Ashok Chavan’s (former CM of Maharashtra) Corona test report came positive


Ashok Chavan Corona News: 62 years old Ashok Chavan is the second minister in the Uddhav Thackeray government infected with COVID-19

Maharashtra has highest cases per day

The extreme debacle of Maharashtra’s government to curb the vicious circle of corona cases is not hidden. On Sunday, 3000 cases occurred in one day, till now which are the highest per day cases. Coronavirus cases are mounting daily Along with it, corona cases in Maharashtra crossed the count of 50,231, and the death toll reached 3041 cases.

Chavan’s case was asymptomatic

Ashok Chavan Corona News: On the other hand Maharashtra’s former CM and contemporary PWD minister of Maharashtra ‘Ashok Shankar Rao Chavan’ is tested for COVID-19 positive. According to PTI’S Report, “The Minister was traveling persistently b/w Mumbai and Marathwada and came in the contact of infection a week before and on Sunday Ashok Chavan’s report attested it. Now he is in Nanded (Mumbai) where he is being treated for corona infection. According to the report he is observed ‘Asymptomatic.’

What Asymptotic means?

Asymptotic patients are those patients who are carriers of infection or disease but they are without symptoms of that disease or infection.

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State housing Minister of Maharashtra Last month Jitendra Awhad was also reported positive but now he is recovered and yesterday, after full recovery he said that:

” I initially ignored COVID – 19’s symptoms but luckily to have survived. He also advised the people ” Don’t follow my mistakes. “

‘Fight against Corona is going to be very tough.’

Uddhav Thackeray ( CM OF Maharashtra)

He also said that it would be equally wrong to lift the lockdown at this time. Uddhav Thackeray also added that he knows the exigency of restarting domestic flights but now they want more time to start it.

Who is Ashok Chavan?

Ashok Shankarrao Chavan is an Indian politician from Nanded. He is one of the biggest faces of the Indian National Congress in Maharashtra and he is the current PWD Minister of Maharashtra. He also served as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra state from 8 December, 2008 to 9 November, 2010. He was Former Maharashtra CM And Current Aghadi Minister.

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