023

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Play the Game of Salvation According to the Rules of a Complete Saint

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Battlegrounds Mobile India: Battlefield the mobile game is expected to be launched soon in India. There are speculations that this game is similar to PUBG mobile game. It is revealed by Electronic Arts (EA) that this game is meant particularly for mobiles. This version could be highly customised for India in the form of localised in-game items. The series of games was developed by Dice, and further it was published by Electronic Arts. The places in this game are some islands, beaches and places of the open air. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Gamers Will Have PC Version’s Experience

EA wants to dominate this space with two titles from its PC franchises. One of them is Apex Legends Mobile, which is already in public beta stage, whereas the other one is under development, called Battlefield Mobile, it is said to bring the PC version’s experience in a way that’s better optimised for mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Key Highlights

  • PUBG Mobile India To Be Renamed As Battlegrounds Mobile India While EA Is Bringing Battlefield Mobile To The Mobile Platform In 2022
  • The battle field game will soon be available in India.
  • The makers stated that this is a substitute for the PUBG mobile game.
  • From the teaser, it seems that the developers have simply done a name-change procedure for PUBG Mobile.
  • Violent effects like blood spattering will be toned down and there could be more features primarily meant for India.
  • A new registration was done earlier in 2021 in the month of April for the website domain.
  • The game is currently in a testing phase and will go online in 2022 with no fixed release date yet.
  • Krafton, the South Korean company has registered a new website domain and that is “”

Company’s Statement About the Battlegrounds Mobile India Game

There’s no fixed release date for this renamed version of PUBG Mobile. Battlegrounds Mobile India will meet the government’s requirements to restart its operations in India. A few months ago, Krafton said that it will partner with Microsoft to store player data within India. This would help carry out superior user privacy and data protection.

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You can expect a full-fledged, skill-based experience,” says Oskar Gabrielson, the general manager of DICE. The game is being developed by Industrial Toys in association with EA. Battlefield Mobile is said to be a derivative of the PC version but is likely to be optimised for mobile devices with better-improved touch controls.

Which Game Should Be Played?

People of different age groups play different games as per their interest and age to entertain themselves or to pass their leisure time. Whereas, the real game is, attaining the main aim of human life which is Salvation (moksha). This is the only reason we are given birth as humans. Even the Deities also want to take birth as humans to get rid of 84 lakh births. 

We are facing problems here because we all committed a mistake in Satlok (our Eternal Place) that we thought that we would enjoy here on earth. We willingly came here and got trapped in Kaal Brahm’s lok and forgot the way to our real home. 

Kabir Sahib says in one of His verses:-  

|| Ichchha roopi khelan aaya, 

Taataen sukh sagar nahin paaya ||

Despite the joy and fun in life, one day we all have to die, we all have to face different situations and ups and downs in life. Lust, anger, greed, jealousy persecute man all the time. As you can see these days death is everywhere. So how can one enjoy such a bad situation?

Where Is Real Pleasure?

The real pleasure is where one does not have the fear of death, no disease, no tension of paying any debts, no stress of getting old and so on. Here every time, we have to pay for everything we need. Oxygen is essential for life but these days, oxygen is also not available easily. People are dying in front of our eyes because of shortage of oxygen. We are not happy here but we have to pretend everytime. We need to go back to our eternal place which is our real home. The place where we need not to pay anything, we will never get old, we will remain disease free and where everything is provided free of cost by God (Kabir Sahib Ji) and that is indestructible SATLOK. We can go back there by doing true worship.

Garibdas Ji Maharaj glorified the beauty of that Eternal place in his verses: –

Nadi naav naale bagaen, Chootaen fuhaare sunn I

Bhare hod sarvar sada, Nahin paap nahin punya II

Na koi bhikshuk daan de, Na koi haar vyavahaar I

Na koi janme mare, Aisa desh humaar II

Jahaan sankhon lahar mehar ki upjaen, Kahar jahaan nahin koi I

DasGarib achal avinashi, Sukh ka Sagar soi II

In Satlok, there is constant supreme peace and happiness and this can only be attained if we take Naam Diksha (Initiation) from a Complete Saint.

Who Is The True Saint?

In pandemic times of Covid-19, only Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj can save the entire world from the sufferings. He only has made it evident from our holy books that Kabir Sahib Ji is the Only Supreme Power. He (Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji) provides the true devotion from the scriptures

When there is no hope left to save the patient’s life, the doctors also say that only miracles can save the patient’s life now. So, now that miracle will definitely happen by going to the shelter of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Supreme God Kabir ji has said that one should not think much & waste time in taking Naam Diksha from an authorised Guru (Saint). Everyone is requested to not waste precious life by playing mobile & video games and watching films. Do true worship of Supreme God and get rid of birth and death.

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