World Water Day 2022: Eternal Abode Satlok Has Everlasting Resources


Last Updated on 22 March 2022, 1:26 PM IST: World Water Day honors water while raising concern for the 2.2 billion individuals who do not have access to clean drinking water. Almost all of the world’s fresh water is groundwater. As climate change gets worse, groundwater will become more and more critical. We need to work together to further control this precious resource. World Water Day Theme for 2022 is “Groundwater: making the invisible visible.” Supreme Abode ‘Satlok’ has unlimited and everlasting resources; let the readers know how to reach there.

World Water Day 2022: Highlights

  • Since 1993, World Water Day has been celebrated on March 22 every year 
  • In 1992, the United Nations General Assembly issued a law declaring March 22 as World Day for Water
  • About 2.2 billion individuals don’t have access to clean drinking water
  • “Groundwater: making the invisible visible” is the theme for 2022
  • Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: equitable access to clean water supply and sanitation by coming 2030
  • Supreme Abode ‘Satlok’ has unlimited and everlasting resources

Significance of World Water Day 

Since 1993, World Water Day has been celebrated on March 22 each year to highlight the impact of water. World Water Day honors water while also increasing concern of the 2.2 billion individuals who do not have access to clean drinking water. It’s about implementing steps to fix the world’s water crisis. Supporting the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Target of universal water and sanitation by 2030 is a major priority of World Water Day.

History of World Water Day 

The definition for this global day dates back to 1992, when Rio de Janeiro hosted the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. In the same year, the United Nations General Assembly issued a law declaring March 22 as World Day for Water, to be celebrated annually beginning in 1993.

Other festivals and activities were added later. For example, the 2013 International Year of Cooperation in the Water Domain and the current International decade for Water for Stable Growth, which runs from 2018 to 2028. These commemorations aim to reinforce the importance of water and sewage policies in reducing poverty, promoting economic development, and ensuring environmental protection.

World Water Day 2022 Theme

World Water Day will be commemorated in a celebration on March 22, 2022. The World Water Day commemorates water and enhances awareness about global water shortage, with a primary aim of assisting in the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: equitable access to clean water supply and sanitation by 2030. The Theme for World Water Day 2022 is “Groundwater: making the invisible visible

The water has tremendous and complicated importance for our residences, nutrition, community, health, education, commerce, and the sustainability of our natural surroundings, in addition to its value. We risk screwing up this limited, extremely valuable asset if we neglect any of these principles. SDG 6 is to ensure that everybody has access to clean water and sanitation. 

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We won’t be able to preserve this vital resource for the good of all until we have a detailed understanding of its real, multifaceted meaning. The United Nations World Water Development Report, concentrating on the same subject as the movement and promoting policy guidance to policymakers, is also published on the same day.

World Water Day: Facts About Water Need Your Attention

World Water Day reminds those who use clean water without efforts that this precious resource should not be taken for granted. Whenever you turn on the tap or buy a bottle of water to quench your thirst or bath, or water your garden, think of those who have no access to clean water. 

  • Approximately one out of ten people live without access to clean water.
  • 600,000 children under the age of five die every year due to polluted water diseases.
  • Clean water can prevent these deaths.
  • A small contribution of INR 500 can provide 30 years of clean water to a needy person.
  • People have the power to make clean water available every day.
  • World’s most essential resource, clean water, is the foundation of life.
  • Nothing is sustainable without water.
  • No one can survive more than a week without water.
  • Crops, livestock and economies can’t prosper without water.
  • Polluted water and poor sanitation can create two dozen water-borne illnesses.
  • Polluted water and poverty are inextricably linked, poor health is a barrier for women and girls to come out of poverty. 
  • Women and girls walk long distances to collect water and venturing out to use the latrines, they face sexual violence and attacks from wild animals.
  • Inadequate community lavatories or openly defecating, exposed to fecal matter through food and water, spreads serious diseases.  
  • INR 50,000 investment on one well can deliver clean water to 2000 people in India.

World Water Day 2022 Slogan & Quotes

  • “Water and other elements of nature, earth, fire, wind and space are created by the Almighty God Kabir”.
  • “For sustainable development, understand the value of this human life by worshiping God Kabir”.
  • “Water is an asset to nature and a resource for humans, so we should not waste it”.
  • “True devotion is as significant as water in life”
  • “As life without water is unimaginable, Similarly life without true devotion is futile”

The Supreme Abode Has Unlimited Resources

The ultimate residence of Almighty God Kabir is the Eternal Abode. The name of this abode is ‘Satlok’. Satlok is the real home of all the living souls. We all used to live there, where there were no sufferings, no old age, and no grief. Satlok has unlimited and everlasting resources. 

How to Attain the Supreme Abode? 

To go back to our original home is the final destination of any living soul. One must find an enlightened Saint and start worshiping Almighty God Kabir after taking initiation (Naam Diksha) from Him in order to attain the Supreme Abode ‘Satlok’. Presently, only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is enlightened with the true way of worship of Supreme God Kabir.

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