December 7, 2023

Aurangabad Train Accident News: Freight train runs over 16 migrant workers; inquiry ordered

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Aurangabad train accident news: Aurangabad Train Accident on Thursday Night killed 14 migrant laborers. The train ran over 16 migrant workers belonging to the Umariya and Shahdol districts of Madhya Pradesh. The next of kin of the deceased receives five lakh aid from Maharashtra and MP.


  • Aurangabad Train Accident on Thursday Night
  • Heartbreaking tragedy amid coronavirus lockdown kills 14 migrant laborers
  • Stranded for weeks in Jalna were desperate of going back to home
  • Belong to Umariya and Shahdol districts of Madhya Pradesh
  • Dignitaries expressed grief
  • Deceased families to receive five lakh aid from Maharashtra and MP
  • Postmortem over
  • Railways set up an inquiry and take extraordinary precautions amid a new situation

Aurangabad Train Accident: Another heartbreaking tragedy amid coronavirus lockdown

The nation fights with coronavirus outbreak with all precautions and wisdom. The government is bringing back the stranded citizens from various parts of the world through airplanes and ships. The various state governments arranged buses for stranded students to bring back to their states. Another side almost five crore laborers are said to be stranded in other states for more than 40 days during the coronavirus lockdowns. Mostly under the contractors, they struggle for basic needs such as food.

Aurangabad Train Accident News: They are living undignified life as being treated as beggars. Despite the government claims, the poor migrant laborers humbly say nothing is reaching to them. Governments planned for shifting them by train to their native places.

The system is complicated and multilayer approvals needed to register online for the request of the train, but these poor do not know how to do it? Having been disappointed some migrant laborers start on foot. The police on highways do not allow them to travel and they are forced to travel through unusual routes such as along the train tracks.

Train Accident in Maharashtra: The government claims a lot of trains

The migrant workers stranded in Jalna came to know that a shramik special train will start from Bhusawal railway station for Madhya Pradesh. Getting no other means of transportation, they started for Bhusawal to cover 175 km on foot. Covering 40 km distance the exhausted travelers decided to take rest on the railway track at around 3.30 AM. They slept on the track with the understanding that no trains are operating but they were not aware of the fact that freight trains were operating.

Aurangabad Train Accident Update: 14 migrant laborers dead and 2 injured

It is reported that a freight train mowed down 16 migrant laborers between Jalna and Aurangabad of Nanded Division of South-Central Railway (SCR). Fourteen people died on the spot in the accident, and two met with injuries.

Migrant Laborers Accident: Injured rushed to Hospital

Aurangabad Train Accident News: The Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) of South-Central Railway (SCR) informed that injured persons have been shifted to Aurangabad civil hospital. The postmortem procedure was completed of all deceased. All of them will be sent to their native place.

Train Accident in Aurangabad: Eyewitness narrates the incident

Siobhan Singh, one of four escaped unhurt survivors in the incident, told that they belong to Umariya and Shahdol districts of Madhya Pradesh. A Thousand of them were waiting for a special train in Jalna to go to their home at 850 km distance. He said that they had registered for special trains two-three days ago, but they did not receive any response.

Aurangabad Train Accident News: Therefore, a group of 20 decided to walk. He also told that their contractor tried to convince them to stay back and pleaded that the factory operation will resume shortly. The laborers unconvinced by their contractor packed roti and chutney and left Jalna at 7 PM on Thursday.

Aurangabad Train Accident: Ex gratia to the kin of the victims

The two-state governments of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh were quick to declare financial aid of 5 Lakh each to the killed labourers families. Railways did not announce any ex gratia assuming the laborers infringed on the track as an act of trespassing.

Aurangabad Train Accident: Railway set up independent inquiry

Railways said that the loco pilot Ramashish Kumar noticed obstruction on track, applied emergency brakes, pressed the hooter, and at 160 meters distance realized there were persons on track. The train at a speed of 70 kmph halted but by the time it had hit them. Railways identified the location of the incident between Badnapur and Karmad stations in the Parbhani-Manmad section.

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Ministry of Railway has set up an independent inquiry into the incident. Ram Kripal, Commissioner of Railway Safety, South Central circle has been assigned with the responsibility. It is also known that an accidental death report was registered at the Karma police station.

Aurangabad Train Accident: PM, CMs, and other dignitaries expressed grief

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed grief over the demise of the migrant laborers. PM gave assurance for extending all help to the affected people. PM has been in close touch with the Railways Minister Piyush Goyal who is monitoring the whole incident closely. Many other dignitaries including the CMs, ministers, former CMs also showed their respect for the deceased.

■ Aurangabad train accident: Rail calls for ‘abundant caution’

Aurangabad accident News: A letter issued from The Railway ministry to all its zones on Friday stated, that in the prevailing situation there is a need to ensure safety in the COVID-19 situation so that any accident, unusual occurrence, etc should be prevented in the future.

Aurangabad Accident: NHRC takes sue moto cognizance, issues notice to CS and DM

National Human Rights Commission took sue moto cognizance of mowing down report of train incident and issued a notice to the Maharashtra state Chief Secretary and the Aurangabad District Magistrate.

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